Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


42. I'm glad I have you.

***23rd OF DECEMBER***

Two days until Christmas day and I'm sick. This is the worst Christmas ever! "Cheer up kiddo. You'll love your present from me!" I tried to smile at Amy but it turned out as a lop sided smirk. She laughed and handed me some chicken soup. "People say chicken soup is meant to help with colds so here." I began eating it and it really did help. My stomach began to settle and I didn't feel sick anymore. "Did you get anything for Louis' birthday?" They had two months off over Christmas which started the first day in December. To my suprise and their families, they are all spending Christmas in America. I guess that isn't bad for me considering they are all coming to my house tomorrow for Louis' birthday, sleeping in our guest room and spending Christmas day with me, Amy, my dad, Holly and her mum, dad and brother Chris, Liz and her mum, dad, sister Emily and brother Oliver. "Yeah, I hope he likes it." I got him, with my dads money, a Superman costume and a designer keyboard because I know how much he likes to play piano but my dad wouldn't let me get him one so I got him a keyboard instead. Oh right, yeah, I told my dad about meeting One Direction and becoming close with them but didn't tell him I stayed at Niall's house. He was shocked and didn't believe me at first but I convinced him with a phone call. It was his idea for everyone to come round here for Christmas and he said he'd cook. For a man, my dad is an amazing cook, better than my mum was actually. 

To be honest, my life hasn't changed much by only having one arm. I can pretty much do everything I could before. Sometimes it's a struggle but I have Amy and my dad to help. "Alright, I'm going to get some sleep. Dad's getting me up at seven in the morning to help with everything. I nodded and finished my soup. Amy kissed my head and walked off upstairs. I looked at the clock, 9:23pm. A yawn escaped my mouth so I decided to retire to my bedroom for the night. I grabbed my blanket from around my body and walked into my dad's work room. His arm's were hanging over the side of his computer chair with an empty mug about to drop onto the floor. A light snoring sound gave away that he was sleeping. I laughed and moved the mug away from his hand, placing it onto the desk. His fingers twitched but he stayed sleeping. Waking him up would probably be the wrong thing to do because he's the grumpiest person in the world when someone wakes him. The chair he was sitting on had wheels so I spun it around and walked it over to the sofa in the corner of the room. It was only small but just big enough for my dad to fit on. Once the chair was pressed up against the front of the sofa, I pushed his surprisingly light body off the chair and he landed with his face in the sofa arm. I laughed again and rolled him over so he was facing the ceiling. I kissed his cheek before walking out of the room, closing the door and heading upstairs. 

Tomorrow should be... fun. 





I woke up the next morning with a banging headache and growling stomach. I hate being sick. Slowly opening my eyes, I saw Harry sitting on the edge of my bed, slightly poking my cheek. I swatted his hand away and felt my belly churn. I shot up out of my bed, feeling the cold air having only worn pyjama shorts and a tank top for bed. Harry jumped back as I ran out of my room. I stubbed my baby toe on the bathroom door frame as I ran to the toilet causing me to scream. I slammed my knees to the floor and began throwing up into the toilet. A hand touched my back, rubbing small circles. Those hands could only belong to Harry. He pulled my hair out of my face as I continued to throw my insides, out. 

"Thank you." I wiped my watery eyes once I'd stopped vomiting. "No problem, babe. You OK?" I nodded my head and sat with my back on the cold wall. Harry flushed the toilet and handed me some tissue. I wiped my mouth and stood up. "Everyone's downstairs. They told me to come wake you up." We walked back into my room. Harry sat on my bed and watched me while I tried to reach for Louis' present on top of my cupboard. Not expecting it to be heavy, I pulled it off and juggled it in my hand. Harry was fast to my side and grabbed the neatly wrapped keyboard out of my hand. "Didn't expect it to be that heavy!" I said. He laughed and placed it on my bed. I grabbed Louis' other present and put it on top of the keyboard. "What did you get him?" I shook my head, telling him I wasn't going to say. He pouted like a five year old. 


After I took a quick shower, I changed into a pair of high waist shorts and a Rolling Stones T-shirt. Harry was still sat on my bed when I walked into my room. He noticed my presence and stood from my bed. We smiled at eachother and he looked at my 'arm' for the first time since it "disappeared". My smiled turned to a frown. "Stop it. You know I don't like people looking at it!" He looked into my eyes. "Sorry." He looked away but I know he wanted to say something else. "Just say it Harry. I don't mind, honestly." I smiled and took a step closer to him. He smirked at me and opened his mouth but closed it again. He looked at my 'arm' again and smiled. "You want to touch it, don't you?" I laughed as he nodded his headed slowly. "You weirdo! Why?" Harry shrugged but stayed standing in his spot. I took two steps towards him and grabbed his hand in mine. His eyes connected with mine and he had a look in his eyes that made them glisten. I've never actually noticed before how beautiful he is. Butterflies rose to my belly. Now I don't know if it was because I'm sick or because I'm starting to feel something towards Harry. But I can't. I like Niall, right? "Why?" I asked again, my hand still in his. He didn't pull his hand away from mine, in fact, he tighten his grip. I looked at our hands, my small one fitting perfectly in his, and smiled. "I don't know really. Sorry." His face dropped and his hand twitched in mine. I could tell by his facial expression that he really didn't know why. As my hand was still in his, I raised it and placed his large hand on my 'arm'. I moved it on instinct and Harry laughed. I guess it felt weird to him. "It's beautiful." Harry started to move his hand away and eventually dropped it to his side, slapping his thigh. "No it isn't, Harry but thanks." We smiled at eachother again. "Shall we go down? Louis probably wants his presents." I laughed. He nodded and grabbed the presents off my bed. We walked downstairs and into the living room. My dad and Amy were laughing at something they had just said. This is the first time my dad and Amy have official met them all so I was thinking it would be quite tense but it was the total opposite. 



