Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


46. First day of school.

I managed to get this chapter written in like two hours so I'm sorry if it's boring. It's just a filler really but it's kinda important. 



I haven't spoken to Louis or the lads since the phone call the other day. It's weird that I haven't got a text from them either but I know they're probably just busy with tour rehearsals and stuff. 

"Come on! You don't want to be late on your first day, do you?" Amy speaks as she walked into my room. "Why does school start so early?" I know I said I love school, and I do, it's just the getting up at six in the morning part that I don't like all too much. "It just does so get up!" She prodded my side and I wriggled off the end of the bed. My bed cover wrapped around my body giving me a little cushioned fall to the floor. "You know I'm ticklish!" I scold her. "Get up then." She smirks. "Where's dad anyway?" The smirk from the face fell to a neutral expression. "Work." I nod as she leaves my room. Little bit of a touchy subject I'm guessing. They still argue nearly everyday about James. It still makes me angry to know that my dad is still the dick he's always being but I've gotten used to them arguing. I tend to let them argue around me, trying my best to block them out. 


After I got a shower, I blow dried my hair and got Amy to help me straighten it. I applied a little make-up and looked through my closet. Shorts and Harry's black top seem to be the only clothes I like to wear now, so I went with them. I just got my shorts passed my ankles when there was a knock on the front door downstairs. "Coming!" I hear my sister shout. I giggle as I put Harry's top on, grab my bag and walk downstairs. 

James is standing at the door with a red rose in his hand. No one notices my presence at the bottom of the stairs so I stand there and listen. "What's this for?" Amy's back is facing me but I can picture the smile on her face at this moment. "Can't a guy come and pick his girlfriend up for a day out?" James smirks. His hands the rose to my sister and kisses her cheek. "This is beautiful, James. Thank you!" I cough to make my presence known and step into the hall way. "Hey James." I laugh. "Hey kid." Amy blushes and lifts the rose up to take a whiff.


"Where you taking my sister?" I ask seriously but end up laughing. They laugh with me as James shakes his head. "It's a surprise." I rolled my eyes and grab an apple from the fruit bowl. "Have a nice day then. I'm going to school." I give James a quick hug then walk over to my red headed, love struck sister. She wraps her arms around me and hugs me tight. "How are you getting there?" She asks. I've never actually thought about that. "Walk, I guess." She breaks our hug but keeps her hands on my shoulders. "James could drive you, right James?" Her eyes dart to James, sat at the kitchen table. "Sure, we have to go now though." I nod and follow him out. 

Amy waves us off as the car drives down the street. The ride there isn't long. I just stare out of the window the whole time, singing along to the radio. "Ring me if you need anything or want me to beat anyone's ass." James smirks but somehow I think he's being serious. "I will. Thanks for the ride." I laugh and hop out of the car, slamming the door shut behind me. 

I notice everyone looking at me as I walk through the parking lot to the main entrance. "Lucy!" I turn around to see Jackson running over to me. "Hey. First day, eh?" I smile at him as we carry on walking. "Yeah, having the joy of everyone staring at me all day." I sigh. Over the time, I have gotten used to people staring as I walk pass them but having everyone look in your direction is a little much. "There just jealous." Jackson states. "How can anyone be jealous of a girl with one arm?" I stop to look at him, then carry on walking. He doesn't reply. "Exactly." We reach the main entrance and he opens the door for me. I quietly thank him and walk over to reception. The blonde girl with fake nails and too much make-up is sitting at the desk. "Hello, how may I help you?" She asks. "Hi, it's my first day and I need my scheduled please?" I can see she is looking at my missing arm but I ignore it. "Name?" I tell the receptionist my name and she hands me my time table for the weeks. Before I get chance to read it, Jackson pulls it from my hands and looks intently at it. "You have four classes with me for the first week A but only one next week." At least I will know someone in some classes. He hands me the paper back and walks away, ahead of me. Thanks Jackson. Leave the new girl on her own. I watch him as he turns around with a frown. "I don't bite." The brown haired boy smiles. "I know." I smile back and for once, it feels real. I walk to Jackson and he grabs my hand in his, pulling me towards a double door. "That's the performing hall, we also have lessons in there but not very often." I nod and look at my lessons for today. 

