Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


29. Flashback.

 I smelt pancakes so I shot up out of bed, grabbed my fuzzy panda slippers and lazily walked downstairs. Amy was in the living room, laughing at something on the TV. I smiled and walked in, realising she was watching Jeremy Kyle. I sat down next to her on our 'L' shaped, black leather sofa. "This show always makes me laugh. It just make our lives seem so perfect!" Amy told me, in between laughter. Seeing her so happy and giddy, made me laugh. Dad then walked into the room with a big plate of pancakes and..... BACON! I smiled and suddenly, my attention was on the food. "Thanks dad" I said, already stuffing my mouth with a piece of bacon. He nodded and began to eat his. "When I went to bed last night" I started to say. "I thought about school." I continued. "What about it, love?" My dad asked, confusion clear in his tone. "When do I start and where even is it? You never mentioned a single thing about school." I finished. "That's because me and you are going to the closest school to here, tomorrow." I just nodded and thoughts came rushing to me. What if I don't make friends there? What if no one likes me? I wonder if there are any cute guys there? I hope I will at least make one friend there! 


"Thanks for breakfast, dad. I'm going to get ready!" I announced and ran up the stairs. Once I got to my room, I walked into my walk-in-wardrobe and looked at all of my clothes. I settled on my white skinny jeans and the green Derby County football top that Niall gave me. I let my hair fall free from the messy bun, it was previously in and combed it through. I ripped through the lugs in my knotted hair and popped my straighteners into the socket. I switched them on so the light on the side turned red. They took 2 minutes to heat up. While they heated up, I went to brushed my teeth and wash my face with cold water.

The once red light turned green, signaling that they were hot enough to straighten my hair. I sectioned my hair and straightened each piece, careful not to burn myself. I wasn't planning on going anywhere today so I didn't put any make-up on. 

"Amy, did you borrow my army jacket?" She didn't answer. "AMY?" Still no answer. I huffed and walked downstairs and looked around. No one was in. "Hello? Anybody?" I shouted. "Dad? Amy?" Definitely no one in the house, a part from me. I walked into the kitchen to get something to eat when I saw a note on the table. It was from Amy saying that dad was at work and she went out. I smiled, grabbed three packet of crisps, 2 cans of soda, a bottle of water, some biscuits and a family pack of M&M's. I ran into the living room, careful not to drop anything. My phone vibrated in my pocket, I pulled it out to see a text from Louis. 

From: 'Louis Tommo <3' 

Hey!!! I told you I'd text you everyday! Hows America? :)

I pressed the reply button and typed my message. 

To: 'Louis Tommo <3'

Haha, hey!!! America's good! weather is awesome and I met two girls today, they're really nice! You start tour today, right? x


I opened a packet of crisps and a can of diet coke, sitting crossed legged on the sofa and watching Spongebob. Louis text back a couple of minutes later. 

From: 'Louis Tommo <3'

Yeah that's right and I can't wait! :) we all miss you though! When we come over to America, you should meet up with us? x

To: 'Louis Tommo <3'

Of course! That would be awesome :) I miss you too! but I'm sure Josh, Holly and Liz will help me through it x 


I watched Spongebob for another half an hour and Louis didn't reply to my text. He's probably busy with rehearsals or something. 




"Hey guys! Lucy text back! She said the weather is great and she misses us! Then she said something about meeting new people and that Josh, Holly and Liz would help her through missing us." I shouted through the tour bus. "Aww! She has a boyfriend already!" Harry replied. The day Lucy left, if you remember, I found her in the park, soaking wet and she told me that she had feelings for Niall and I could tell by the way he looked at her, Niall also had feelings for Lucy but I didn't say anything. "How do you know? He could be a friend!" Niall huffed. Harry held his hands up in defense and smirked. "I'm going on a walk, lads. I wont go too far. See ya later" I ran out of the door and headed down the street. 

As I walked with my phone in my hand, I looked at the picture Zayn took of me, Lucy, Niall, Harry and Liam. It was taking after we'd been swimming so Lucy tried her best to cover up her body, since she was wearing a bikini. 


Me and the lads were sat on the sofa while Lucy was upstairs. She told us that she went to get changed. "I'll go see what she's doing! She's been up there ages!" I announced and got up of the sofa. Me and Lucy have become really close friends, with the way we act, anyone would think we're brother and sister. I knocked on Niall's bedroom door. "Lucy? Are you OK? You've been up here ages!" I shouted through the door. "Louis? Is that you?" She replied. "Yeah, it's me. Can I come in?" I twisted the handle and pushed it open but only a little. "Yeah" I walked in and she was looking at herself in the mirror, wearing only a bikini. I didn't mind because, like I said, we're like brother and sister. So it wasn't awkward being in the same room with Lucy only wearing a bikini. 