"Happy birthday, Louis!" Lucy shouted once we'd reached the living room. When we were upstairs and Lucy grabbed my hand in hers, butterflies rose to my stomach and a burning sensation shot up my arm. The feelings I have towards Lucy are beyond explainable. The thing is, Niall likes her too. He doesn't know that I have feelings towards Lucy. No one does. Not even Louis and I tell him everything. The first day I met Lucy at Niall's house, I had immediate feelings towards her and they've grown over all this time. I wish I could stop the feelings because I know that Lucy likes Niall back. It's the way she looks at him that gives it away. It's the same way look at Lucy. But I'm kinda confused. Why? Because when Lucy grabbed my hand earlier, she looked down at them and I noticed a smile form on her lips. And, she didn't seem to mind that I wanted to touch her 'arm'. You're all probably thinking I'm a creep for wanting to touch it. I know, I think I'm a creep myself. I just got this feeling inside of me and wanted to touch her. I get that feelings when I'm anywhere near her. I just want to grabbed her into bed. NO! Not for that reason. I mean to just cuddle with her. Hole her small body to mine. Keep her safe. I want to be able to hold her hand in public and kiss her whenever I want. I want her to be the last person I see at night and the first person I see in the morning. I want to be able to call her mine. I want her. I want Lucy. Do you see what she does to me? Some of you may think it's wrong because she's only thirteen. Six years between us is a lot. Age is but a number, right? That saying was created for a reason so why not use it now? 

"Thank you!" He crushed Lucy into a hug, making her laugh. Oh her laugh.

Harry! Stop it!

"I got you something!" Lucy beamed and turned around to look at me. She smiled at me, showing the one dimple in her right cheek. I smiled back and handed Louis the presents Lucy had bought him. He ripped the big one open in seconds, staring at it in owe. "Are you being serious right now?" He said like a teenage girl. We all laughed at him as he pulled the wrapping paper off for us to see. She had gotten him a designer keyboard. "I love it. thank you, thank you, thank you!" He crushed her into a hug again and began to unwrap his other present. He laughed as he pulled it out and put it against his body. A Superman costume. "I love them, Lucy! You're the best!" Yes Louis, yes she is. 



I laughed as Louis said I was 'the best'. I wish. "Far from it Lou but thanks." I smiled as he frowned at me. He strode over the keyboard I got him which was lying on the floor and slightly hugged me. "I mean it, Lucy." He whispered in my ear. I pushed him away and blushed, looking at the floor. "Who wants food?" My dad shouted, feeling the tension in the room. "I do!" Niall jumped up and ran to the kitchen. That boy and his food. I rolled my eyes and followed the rest of the boys out. "You not coming?" I asked Amy. She shook her head and switched on the TV. Weird. She never turns down something to eat. I hope she's OK.


"Someone pass us the bread." Zayn spoke, his mouth full with crisps. I smacked the back of his head, making him hiss at me. "What was that for?" He whined. "No talking with your mouth full. It's rude!" He rolled his eyes and rubbed the back of his head. "Could, erm, could someone put some butter on my bread. It's kinda impossible with one hand." I spoke like a little six year old who wanted some candy so he was trying to be nice. I felt kinda embarrassed for asking but I needed some butter, I hate dry bread. My dad was about to rise from his seat to come help me but Harry placed a hand on his shoulder. "I got it, sir." Harry smiled. My dad nodded his head and let Harry walk around the table to me. Zayn sat on one side of me and there was a vacant place on the other side meant for Amy. Harry sat there and began the butter some bread. I watched his every move, the way he moved his hand from the butter to my bread, the way he held the knife, everything. I even noticed a little twitch in Harry's hand like what happened when I held his hand upstairs. "-w many?" Harry spoke. I shook my head, my still wet hair falling in front of my face. "What?" I asked, embarrassed. "How many?" He pointed to the slices of bread in front of him with the knife that was lightly griped. "Four, please." We smiled as Harry buttered another two slices of bread and placed them next to my plate. "Thanks, Harry." He stood up and walked back to his seat. "No problem, love." My dad's head snapped up as Harry called me love. He looked at Harry but he didn't notice, then at me. 'What?' I mouthed to my dad. He raised his right eyebrow and side nodded to Harry. I shrugged and shook my head. 'No' I mouthed. I hate lying to my dad. The truth is, I do like Harry. The thing is, I also like Niall.  




