Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


26. Last day in London.

So this chapter is going to be a big one! Enjoy reading! ;)


After the party was over last night, me, Eloise and Sam walked back to El's and fell to sleep wherever we dropped. It was tiring after all so I was exhausted once we got back. Everyone at the party was mainly family and a few people I spoke to at school. Before the party started, I text Carmela, Marissa and Tatiana telling them that I'm leaving. Only Tatiana replied saying she'll miss me but hopes I have a good life in America. Almost everyone at the party told me they'd miss me but the funny thing was, some of them, I didn't even know. Well, I did but never spoke to them apart from when I needed to borrow a pencil or something for class work.

Anyway. I woke up the next morning. My last day in London and Sam was just about to walk out of the door. "And where may you be going at this time on a morning?" I asked, making him jump. "Sorry princess, did I wake you?" I rolled my eyes, he cares too much! "No and you didn't answer my question, Sammy" "Oh, well, I've got to go home princess" I frowned. "But it's my last day. Can't you stay with me or something. I might never see you again" Sam's face turned from serious to sad. "I can't. I have to do some jobs for my mum" I nodded and stood up to hug him. I did as a tear fell down my cheek. "I'll miss you Sammy!" He kissed the top of my head. "I love you Lucy. You can call me whenever you want, you know that right?!" I broke the hug and stepped back. "Yes, I know. I love you too!" With that, he left. 

I grabbed my phone from the coffee table in the center of the living room and switched it on. When it booted up, a picture of me, Eloise, Sam and my auntie Melanie showed on my front screen. I smiled and unlocked my phone. Four new messages. One from 'dad', one from 'Carmela oxox', one from 'Marissa baby' and one from 'Louis Tommo<3'. I checked the one from my dad.

From: dad.

Morning. u looked peaceful this morning so I dint wake u. I packed ur stuff n took it home with me. u have to be back for 7 tonight or we'll miss the flight.

To: dad.

OK. Thanks dad. See you when I get home x


I then opened the one from Carmela. 

From: 'Carmela oxox'

Hey babe. I'm really going to miss you but I hope you have a good life. Don't forget me?! :) xx

To: 'Carmela oxox'

How could I forget you?! Thanks for everything! :) xx


Marissa's basically said the same thing so I replied with the same message I sent Carmela. Sighing, I opened the message Louis sent me.

From: 'Louis Tommo<3'

Vas happenin Lucy?! It's Zayn btw. I took Lou's phone when he wasn't looking :) don't tell him! We should meet up later? If you want to?

To: 'Louis Tommo<3'

haha, hiya Zayn. I would really love to but  I can't :( I have to leave later today.. x


I didn't tell the lads I was moving to America because, well, I just didn't. My phone vibrated again.


From: 'Louis Tommo<3'

Leaving? Leaving where? what do you mean leaving?! x


I didn't reply because I had to get out of El's house. I didn't wake her and since dad took ALL my clothes, I was stuck with the dress I wore for the party. I writ a letter for Eloise saying about how much I love her and how much I'll miss her. I writ some of the memories we had down on the letter and by the time I'd finished, I was crying. After I signed my name on the bottom with a heart, I wrapped it up and place it on the fridge with a magnet. She should see it when she goes to get her breakfast. I grabbed my phone and jacket, slipped my heels on and ran out of the house. 


Not knowing what to do and with the time only being nine a.m, I slowly walked to the park. The wind blew my hair as I walked and sent goose bumps down my spine. I pulled my jacket closer to my frame to try and keep warm. It didn't work. 

When I finally reached the park, I found a bench and sat on it. How long I sat there, I don't know but an old man came to sit on the opposite side of the bench with his dog. He smiled at me sweetly so  I returned the gesture. While we sat one the bench, none of us talked. Which I didn't mind because I didn't know him and I liked the silence. 

Around ten minutes later, the old man left as it started to rain. He said 'goodbye' to me before he left so I smiled and pet his dog before he walked off to an old woman holding 3 shopping bags. The rain fell hard on my naked legs (from knee down) and soaked my hair. Yet, I never moved an inch. The park bench dripped with rain water. As did my hair and dress. I sat there, with my elbow resting on my thigh and my palm on my chin, staring at a puddle as the rain made ringlets. I remembered the text Zayn had sent me on Louis' phone and decided to message him back. 

To: 'Louis Tommo<3'

Erm.. I'm moving to America, Zayn. I'll miss you so please don't forget me? x


I sighed and pressed send. My phone vibrated telling me he'd text back.

From: 'Louis Tommo<3'

WHAT?! Why? :( x


Tears fell freely down my cheeks but blended in with the rain so it was hard to tell I was crying. I decided on not sending anything back to him and sat there, crying my eyes out, in the rain, soaking wet. Truth was, I just didn't care anymore! I was leaving Eloise, my best friend, the lads, my house, all the new friends I've made, my family here and most importantly, my mum. I know, she's dead. You don't have to remind me. But she still died here and I'm leaving her behind. If you get what I mean? 

I checked my phone, I had three unread messages but I didn't bother opening them. It was now 9:45am and I had no intention on moving any time soon. It was still raining, in fact, I think it has gotten worse!


