Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


47. Movie marathon.

"I see the way you look at him.. I know because that's the way you used to look at me." 

Without another thought, I reached down and pulled the tissue box onto my lap. It's a Saturday afternoon and I'm having a movie marathon on my own, sat on the couch, eating until my hearts content. 

I looked carefully at the TV screen in the living room. The picture was blurred due to my tears. Channing Tatum can dance and look good with his top off but nothing is better than him in a romance movie. Nothing.

"How do you look at the girl you love and tell yourself it's time to walk away?" 

My heart broke into two as I watched the scene in front of me. The tears I tried holding back, spilled over my water line and down onto my trouser leg. I looked at the DVD case cover which was laid on the seat next to me. "The Vow" is one of the saddest movies I have ever watched but at the same time, it's the sweetest, most passionate, too. 

"Leo! I hope one day that I can love someone the way that you love me." 

"You figured it out once, you'll do it again."

More and more tears fell down my cheeks as I watched the film. 





Five hours and two movies later, I was still sat in the same spot on my living room couch. You can't blame me though, it's a Saturday! The only time I have moved is when I needed the toilet, had to change the DVD or get more snacks. A slight vibration was made on the top on my thigh. I looked down to see my phone light up with a message. 


* Gonna be out all night Hun, sorry.*


I rolled my eyes as I read over my fathers text. He seems to have gone back to the work-aholic parent I've always known. I sent back a quick 'OK' and put my phone down. Seconds later, I received another text. Look at me, Mrs popular. 



*Hey kid, I'm stopping at James' tonight, I hope you don't mind? xx*


Even if I didn't want her to stay out all night and leave me on my own in this house, she wouldn't come back. So instead of begging her to come home, I told her it was fine with me. Before I put my phone down, I sent a text to Louis. 

*Hey! How's tour going? :) x*

I then put my phone down and continued watching 'Step up 4'. 


Two weeks ago I started school. Two weeks ago, I realised that Carter Smith was back in my life. He hasn't been that much of a hassle to me though. He hardly talks to me, or even looks at me anymore. I hope it stays that way. That day, when I got home from school, I rang Sam and told him everything that happened. He was scared. He didn't admit it but he was, I know he was. Eloise also rang me that day. She told me that her and Josh are a couple and they dance together. I find it amazing because I know she's happy with him. Sure it'll be hard if they split up because I'm friends with both of them but I'm hoping it wont happen anytime soon as I wont be there to comfort my best friend in her breakup. 


Ted was boring me so I decided to turn the TV off for now. I laid back on the sofa and let out a deep breath I didn't even know I was holding. My phone suddenly vibrated so I shot up to grab it off the coffee table. Hoping the message was from Louis, I quickly unlocked my phone. 

*Tour is awesome! How's school? ;) x*

It was Louis. I felt like sending him a message back telling him that my childhood horror was back but instead..

*School is great. I'm actually really enjoying it! x*

That wasn't completely a lie. I am enjoying school, a lot. I just don't like to think that Carter could come by any minute and do something to make my day shitty. There's always that feeling I have when walking down the halls that he's following me but when I turn around, he will be nowhere in sight. 

*Really? You actually like school?*

*Yeah, I've always liked school haha*

I dropped my phone onto the seat next to me and walked up the stairs to the toilet. "Not now, for god sake!" I groaned in frustration and turn to get a period pad from my bathroom shelf. After sorting myself out.. down there, I walked back down stairs. I went straight to my phone to see multiply texts from Louis. I read through them all to see song lyrics in capital letters. I laughed at them and continued the lyrics on. 



I spent at least an hour sending texts back and forth with Louis until he had to go for sound check. With nothing else to do, I decided to take a shower and then continue watching movies all night. 


Once I'd taken a shower, I got changed into Harry's T-shirt and a pair of joggers. I left my hair to dry naturally and walked down into the kitchen. I grabbed some snacks and a bottle of Dr. Pepper then walked into the room trying my best to carry everything with one arm. When I switch the TV on, the news channel appeared with a big headline reading 'ONE DIRECTION IN AMERICA' so I didn't bother changing it. I turned the volume up and opened a pack of crisps between my teeth, finger and thumb. 

"Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall, all members of One Direction were seen at a club somewhere near Ohio, America after their show in Florida with friends from the band 5 Seconds Of Summer. More news on this later." The female news reporter spoke, looking directly at the camera. I smiled to myself knowing that they were near me but frowned because Louis didn't tell me earlier.

I put 'Robots' into the DVD player and sat back to watch my favourite childhood movie. 

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