The guys were shouting at the TV, watching some football match that my dad had recorded. They were shouting players names that I couldn't even say. My headache was getting worse by the second. "Guys could you turn it down?" No one heard. They just kept getting louder. I noticed Amy in the corner of my eye with her fingers in her ears. I laughed slightly and did the same. 

Louis came and sat next to me on the sofa. I took my fingers out of my ears and looked at him with sad eyes. "A little too loud?" He smirked. I nodded my head as Louis grabbed my hand. He pulled me out of the room and pulled me upstairs. We ran into my room and he plonked me down on my bed. "Wait here." I nodded as he ran out. I heard banging and shuffling around. Louis ran back into my room with my brush(comb), curling iron, straightening iron, hair bands(bobbles), grips and my make-up bag. "What are you doing with all my stuff?" My didn't answer me and placed everything down. After plugging my curlers and straighteners in, he set my make-up out on my desk. "Louis, what are you doing?" This time he answered me but it wasn't the answer I was looking for. "Something." I rolled my eyes and got tugged off my bed by a strong hand. "Sit down over there and close your eyes, OK?" I looked at him blankly. "Do you trust me?" I nodded my head. "Of course I trust you, Louis!" He smiled at me. "Then sit here and close your eyes!" I did as he said and sat down. Something cool touched my eyes and started moving. I heard Louis laugh as he rubbed away the wetness from my eyes and began applying make-up. 

After my make-up was done Louis took my hand and guided me to somewhere else in my room. He pressed on my shoulder and my butt came into contact with my mattress. "Louis, what are you doing?" I whined, starting to get frustrated. "You looked so bored and stressed when we were watching football so I thought I'd give you a make-over!" I could hear the smile on his voice as I sat with my eyes closed. "But it's your birthday and I'm getting treated. I don't get it?" Louis sighed. "I wanted to treat you because I know how down you've been since you, ya know?" Knowing he's talking about my 'arm', I nodded, letting him carry on. "And you said you feel really ugly with it, even though you aren't, so I wanted to give you a make-over so you could at least feel better even if you think you don't look great." I wanted to cry but I knew it would ruin my make-up so I just smiled the widest smile ever. "Thank you. It means a lot that someone would do this for me. I'm glad I have you, Louis!" A piece of my hair was lifted and I felt the heat reach my ear. "I'm glad I have you too, Lucy!" I smiled and let him do whatever he wanted to my hair. 


"Wow, you look better than you usual do and that's a whole lot of beautiful." I laughed as Louis put the finishing touches to my hair. "Stop bullshitting. It's not very nice to lie!" I opened my eyes and looked at Louis' serious face. "You are beautiful. Don't let no one tell you different!" He put emphasis on the 'are' and smiled at me. "Whatever you say Superman." I winked as he walked over to my mirror. He pulled it off the hook and held it face down. "Don't hate me if you don't like it, OK?" I nodded and rolled my eyes. Once the mirror was in front of me, I looked at the beauty in the mirror. I looked nothing like myself. My eye shadow was a misty black and I was wearing loads of mascara to what I normally wear. My cheeks were a light pink, putting the colour into them that I was missing this morning, my lips a light shade of red and dark pink lip liner. "Wow." I breathed. I smiled and looked at my hair. It was up in a lose ponytail, straighter than ever, with curled strands falling in the front. The side fringe I normally had down was pushed up and gripped back. "Louis, I look.. I look amazing!" I stood up and hugged him tightly but carefully. "Thank you!" I kissed his cheek and looked in the mirror again. I really did look beautiful for once. "Picture time!" Louis jumped and clapped his hands. He pulled his phone out and opened the camera. He snapped the picture and started tapping on his phone. My phone vibrated in my pocket so I pulled it out. He had sent me the picture in a message and typed 'You don't need make-up to look beautiful. Although, I do say so myself that I've done a pretty good job!!! ;) x' I smiled at the text and opened my camera. "Take a picture with me?" Louis smiled and got in the view of my camera. We ended up taking more than one though. We took a few funny ones then a serious one, a mad one and a nice, casual one. I smiled at them and locked my phone. "Shall we go down?" I nodded and followed Louis downstairs. 



Sorry it's a little long. I wanted to suprise you guys with this chapter so.. SUPRISE!!! ;) 

I know I say this a lot but Thank You All So Much. It means a lot that you like my story so far. 

I think it was a few chapters ago now but I asked you guys to come up with a name I can call you when I end my authors note at the end. I got a comment saying 'Zucchini Ninjas' and so far I haven't come up with any of my own. 

So, for now.. 

Goodbye my Zucchini Ninjas. Haha :) 

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