Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


37. Hospital.

A faint beeping sound woke me up. My eyes opened one by one to find out that I wasn't in my room. I looked to my right and a shooting pain fled down my neck. My arm twitched, then my legs but the feeling in my left arm wasn't there. Still looking to my right, I saw a hand in mine but I couldn't feel it, like I was immuned from the touch. The body laid asleep next to my bed, holding my hand with their head on edge of the white, lumpy surface. It was then I noticed I was laid on a hospital bed. I tried to move my left arm but the feeling wasn't there. I slowly moved my head back so I was staring at the ceiling. When the shooting pain in my neck disappeared, I dropped my head to my left side. My breath hitched in my throat and then I started to hyperventilate. I lost total control of my breathing pattern as I stared at the stub I used to call my left arm. Millions, and I mean millions of tear fell freely down my face. I felt someone move from the spot next to me and run around to my left side. "Lucy, Lucy please, Lucy!" The voice shouted but it sounded miles away. I started to have a fit where I laid on the bed, breathing only once every ten seconds. My eyes flickering uncontrollably . "SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASE. HELP ME PLEASE!" I heard voices around me, screaming, crying. I blacked out. 



My eyes flickered open to see someone sat awake next to me. "Keep your eyes on me, I'm not going to lose you!" She cried. "Why would you lose me? Where am I?" A tear left my eye. "You're in the hospital, Liz's mum was driving you, Holly and Liz to the amusement park when a car came out of no where and hit you." I started to hyperventilate. "Lucy, calm down. Please stop it!" I tried my best to calm down. "What- where I am?" I looked at her. "Lucy, I just told you. You asked me that already." I shook my head. "No I didn't, who are you?" The girls eyes went wide. "How do you know my name and who are Liz and Holly? Where am I?" She started to scare me as her hand touched mine. "Lucy, plea-" 

"No! Who are you? Someone help!" She backed away from me, covering her mouth with her hands, crying. I watched as her back hit the wall, she slid down it and curled into a ball. Who is she? Am I supposed to know her? 

"Hello miss, my name is Doctor Cartwright, what's the problem?" He seemed calm and collected while I had a little freak out party in my head. "Where am I?" I asked first. "Miss, you're in the hospital in Ohio, America. You had a horrible car accident while on your way somewhere with your friends" He explained while examining the machines around me. "But what friends? I don't remember anything! And who is she?" I whispered the last part and pointed to the crying girl as she sat on the floor. I sat upright on my bed and looked at the middle aged man as he sat on my bed. "Yesterday at around noon, you, a woman named Andrea, her daughter Elizabeth, your friend, and another girl named Holly, also your friend, we're on your way to Ohio's famous amusement park. The police and investigating service told us that the car came out of the off road, next to the road you were travelling on and hit into the left side of your car with great force. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, your car was on it's side with your left arm trapped in between the passenger seat and car frame. The car had rolled several times before coming to a stop. You and Elizabeth have the worse from the incident since the other car hit the side you were sitting on. Elizabeth's mum, Andrea, who was driving your car, has a couple broken ribs, bruises and cuts. Holly has a broken arm, her eyes are unable to open for the time being and a few cuts and bruises." He took a breath. "Are you alright? I know you're young so it's a lot to take in but telling you this may help" I nodded for him to continue. "Elizabeth has short term memory loss, like you and-"

"Hold on, short term memory loss?" I asked. "Yes. Both you and Elizabeth banged your heads hard on impact from the other car so your memory has temporarily gone. It should be back soon weather it's 2 days or 2 months. Your family will help you to remember" I just nodded, taking all the news in. "Elizabeth has also broken seven of her ribs, her right arm snapped in several places, her foot got trapped under the seat, breaking it and cutting the skin all the way to the bone. Her right side is fully bruised with cuts and gashes, her left side only suffering a few cuts and bruises." This was all too much for me but for some reason, I couldn't help but want to hear everything. An image crossed my mind of me and another girl laughing at a picture on someones phone. "I remember laughing at a picture before handed it back to the girl in the front." I tell the doctor. "That's good, if you remember anything else just stop me." I nodded again and gave a weak smile. I'm hoping that I will remember everything soon. "As for you, well, we were talking to Holly earlier, she explained to us that before the car crashed into you, you were laughing at a picture of a man on Elizabeth's phone. After that she said you handed Liz her phone back and then everything was a blur. Like I said, when the ambulance got there, your arm was trapped between the seat and car frame because you put your arm in that space to give the phone back. Your left arm was fully crushed causing the bone to snap fully and your skin to rip. We found that the bone was unfix-able so we had to amputate your left arm." I broke my gaze on the doctor and looked at my left arm. A stub was in place of my once full arm. More images flashed my mind of the incident.  "You have also bruised your collar bone which is why you probably have a shooting pain when you move, the passenger seat fell out of place and crushed your knee cap but you should still be able to walk fine by tomorrow. You haven't broken any ribs but they're bruised, only slightly and the cuts, gashes and bruises on your body should fade soon because they aren't as bad." He finished with a sad sigh and stood from the bed. I looked at the girl with red hair. She was now stood up next to the door. Doctor Cartwright noticed me looking at her and said. "That's your older sister, Amy" She smiled at me and walked to my side. "I'm sorry for earlier" I apologised. "No worries, it was my fault anyway. I shouldn't have done what I did" She sniffled and sat on the seat next to my bed. The doctor left. "I'm going to do everything in my power to help you remember and dad will be here to help." I smiled at her. "What about my mum?" She sighed and looked down at her hands. "She died in a car crash when you were only four, you were in the car with her but she used her body as a shield over yours. Dad was driving at the time" Even though I can't remember, it still made me sad. My first thought was 'I killed my mum'. "Can you tell me everything you can so I can try to remember?" She nodded and began to tell me about everything. 




"That's it, I guess." So far, from what Amy has told me, I remember my parents, her and the whole thing about moving from London to America. But that's it. She told me about all my friends and other family members but I just can't remember anyone. "Thank you! Maybe we can try again tomorrow?" I hoped. "Yes, sure. Dad will be here tomorrow too" She smiled warmly at me. "Are you sure you don't remember anyone?" Amy tried pushing me to remember. "Not a single soul." I frowned. "Not even Eloise? She's your best friend, you did everything together before we moved to America" She said but it came out as a question. "What is she like?" I breathed. "Erm, well she has long blonde, curly hair, blue eyes. She loves to dance and you only ever sing with her, you've been like sisters to eachother for almost 8 years and well, that's all I can say." I tried to picture her but I got nothing. Nothing at all. "Alright, it's best that you don't push her to remember" The doctor entered the room. "Some of your memory might come back over night whiles you sleep but if not we can try again tomorrow. Right now, you need to rest." He ordered. "Alright" I closed my eyes. "Hey Amy?" I spoke. "Yeah kiddo?" She grabbed my hand. "You'll be here when I wake up, wont you?" I opened my eyes again to look at her. "I will never leave your side, don't you worry about that!" She bent down and kissed my forehead. "Amy?" I asked again. She didn't answer me so I spoke again. "I'm so scared."

She cradled me in her arms, rocking me back and forth. I soon fell asleep to the soothing sound of her voice.

My life, will never be the same again and that's what scared me most of all.  

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