"I look so fat!" Lucy pouted. I rolled my eyes. "Lucy? Where are you fat? There's no fat on you!" I told her truthfully. She looked at me and smiled. "Thanks Lou" She sighed. I knew when she was upset or thinking about something. Out of all the lads, I knew her the best. She looked at me with sad eyes and smiled to try and hide everything. "You don't need to be insecure Lucy! You're beautiful and you can't look at me and say I'm lying because you know I'm not!" I nodded and smirked. She laughed. The sad look in her eye disappeared. "Why are you even wearing that?" I asked, confused. "I wanted to go swimming so I put this on but realised I look fat so I'm not going to bother!" The sad look in her eyes came back and I felt like shouting from the roof tops! "You seriously don't know how fit you look Lucy!" I winked. "Louis!" She spat. "What? I can't tell my little sister that she looks fit in a bikini?" Her eyes went wide as I said sister. "Wow. I would have never in my life thought that the Louis Tomlinson would consider me as his sister! Thanks!" She crushed me into a hug, wrapping her arms around my neck. I gave her a one handed hug. "Come on, lets go swimming!" I yelled and ran out of the room. "Louis!" Lucy shouted me back. "Yes?" "Wait for me!" I walked into Niall's room and sat on his bed. Lucy put some shorts and a tank top over her bikini and walked out of the room, I followed. "Do you guys even have anything for swimming here?" Lucy asked as we walked downstairs. "Yeah, considering we always come to Niall's and he's the only one with a swimming pool, we have some in the spare room" I explained. "So I'm going to go get them and tell the lads. You can go outside if you want to?" I continued. "OK" Was all Lucy said, and walked down the stairs, through the back door and sat on a chair. I ran and got all of our swimming costumes and ran back to the boys. "Come on, we're going swimming, in the back!" I yelled throwing the lads their swimming things. They didn't argue and walked out of the room to get changed. Once we were ready, I walked out into the back yard first and saw Lucy, just about to take her top off. She turned around, saw me and smiled. I smiled back and sat down on a chair. When the rest of the lads walked out, everyone looked at Lucy. Liam and Zayn looked away and turned to me, sitting next to me on the other chairs. Harry and Niall kept looking, but she didn't notice. "YO! Lads!" They looked at me and back to Lucy. Harry wolf whistled and Lucy turned to see them looking at her. "What?" She asked, holding both her arms over her stomach, trying to cover up her 'fat'. "Lucy!" I shouted, she looked at me and dropped her arms, obviously realising I was mad at her for thinking she needs to cover her body. She mouthed a 'sorry' and to me and smiled. "What?" she asked to Harry and Niall again. "Nothing, it's just you look-"  "Fat, ugly, horrible, I know" Lucy cut Harry off. He shook his head. "I wasn't going to say that! I was going to say, you look fit" I saw him wink and sit down at the edge of the pool. She laughed and took of her shorts, climbing into the pool. I ran in after her and grabbed her shoulder. She turned around and laughed at me. "I'm OK Louis, I promise!" She knew what I was thinking. I smiled and splashed her with water. "HEY! That's not fair!" She yelled as I ran/swam away from her and laughed. Soon, all the lads joined us in the pool, laughing and splashing eachother, even Zayn joined but he stayed in the shallow end.

I got out of the pool after a while of swimming and joking around. Zayn was sat on a chair. "Hey mate, will you take a picture of me and Lucy?" I asked. He nodded and I called Lucy. "What?" She yelled, in between getting splashed by Harry and Liam. "Come take a picture with me?" She smiled and got out of the pool. She walked over and stood next to me, posing for the picture. Zayn was about to take it when Liam, Harry and Niall came running over, photo bombing the picture. We all laughed and looked at the picture, it was fuzzy. "Here, I'll take it again" Zayn told us. "Don't you want to be in it mate?" I asked, he shook his head and took the picture. I looked at it and smiled. I was pulling a funny face, Harry and Niall we're hugging onto eachother for dear life and Liam was stood next to me, with his arm on my shoulder, laughing. I smiled and looked at Lucy in the photo. My smile dropped a little. "Lucy, come here a sec" She walked over to me and I pulled her away from the lads so they couldn't hear us. "I told you, you don't need to cover up your stomach!" I almost yelled. "Sorry" She replied. I hugged her because I thought she was going to cry. "No, I'm sorry for shouting. I just want you to know that you don't need to" She smiled and walked back over to everyone. 





I hope this wasn't too bad. I didn't know what to do for this chapter so I'm sorry it sucks! :( I've been having trouble with writing because I don't know where to go with it. Help would be appreciated if anyone has ideas! Thanks guys. ~Lucy xx 

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