Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


54. Justin Bieber concert.

I know it's quite long and probably quite boring too but.. yeah, sorry guys.. 






Flight 126 to London will be departing from gate 6 in approximately twenty minutes. You may now start to board the plane.  


"Hey, come one that's our flight." Amy nudges me with her elbow. I stand and collect my hand luggage before following my sister to the correct gate for our flight. We walked the short distance to our destination, getting shoved and knocked by strangers in a rush. One guy in a beanie stepped on my foot then his suitcase trailed over it. I began to scream out to him but he rushed away. 

"I hate American airports!" I shouted to my sister after coming to a stop at our gate. Not many people were in front of us or behind us so I'm hoping that the plane wont be as full so I can relax and go to sleep for the whole ride. Waking up at 2am to get to the airport in time for our flight is finally catching up on me. All I want to do is collapse on a soft bed and sleep for eternity. 




We will be arriving in London in approximately 6 minutes. Please take your seats and fasten your seat belts securely. Thank you for flying with Thomson air, enjoy your time in London.


My ears popped as the plane landed on British grounds. I can't even being to explain how good it feels to be back here. Back home. 

"Dad booked a driver for us, he should be waiting outside somewhere. Just look for the card with our name on it. OK, and stay near me. You know what it's like here." Amy let out a little chuckle and walked towards the luggage claim area. I smiled. A driver? For us? I like it. 

Luggage collected, we head towards the entrance to find our driver. I browsed the multiple cards with different names on to try and find the one that says 'Catchpole'. 

"Lucy, he's there." Amy pointed her finger towards a tall, dark man wearing a suit and top hat. Drivers in London really go out to look good for their customers. We followed him out and took in the sight before us. It was a slick, black limo with tinted windows. This must have cost a bomb. 


When we arrived at the hotel, we unpacked all of our things and went down to the hotel cafe for something to eat. "Can we go straight to Eloise' after this to tell her and bring her here to get ready? I want to get there early for if he comes outside." I grin widely at my red headed sister. She smiles down at me as we wait in line. "Sure kid. Eat up fast, it's already 1:30." 

Our driver was hired for our entire stay in London so he took us to go pick Eloise up. I text her mum and told her we were on our way to her house. When we arrived, I hopped out and told Amy and the driver, who's name I learn was Dean, to stay outside. 

I knocked on the door I was all so familiar with and waited for it to open. 

"Eloise, get the door will you, I'm busy!" I heard Debby shout from the other side of the door. I heard loud footsteps then the door flung open. 

"Lucy!" Eloise shouted at the same time I shouted "Eloise!" We engulfed each other into a hug and stumbled into the house. 

"What are you doing here? I've missed you so much. It's so good to see you!" She rambled on as I walked with her into the kitchen. 

"Hey auntie Debby." I smiled as she brought me into a warm hug. 

"OK so don't scream the house down but I came to tell you something." I start. She looks at me with her piercing blue eyes, reminding me of Niall's. Something sparked in my stomach but I ignored it and put a smile on my face. 

"Well, you know for Christmas, yeah? Well my sister kinda, maybe got me three tickets to go see Justin Bieber in concert and I kinda maybe came here to take you!" I looked at her and tears fell down her face, screams erupting from her lips. 

"Are you been serious right now, Lucy. Oh my god! I love you so much right now like.. I can't believe this is happening! What am I going to wear? How am I going to style my hair? What time does the concert start?! You could have warned me so I could be ready!" She ranted on as me and her mother just laughed at her. 

"That's why I'm here at this time we have three hours to get ready and set off to be there two hours early. Relax woman." I smirked. Without another word she yanked on my only arm and pulled me upstairs. 

"Hey! That's my only good arm, be careful with it!" I laughed. 

"You look good with only one arm, ya know? Most people wouldn't. Like if I only had one arm, I'd look so horrible but you, you really rock the look.." My blonde haired best friend trailed off, not really knowing what she's saying herself. 

"Well, thanks I guess?" She looks at me and smiles. 

"You're very welcome. Now help me pick out something for tonight, will you?" Just as I was about to walk over to her closet, my phone began to ring. I fished it out of my jeans pocket and looked at the caller ID. It was Louis. I answered with a smile and mouth 'Louis' to Eloise so she knew who it was. 

"Hey, Lou." 

"Hello, love. Are you back in London for the week or am I mixing my days up?"

"Yeah I'm in London for the Justin concert. How'd you remember?" 

"It wasn't me who remembered, it was Harry." I smiled as Louis said his name.

"Oh, OK. So what's up?" 

"Well considering it's Friday today, we have the whole weekend and Monday scheduled off and I wondered if you wanted to come to mine and Harry's flat tomorrow or Sunday? The lads will be here too and a couple of other people. Like a small get together type thing." 

"So a party?" I smirked even though he couldn't see me. 

"Yeah." He chuckled. 

"Come on, it'll be fun. You'll get to see me again. I know you've missed me." He spoke when I didn't say anything. 