Still looking at that puddle on the ground, I saw a couple of feet rush past me. I looked up and saw a couple in their early twenties running for the bus stop.

Will I ever get a boyfriend? I mean, I really like Niall but I'm leaving everything here in London which includes Niall. Plus he would never like me. I keep telling myself that and I will until I know other wise. 


Like I said.. no intention of moving any time soon. Yes, I was still sitting on the same park bench I was sat on an hour ago. Although, it had stopped raining about ten minutes ago which was good. Apart from Sam, Eloise, that old man with his dog and the couple running to the bus stop, I haven't seen anyone today. Or had a real conversation with anyone. My clothes were soaking wet and I sure enough, probably look like a drown rat right now. I know I should have moved, I just didn't. 

You know when you're in one of those moods where you feel sorry for yourself and think your life is so shit and nothing ever works out? Well I'm in that mood, if you haven't already figured that out. 


Is it just me that gets those feelings where you can sense when someone is near by or someone is walking towards you? I probably am but I have that feeling now but chose to ignore it the best I could. 

In the end, I was right. I looked up to see a guy in a big, blue Jack Wills jacket, a pair of casual jeans and some red Vans. He was dry so he most likely hasn't been sat in the rain, for almost 2 hours, feeling sorry for his self because his dad is an asshole. Oh wait. Haha, that's me! 

I stared at him as he walked closer to me. He looked familiar. His brown hair swept to one side and that Jack Wills jacket looked an awful lot like Harry's. I know this because I borrowed it once when I was staying at Niall's. The guy walking in my direction looked up and I caught a glimpse of his blue eyes. IT WAS LOUIS! He saw me and stopped. He looked heart broken. I waved him over, forgetting about my wetness. "Hey tommo" I smiled. "Lucy, why are you leaving?" My smile turned to a frown. "asshole" I mumbled. "excuse me? If you're going to be rude I'll just leave" "No Louis, not you. I'd never called you an asshole" He sat down next to me and hugged my body close to his. "Louis?" I looked at him. "I- I.. I" I sighed. "What is it love? You can tell me!" "My dad's making me mo-" Louis stopped me. "Hold that thought love. Come with me and you can tell me and the guys all about it?" He stood up and waiting for me. I shook my head, no. "Louis I can't because it'll break my heart when I have to go.." He didn't listen and dragged me to my feet taking me back to, Niall's house? 


Yes, Niall's house. I sighed as he opened the door. "Louis is that you? I'm starving!" That all familiar, deep Irish accent filled my ears. "Yeah it's me but I don't have food" "Lou I can't do this" "Why love. What's so bad about us?" "It's not all of you. It's Niall" "What's wrong with Niall?" "Louis, I think I-"

"Lucy?" I looked up to see Liam standing in the door way of the living room. "Ermm, hey Liam" He ran to me and gave me a hug. "why you all wet babe?" babe? Way to make situations worse Liam. "Long story" I whispered, Liam nodded and walked off. "So you were saying?" Louis asked when we were alone again. "I like Niall, Louis" I sighed. I've done a lot of sighing today, haven't I? "Oh.." I just nodded and walked off, into the living room. Bad idea! "Lucy?" Everyone apart from Liam said. "hey guys" I mumbled. Zayn stood up and took hold of my hand, pulling me into the hall. "What do you mean leaving?" He asked me. "How are you Lucy? Oh yeah I'm good thanks Zayn what about you?" I huffed. "Rude" Zayn stated. "I know" I simple said and walked away. What's wrong with me. I'm never like this. The painters must be in. (A/N: By that I mean period. It's just something my brother says to me so I thought I'd use that. Sorry) 



I told everyone about me leaving and three out of five cried. Zayn and Harry didn't but they were really upset. I guess crying is too manly for them..


"Isn't there any possible way you can stay here?" Louis asked. I too was crying. "Not unless you have a house for me and a fake mum so I can stay here with her" I mumbled. No one said anything for a while. "Hey Lucy? What you favorite One Direction song?" Harry spoke. "I have three really but I absolutely love More Than This" I told him, blushing a little. "Alright then. Can we sing it for you?" Zayn joined in mine and Harry's conversation. I shrugged. Wait, what am I shrugging for? Of course I want them to sing to me! "I'd love that" I blushed again. Five minutes later they started singing to me. 

When they sang, it sounded like they truly meant the words they were singing to me. Like they meant it in more than just 'singing for a fan/friend' 

Niall sang his solo and didn't take his eyes from mine. I cried one tear with every word he sang. Once they finished the song, I cried more and more. Now even Harry and Zayn cried. 



At around six, I left. Leaving the people I loved most behind. This summer, I will NEVER forget. And I most defiantly wont forget the boys, especially Niall.  



That's my last chapter for 2 weeks now guys, that's why I made it so long. 

Tell me what you think?

Don't worry though. If you're thinking this is the last time Lucy will ever see the lads and Eloise then you're thinking wrong! She does see them again but you'll just have to wait! ;)

I love you guys so much! Thanks for the comments :) ~Lucy xx

P.S.    Sorry if there's any mistakes. 

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