Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


25. Getting ready.

 "Mum? We're home!" Eloise shouted once we got back, after camping. No answer. "Mum?!" We walked into the kitchen. She was making a sandwich. "Hey auntie Debs"  "Hey. How was camping?" She turned to me and put the butter knife, she had in her hand, down. "It was awesome! Sam got stung by a bee" I laughed as I remember that moment. "Hey, mum" Eloise spoke, making me jump. "Hi love. There's something on your bed for you and Lucy, some guy came round with it yesterday and said it was for both of you" I smiled and ran upstairs, Eloise followed. 

"What is it?" It was a package, a pretty big package, I may add. With an envelope on the front. "My guess is as good as yours" I walked forwards and grabbed it, pealing the envelope off. "You open that, I'll open this?" I asked, handing the envelope to Eloise "I want to open the package" Eloise pressed her lips together. "OK but it has a sticker on the top" I smirked. "You open the package, I'll open this" I laughed a little and ripped the paper from around the package. El had already opened the card and was reading it. "Read it out loud" She sat on the bed, crossing her legs.

"Dear Lucy and Eloise, I hope you like your little gift from me, since it will be your last night in London, Lucy" Eloise stopped and looked up at me. "W-what?" She looked so upset. I'm guessing it's from my dad. "Just carry on babe and I'll tell you after" She nodded. "I set up a little party for you in the ball room at the Noble Hotel. Your auntie Olivia picked out the dresses since I wouldn't know what to get, I hope you forgive me for what happened. Enjoy the party. Dad" I sighed and took the lid off the box I had in my hands. I lifted the top dress out and scanned over it. It was a light blue colour, strapless with a pink belt that puffed out at the bottom. I placed it on the bed and lifted the other one out. This one was deep purple with netting on the rim, with just one strap. "They're beautiful!" I nodded in agreement with Eloise and looked in the bottom of the box. "Oh my, that's not it" I pulled out two pair of high heel shoes. One pair, a bright pink and the others were black. "Wow!" We both gasped at the same time. 


I'd told Eloise about me leaving. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do! We cried for one hour straight, just hugging each other. 

It was now 4:00pm and we were getting ready for the party. I went with the blue dress and pink heels. Eloise had the purple dress with black heels.  

"Shall we get ready now? The party starts at seven. So we have three hours" "Yeah, shall we ask someone to go with us, like a boy or something?" I liked that idea because I could take Sam. "Yeah, who you going to ask?" Eloise thought about it. "What about George?" I nodded and smiled. "Take that as a yes" she laughed.

After she called George and he said yes, I called Sam.

"Hey Sammy"

"Hey princess, what's up?" he always called me that. 

"I'll get straight to the point. Dad got a job promotion at work and we have to move to America so I'm having a party and you have to be there so you're taking me, OK thanks, bye!" I said in one breath.

"WAIT, what?" 

"My dad got a job promotion at work and we-"

"Yeah, Lucy I got that bit. Why do you have to move? I haven't seen you for three years and now I see you and you're moving!" 

"Sam, please don't yell at me. I can't help it. I have to go. Please just say you'll take me to my own party" I heard him sigh. 

"Of course I'll take you to your own party princess, I'm sorry for yelling" 

"It's OK Sammy, thank you. Pick me up from El's at half six?"

"Yep, I'll see you then" I hung up and sighed. Leaving is going to be so hard!

I pushed all thoughts of me leaving to the back of my mind and started to get ready. 


First, I applied some light pink eye shadow to go with my belt and heels and some black eye-liner. After that, I made spider eyes with my mascara and applied a little blusher. With that, my make-up was done. I combed my hair before leaving the bathroom. I walked out and back into the bedroom where Eloise was sat on the bed. "S'bout time" She walked into the bathroom to put her make-up on while I did my hair. 

I grabbed the curling iron and put my hair into sections. 


I curled my hair bit by bit and pinned the front back so it was out of my face. Eloise had done her make-up and was half way through her hair. 

While she was doing that, I slipped my dress on and sorted it out in the mirror. I tied the belt loosely and popped my heels on. "Hey Lu-" Eloise started but her mouth fell to the shape of an 'O'. "What? Do I look OK?!" Her mouth changed to a huge smile. "OK? You don't look OK, Lucy, you look absolutely amazing!" I blushed and looked down. "Really?" She just nodded and carried on with her hair.


At 6:00pm I was waiting in the living room, all ready to go. George had already turned up and left with Eloise to the party because I told her to go. 

Sam turned up 10 minutes early so we set off to the party.



I know this sucks, sorry!

I will try to update again either tomorrow or Thursday. If I don't I can't update for 2 weeks because I'm on holiday. Once I get back from my holiday I will update as soon as I can. Thanks for all the comments. I LOVE THEM! :) ~Lucy xx

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