Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


9. Hidden talent.


 As scared as I was, right in that moment of explaining everything to Niall, I still did my best to get it past him. He looked confused, worried and upset all at the same time.

"No matter what happened, Lucy. You couldn't have done anything to stop your mother, doing what she did to save you. It most definitely wasn't your fault." Niall tried to reasure me but I didn't believe him. The way my mum died was all my fault and I know it was! Right now, I couldn't be bothered to argue with him over something I know I did. "OK Niall..." I smiled. "I'm going to go take a shower." He nodded so I got up and made my way upstairs.


That was one of the longest showers I have ever had. I didn't want to get out but I couldn't stay in there all day. After drying and straightening my hair, I got changed into my light blue shorts and 'Love Me' belly top. Because I still had my cast on my ankle, shorts were the best thing for me to wear.

"NIALLLL?!" I shouted as I made my way down the stairs. No answer. "He's gone out with the guys sweety and I'm about to head out too, so you have the house to yourself."  Maura explained. "Oh, OK. Have fun" I didn't even know where she was going but I told her to have fun anyways. With a quick smile, she left and I was all alone. I gave a massive sigh and flopped onto the sofa. What to do? It's so boring when I'm on my own! "Eloise!" I smiled to myself and made my way to the computer room. Once I got there, I set up the webcam and opened Skype. "YEY! She's on!" I pressed the call button and it started to beep, waiting for Eloise to answer. She did and I was so happy to see her, even though it was only through a webcam, it felt real to me.

My phone started to buzz, it was Niall calling. "Hold on El, I've got to take this." I said and answered the call.

***L- LUCY. N- NIALL***

L- "Hey, what's up?"

N- "Hey, I wont be back late, me and the lads had to meet up with Simon to discuss somethings."

L- "Okay, it's fine with me. I'm okay here.... all alone" I sighed, messing around.

N- "Aww! I feel really bad. Isn't my mum in?"

L- "Haha. No, she went out somewhere but it's ok, I'm on Skype with Eloise" I looked at the computer and Eloise was holding a piece of paper that said 'NIALL?' on it. I smiled and nodded. She knew about my situation and where I'm staying. She didn't believe me when I told her but now she does.

N- "Oh.. okay, well I wont be long then when I get back we could go out or something?"

L- "That'd be great. See ya later"

N- "Bye"

I hung up. "I still can't believe you're staying with Niall Horan from One Direction! It's crazy!!!!" I laughed. "So. What ya wonna do? I have about an hour left before the guys get back" She shrugged. "What about that new dance you said you did?" Earlier this week, Eloise text me and told me that she had a new dance that she wanted to teach me. "Oh yeah.."


"That.. was... AMAZING." I yelled. To see her dance was, well, amazing! "Really?"

"Yes really! Why sound so shocked about it? You're an amazing dancer Eloise! And singer, I may add." She smiled. "Thanks"

"No problemo. I just can't wait to get this thing off so I can dance again!" I pointed to my foot. Eloise laughed. "I'll teach it you when I get back" I nodded. "Speaking about when I get back.. I'm coming back in two weeks. When will I see you if you're at Niall's?" To be completely honest, I didn't really know. "Well, I'm meant to be staying to the end of summer but I could come back a week early?"

After talking about it for a while. We decided that, once Eloise got back, she'd come and pick me up from Niall's and then I can stay at hers for the last week before we go back to school. I just had to explain it all to Niall. "Hey! I've missed singing with you! Wanna sing for a while before I go? I know it wont be the same but still.." Eloise asked. "Well I couldn't turn that down!" We both smiled. "What song?" I shrugged. "You pick" She shuffling through all the songs she had but we still didn't have a song we both liked. "I'll go check the CD rack in the room" I looked throught them all and didn't like any. After a couple minutes of searching, I picked one of the lads albums- Take Me Home. I walked back into the computer room. "What about one of the guys songs?" Once we listened to all the songs, we settled on Little Things because Eloise could play the guitar to that as well.

"OK, you start on guitar and then we'll sing it. One verse each and chorus together?" She nodded and started to play.


your hand fits in mine like its made just for me

but bear this in mind it was meant to be

and I'm joining up the dots with the freakles on your cheeks

and it all makes sense to me.


I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes

when you smile you've never loved

your stomach or thighs

the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine

but I'll love them endlessly.


I wont let these little things slip out of my mouth

but if I do, it's you, oh it's you they add up to

I'm in love with you

and all these little things


You can't go to bed without a cup of tea

and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep

and all those conversations are the secrets that I keep

though it makes no sense to me


I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape

you never want to know how much you weigh

you still love to squeeze into your jeans but you're

perfect to me


I wont let these little things slip out of my mouth

but itf it's true, it's you, it's you they add up to

I'm in love with you and all these little things


you'll never love yourself half as much as I love you

and you'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to

if I let you know I'm here for you

maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh


and I've just let these little things slip out of my mouth

coz it's you, oh it's you, it's you they add up to

and I'm in love with you and all these little things

I wont let these little things slip out of my mouth

but if it's true it's you, it's you they add up to

and I'm in love with you

and all your little things.

"Awwww! That was amazing! I really miss singing with you El. Nice job on the guitar by the way!" She smiled. "I know! I miss you all together! Can't wait to see you! Your singing was amazing by the way!" Tears sprung to my eyes. "Awh! Staph. You're going to make me cry! Anyway, I've got to go. See ya in two weeks. Love ya!" I blew a kiss to her, like I always do and ended the Skype call.


As soon as Simon told us what he had to say, we headed back to Niall's. He said somthing about taking Lucy out, which I thought was cute! For some reason, I don't know.

When we got back, Niall opened the door and we all walked in. I heard a guitar playing.... was that 'Little Things' ?

"Guys. Is that Little Things?" Niall asked. "That sounds amazing!" I nodded. "Well it can only be Lucy but she doesn't play guitar." We moved closer but didn't make any noise. "When I was on the phone with Lucy earlier, she said something about been on Skype with Eloise." Niall whispered. "Come on, lets listen in" Sure enough, it was Lucy and her mate Eloise. They had only just started singing and Eloise was playing guitar.

We listened through all of the song. I don't know what the lads thought of it but I was in pure shock. They were actually really good! Why didn't Lucy tell us she could sing? I looked at Niall who was smiling his head off but his smile dropped when Lucy said 'see ya in two weeks'. Wasn't she meant to be staying here another three weeks?

Anyway, once the song finished, Lucy said goodbye to Eloise and shut the computer down. As she stood up and headed for the door me and the lads ran over to the front door to pretend like we had only just got back and not heard anything. "LUCY! We're back" Niall shouted. She came out of the room wearing shorts and a belly top that said 'Love Me' on the front. With a big smile on her face she said "Hey, what's up?" It's like she was in another world. "I could ask you the same thing mrs smiley." I winked at her. We sure weren't giving up on this whole 'Lucy been able to sing thing'. On way or another (<~~ See what I did there) we will make her sing to us.






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