Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


20. I hate you.


 My last day at the Horan house.

Everyone was still sleeping. Since it was my last day here, I think I should take one more shower. I grabbed my light blue skinny jeans and a rolling stones T-shirt and walked into the bathroom.

As the hot water hit my naked body, I thought about life, what would happen when I leave? Will I ever see the guys again? What about Marissa and Carmela? I'm going to miss them so much! I tried my best not to think about everything. Singing normally helped clear my mind.

We are friends for life, hold that deep inside,

 let this be your drive... to survive.

I started singing to We'll Always Be Together by Little Mix.

Around twenty minutes later, I got out of the shower, got dressed and blow dried my hair. I straightened my hair and walked back into the bedroom. All the lads were awake, staring at me, smiling. "What?" I asked a little creeped out. "We heard you singing!" I went shy. "Oh.." Niall got up off the bed and walked over to me. "You're really good!" He told me. "Really?" I looked at them. They all nodded. "Thanks"

 We were all down stairs, having breakfast that Harry had cooked. "Will you be gone for good? Will we ever see you again?" Louis asked me. "I don't know Lou, you have work so you'll be travelling the world, I doubt you will see me again" They all frowned. "Oh.. Well, I'm going to try and text you every day! Just so you know!" He smiled. "Ooo, yeah?" He nodded, I laughed. "I just wish you could stay on more week!" Liam spoke up. "Me too but I've already told Eloise that I'm going to hers." I explained. "I've just thought about something! What are you going to tell Marissa and Carmela" I looked from Liam to Zayn. "We've already told them we're leaving for tour next week. They were upset but we're still going to be with them.. like a long distance relationship. I don't know if it will work but me and Zayn are willing to give it a try for our girls!" Liam smiled. He's so sweet, and how he called them 'our girls'. Aww!

 "Thanks Harry! You're really good at cooking!" I smiled, finishing off my breakfast. "Anything for you Luc" I mentally 'awwed' him and walked into the room. The lads followed me. "How come you never told us you could sing Luc?" We sat down. "I just guess it never came up in conversation." I lied. "OK now tell us the real reason" They know me so well, they know when I'm lieing. "Because I don't think I'm good and I hate singing in front of people... apart from Eloise"  "But you are good!" Niall told me. "Thank you"

We watched TV for a while but I started to get bored. I looked at my phone. Eloise was coming to pick me up at 3:00pm and it was only 11:00am. Four more hours to spend with these five idiots.


My phone started ringing. I answered.


"Lucy, it's dad" I sighed.

"What!" I snapped.

"Don't take that attitude with me young lady!"

"Dad, what do you want. I'm busy" I lied.

"We're leaving for America in two weeks, I got a promotion at work and we have to move there" I froze.

"What... no, we.. we CAN'T LEAVE! You never think about me! What about the life I have here, dad! I'm not going! You can't make me!" Tears filled my eyes.

"You have no choice Luc" He stayed calm.

"No, because you never give me one and don't call me Luc! You've have never called me that since mum died!" I shouted. All the lads look at me. Worried.

"Come on Luc, I only try to do what's best for the family here! It's not easy looking after you and Amy on my own!" I laughed.

"Only try and do what's best for me and Amy? That's a lie dad! You're never home and when you are, you're either sleeping or working on your next pitch for your boss! You never ask how we are, you never do anything!" I cried.

"Don't play that game! You know I can't do anything about that! I worked to give you and your sister the best life possible! I never ask because I know you're always OK, you're a strong, young, confident girl." I could tell my dad was crying. I took my phone away from my ear and put it on speaker so the guys could hear what he was saying.

"You know nothing! You think I'm a strong girl, you think I'm fine, dad! But I never am! I blame myself every day because of mums death. Not a day does by where I don't kick myself for what happened to mum but you wouldn't know that because you NEVER ask me how I am. I was 4 dad. 4 years old when I lost my mum. I wanted you to be there for me, I NEEDED you to be there for me, tell me everything was going to be OK but you didn't! You never talk about mum, you never tell me what she was like or how much you miss her, all I have is a picture of her! I don't have any memories of her because I was too young to remember! I have nothing to look back on! Nothing! and you.. my dad! Don't even care! Don't even listen!"

Niall held my body close to his as I shouted at my dad down the phone. I cried into his chest with my phone on my hand.

"I do care Luc! You can't say that! I love you and your sister more than anything in this world. I had no idea you felt like this"

"That's all you have to say? That's it?! You have no idea how I feel! You have no idea what's going through my head!" He said nothing.

"I don't know what to say to you Lucy! What am I suppose to say?"

"What about goodbye? Say that because it's the last words you'll ever say to me! Mum's death wasn't my fault, no.. it was yours! You never think about what I want and I'm not moving to America with you and Amy. My life is here, in London! With my friends and the people that really care!"

"Goodbye? Lucy! You have no where to go and you need to go to school! You have to move to America with me and your sister. I'm your father and I know what's best for you!"

"No you don't! You never know what's best for me or Amy! You've effed one persons life up already. I'm not letting you ruin mine! I hate you!" I didn't give him chance to reply, I hung up and threw my phone across the room.

Niall held my body close to his as I cried. I shook my head and forced my body up and headed for the front door. "LUCY!" Niall shouted me. I heard someone say "Niall mate, let her go" Just before I ran out of the front door.

I ran down the steps and through the gate. I ran into someone, sending us both flying onto the ground. A girl, about my age with blonde hair and brown eyes. "I'm so sorry!" I helped her up. "It's fine, don't worry about it" I wiped my tears away. "Hey, what's wrong?" She asked, looking me straight in my eyes. "Nothing.. I just.." Oh what the hell. "I just.. hate my dad!" I breathed out. "Oh right, well, it's none of my buisness so I wont ask but I'm a good listener if you need to let it all out!" She was sweet but shy. "Thanks, I'm Lucy by the way" I smiled, wiping the rest of my tears away. "Tatiana." She smiled back.





Oooo, dramaaaa! Haha.

That's my update for today guys! I hope you like it?

Finally added Tatiana into it now!

I don't know when I'll be able to update next so just be patient please.

Tell me what you thought of this chapter? I did my best with it!

Thanks for all the comments, likes and favourites. Love you guys! ~Lucy xx

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