Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


31. Invitations.


I relentlessly opened my eyes to see it was only 5am. Having gone to bed at 8pm yesterday (because I wasn't feeling too good) didn't make this any better. I felt something warm start to trickle down my nose. I brought my hand up to rub my nose. Something wet came to my fingertips and my mind went black (I don't know why). Looking at my hand, I noticed blood on my finger. I held my hand in place, under my nose and ran into the bathroom. After I rolled a lot of toilet paper off in my hand, I pressed some to my nose, catching the blood that was freely falling. Whenever I have the cold, or don't feel too good, I start to get a load of nose bleeds. Normally 3-5 a day. Just another one of the countless things I hate about myself. Eventually, the blood stopped running from my nose. I washed my hands, freeing them from the blood that was currently present. After cleaning the iron blood from under my nose, I walked out of my bathroom and down the hallway, towards the stairs. Slowly walking downstairs, I noticed the kitchen light was on. My thoughts got the best of me, making me think there was someone in our house that I didn't know. Maybe a burglar? Or just a homeless person that needed food? Ignoring my pathetic thoughts, I walked into the kitchen, looking like a zombie, from being tired. Amy was sat on a bar stool, head in hands, lent against the island in our kitchen. "Amy? What are you down here for?" She looked up and met my stare. I could tell she's been crying. "Couldn't sleep" Was her answer but it came out as more of a question. "You?" She asked. "I woke up to a nose bleed and then wanted food" I smirked. She laughed at me and continued to stare at the table in front of her. "Seriously Amy. What's up?" I knew something was bothering her. "A week today is the anniversary of mum's death, nine years she's been gone Luc. Can you believe it?" Amy spoke in a saddening tone. It would kill anyone's happy mood in a split second. "Oh right. We should do something, you know?" I didn't know where I was going with the conversation so I was hoping Amy would have an idea and carry on from what I said. "Yeah, that's actually a good idea. What if we go back to London for a week or something, stay in a hotel or whatever. We should talk to dad about it, convince him to do something?" To be completely honest, I had no clue as to why we were wanted to have a 'party' as such for a death anniversary of nine years. A little odd? I agree but if that's what Amy's heart is set on, I will help her get what she wants from dad. After all, I could pull the 'you could do this for me since you have never been there for me' trick on him and he'll be like putty in my hands. "Sure, it's make mum happy, eh?" I smiled and grabbed a packet of mini cookies out of the cupboard. "Yeah, it would so I guess we'll talk to dad tomorrow then?" I nodded my head and smiled. "Goodnight Amy" I walked out of the kitchen and back up to my room. I ate my cookies and tried my best to fall back into a deep sleep. 



"Hey dad, can we talk to you for a minute?" I knocked on my dad's work room door. (he was house working today) "Sure, come in" We walked in and sat down on the opposite side of the desk. "What is it girls? I can't be too long. My boss wants this work in my midday tomorrow and I haven't even got half way" He spoke seriously, looking down his nose at us. "Stop with the dickhead work dad act and be our real dad for ten minutes, will you?" Amy spoke. "Language Amy!" He gestured towards me. "I've heard it all before dad and she's right so listen to what we have to say before you say no" He nodded for me to continue. "So I was up last night, well, early this morning, and- You know what? I'm just going to get to the point. We want to go back to London for a week for mums anniversary" I crossed my fingers under the desk. "Alright, I'll book a flight now and get a week off work."  "But dad you have- wait what? You're actually agreeing to go back to London for a week?" I was about to argue my point then realised he'd said yes. He just nodded. "We'll see you for dinner then" We stood up and walked out of the room. "What the hell is wrong with him?" I shrugged and walked upstairs. Can you remember Josh? The guy I met on the plane 2 months ago? Yeah, well I've become really good friends with him and found out he lives 2 blocks down from my old house in London. Why am I telling you this? Because I wanted him to come with me to this 'party'. Obviously all our family would come and some friends that new us well and I want Josh to be one of them. Most definitely I would invite Eloise. No doubt about it. I decided to ring them now so they didn't make any plans. I rang Josh first. "Hey Lala, what's this call for?" I laughed. Lala was the name he chose for me but only he could call me it. "Hey Joshy" That was my name for him. "So I'm coming back to the UK next week and wanted you to do something for me?" He 'mmmmed' so I carried on. "It will be nine years without my mum and we're having a party kind of thing and I wanted you to come?" "Sure! I wouldn't miss it for the world! Text me when you get in the UK" I nodded before remembering he couldn't see me. "Yeah, OK. See you in two weeks Joshy!" I hung up and then rang Eloise.

After inviting Josh and Eloise and finding out they could come, I text Carmela, Marissa and Tatiana. They could only come if it wasn't on a school day.  




I thanked Amy for dinner and ran upstairs. I grabbed my laptop and bounced onto my bed. I opened Twitter for the first time in 2 months. Since I got all that hate, I haven't been on it. Not knowing what to do, I looked on each one of the lads profiles. Louis had tweeted saying he was excited to be on tour. Niall tweeted something about football. Zayn, nothing. Harry tweeted a phrase telling everyone not to look a person in the eye while eating a banana. Liam, nothing. "That's weird" He normally tweets every day if he can. "What's weird?" Amy asked, walking into my room. "Liam Payne, the guy from One Direction? Well he hasn't tweeted in ages and he normally tweets everyday" She sat down next to me and looked at my screen. "Maybe he- wow! Lucy you have 8 thousand followers! How did you get so popular?" I looked at her, then back to my laptop. "Well I sort of maybe have Liam Payne's jumper and posted a picture, he replied and I got the followers and loads of people may have tweeted me telling me to die" "He what now and they did what now? How the hell do you have his jumper?!" I sighed. I can't believe I'm telling her this.


"You don't believe me do you?" I retold her everything but added the part where I stayed at Niall's house. "Sorry Luc but no, I don't"   "I can prove it. What if I call Liam now and ask them all to come to that thing for mum next week?" I grabbed my phone and dialed his number. "Hello?" He answered. I put the speaker on to let Amy listen. "Hey Liam, it's Lucy. Sorry for calling but I wanted to ask you something?" He laughed. "Don't be sorry, you can call any time!" 

"Thanks. Are you with the lads? It kinda involves them too" I heard a shuffle sound and then voices in the back ground. "You're on speaker. So what's up?" I looked to Amy who was completely shock. "Hey guys, so I'm coming back to the UK next week for my mum's nine year anniversary and wanted you all to be there. Bring whoever you want but no more than one person each." I explained. "Of course! We'd love to come! Text one of us when and where, yeah?" I smiled and looked at Amy again. Her expression had gone from shocked to happy. "OK. Oh and Liam? Thanks for the jumper! I love it so much! it's really comfy!" I beamed. "No problem, babe. See you next week!" With that, I hung up. "Believe me now?" I smirked. "Oh. My. God. Why didn't you tell me you were friends with the worlds biggest boy band?!" I shrugged. "Forgot to mention it" I lied. 


I heard a knock on my door. "Come in." My dad walked in and sat down on my bed. "What are you both doing?" Is he really going to try and make conversation? If that's all he came to do, then he can leave now! "Talking to Sam on Facebook and Amy is on Angry Birds on my phone because she's too lazy to buy it on hers" I laughed. "Alright. Well I booked a flight to London and got a week off work. The plane leaves at ten in the morning on Friday so get packing! I invited all the family and close friends. Everyone can make it apart from your uncle Rodger and your mums friend, Cassidy." I nodded. "Yey! I've invited Molly and Olly but that's it" Amy added. My dad nodded and walked out, Amy shortly following. 

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