"OK but I'm bringing my sister and Eloise because Amy won't let me go unless she comes with and I want to bring El so I don't get bored." 

"Sure thing, love. So tomorrow or Sunday?" 


"Alright. See you then."

"Bye." I hung up and smiled at the ground. I didn't realise Eloise had left the room until she walked back in with a bunch of clothes in her hands. 

"What did he want then?" She asks. 

"I'm taking you to his tomorrow for a little party type thing."

"So I have to pick out another bloody outfit for tomorrow too. Jesus.." I laughed as she huffed and threw everything onto her bed. 

"I like these." I grabbed something from the pile and held it out in front of her. 




Dean drove us to the venue and everyone stared in awe as we stepped out of the black limo. Eloise wore a gorgeous black, silk top and high wasted leather shorts and had her hair in an up do with a few curled pieces falling at the front. I wore a simple pair of jeans and a crop top with 'Bieber Fever' printed on the front that Eloise lent me and my hair was down and straight. 


We waiting outside and saw a few security guards walking around. I squeezed through loads of people and got to the metal gate and shouted a "Hey!" Over to the people on the other side. 

"Yes ma'am. What's the problem?" The guard smiled at me. 

"Is Justin going to be here to take pictures or sign anything because I'm getting tired of waiting and don't want to stay here if he's not coming out to talk to us. I have concert tickets as well though." I shifted my eyes to my arm and I noticed his eyes follow mine. 

"Right I see. I'm sorry but he won't be coming out tonight because the main man isn't letting him." 

"Oh. Well will you give him these please?" I smiled an innocent smile and put my hand through the metal bars of the gate. 

"Depends what they are ma'am." 

"Just some letters for Justin from me and my friend. Please could you give them to him?" I repeat my question. 

"Well I'm really not suppose to but I'll do it just his once. I hope you enjoy the concert." He grabs the paper out of my hand and walks away from me. I smile widely and make my way back to my sister and Eloise. 

"He's not coming out but a guard took the letters from me and said he'd give them to Justin!" 

"Really? That's amazing!" 

"OK, you girls done fangirling? If so we need to go get our places if we want to get right at the front. Doors open in one hour." Amy explained. We nodded and walked around to the front of the arena. 



"I can't believe this, it's absolutely amazing. I could never thank you enough for this Amy!" Eloise beamed as we stand right behind the metal barrier. Perfect sight of the whole stage. Close enough to see every feature of Justin's face. Maybe even close enough to touch his hand if he reaches it out to us. The O2 Arena started to fill with millions of girls. Some alone, some in groups. Some crying, some smiling. 

"You can thank me by not screaming too loud." Amy chuckled in response. 

"Oh, Amy! We're going-" I stopped myself and looked around to see if anyone was listening in.

"We're going to Louis' place tomorrow at around two. Is that OK? You can come along, I told him I'm bringing you and Eloise anyway." I lent in close to her and whispered in her ear. 

"Yeah that's fine. I'll come with you because I'm not walking the streets alone." 

"Alright, thanks." She nodded and looked up onto the stage. I turned to Eloise and started talking to her about random things until the concert started. 


All of a sudden the lights went down and smoke started to appear on stage along with bright flashing lights. This was it. I'm going to see Justin Bieber in the flesh. Everyone started to scream and jump up and down behind us. We were crammed into the railing, getting pushed around. It was quite painful but worth it. The beginning tune to boyfriend sounded around the huge arena and he appeared out of the ground on a elevator thingy. The screams got louder as he skipped up to the front of the stage. I was singing along loudly with Eloise and I swear my sister was singing too. We couldn't help but jump, been forced by the people behind us. Justin pointed his finger forwards and smiled out into the crowd. He was perfect. Beyond perfect actually.


"You all look so beautiful tonight! I love every single one of you in this place! But I've got a little favour to ask of the people down at the front. Can you lot on the second, third and so on rows take a couple steps back so the beautiful ladies at the very front aren't getting shoved over the railing." He chuckled and looked down to the front. Eloise was fangirling like a crazy woman at the side of me and I couldn't help but let out a really loud laugh. Justin was walking away but turned around the second I finished laughing, smiled but then carried on. Did he hear me? Did he hear me laughing? Oh my god..



A huge headache had grown since the end of the fifth song. That is how loud it was. Amy was stood groaning at the side of me, complaining about her aching bones and the people still shoving us from behind, regardless of the request Justin made around an hour or so ago. Eloise had the biggest smile on her face as she watched her idol preform in front of her very eyes.


"Thank you all for coming down here tonight to watch me. This wouldn't be possible without you guys. I owe everything to you! This is my last song of the night and I want you all to sing along!" The track started and Eloise burst into tears at the side of me. Amy was looking quite stressed and I was, surprisingly, calm. 

"As long as you love me.. as long as you love me.. as long as you love me.. We're under pressure, seven billion people in the world trying to fit in. Keep it together.." I didn't sing along this time. Instead I just stood and watched the brown hair boy move around in front of me. Tonight was such an amazing night. I really owe my sister for this one! 

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