Period 1- Performing Arts

Period 2- English

Period 3- Music Studies

Period 4- Catering 

Period 5- Math

I smile at the lessons I have. Jackson still has a hold of my hand, pulling me down the hall. "Which classes did you say I have with you?" I speak. "I didn't." I swear this guy is bipolar or something. He laughs at me and answers. "I have period one and three with you today, period four Wednesday and period five on Friday." I nod as he pulls me in through a door. My eyes set on Elizabeth's long blonde hair. I sneak up behind her and pull at the ends, reminding me that I used to always do that to annoy Eloise. "Ouch!" She squeals and turns around. Her lips form into a huge smile as she looks at me. "Hey!" She hugs me and introduces me to her friends. 

"Alright class, settle down so I can begin our lesson plan for today." Everyone in the room falls silent. The teacher is female, young with dark brown hair, curled in perfect ringlets. Her slim waxed eye brows raise as she looks in my direction. 

Oh god. 

"New girl, right?" I nod at her, not trusting my voice. "What happened to your arm?" Some guy shouts from the corner. I see Jackson smack him around the back of his head, making me smile instantly. "None of your business, Harry!" Liz defends me. I give her a sad smile and turn my attention back to the teacher. "Today we'll be going about things a different way then usual." The teacher starts. Half of the class groans as I sit in silence with the other half. "Come on guys. Just do as I say then no one will get hurt." Alicia, one of, I guess you can say my new friends, gasps. "Ha. I'm joking. You should have seen your faces." Miss laughs. I can see why she has a degree in Performing. 




By the time music studies comes around, I'm already really tired. Jackson and Harry have been walking with me around school to make sure I don't get lost. I haven't seen Holly all day and Liz disappeared after Performing Arts. "So what did happen to your arm, Lucy?" Harry asks again. "Dude!" Jackson scolds him. "Car accident." I shrug. "Really?" Jackson squeaks. I sigh and nod at them as we walk into the music studies room. It's huge, by far the biggest room I've ever seen. It has a big stage with a set of drums on, a bass guitar, a guitar and a microphone. There are two more set of drums at the back of the room along with numerous other instruments. "Come on new girl." Jackson smirks. I follow him to the back of the class and sit down at a seat. The class fills and everyone takes theirs seats. "Morning class, settle down, settle down." The teacher calls. My eyes shoot to the clock above the door. It really is still morning. "I understand that we have a new student in our class, am I right?" Harry screams a yes down to the teacher and pokes my side. I give him my best death glare and look back to the front where nearly everyone'e eyes are on me. "Please come to the front and tell us a little about yourself." This is the one thing I did not want to happen to me today. I missed my 'speech' in English because this girl started to argue with someone on her table so the teacher had to sort them out. I sigh as I rise from my seat. 


Once I'm at the front of the class, the room seems even bigger than before. "Start by telling us your name and a little bit about yourself." The teacher smiles. "Lucy, my name is Lucy. I moved here from London a few month ago.." I stop not knowing what else to say. "Tell us about your arm!" Some rude girl shouts from the front row. "Why does everyone want to know what happened to my freaking arm?" I huff. "Language in the class room please." The teacher silences everyone. "Hardly language is it?" I surprise myself by saying. Luckily the teacher didn't hear me but I think the boy on the front row did because he smirked as he looked up at me. His smirk turned to a creepy smile as he raked my body like he was undressing me mentally. "How's Sam?" He asks me. I look at Jackson then back to this stranger, who I have never met before as he asks me how my cousin is. "Sam, who?" I play dumb. He scares me. The way his black hair is swept from his face as his eyes boar into my skin. "Sammy." He mocks the name I use for my cousin. "Who are you?" I forget that we're in a class room for a second until the teacher puts a hand on my shoulder. "Please, take a seat Lucy." I look at the hairy hand placed lightly on my shoulder. "Remove your hand or I remove you from this school." I threaten the man. I'm a little taken back by my attitude towards a teacher. Threatening to get him fired on my first day. He quickly removes his hand but repeats himself, telling me to take a seat. I run to the back and throw myself into a seat. "Who is he? The boy with the black hair?" I ask. "His name is Carter, Carter Smith. His family moved here from London about seven years ago and no one ever talks to him. He doesn't tend to speak either unless he really has to." Jackson informs me. I think of the name and then it hits me. "Oh my god." I get up out of my seat and grab my things. "Are you OK?" Harry whispers. I ignore him and make my way to the front again. "May I be excused? I'm, I'm not feeling too good." I stutter. After he nods in my direction I rush out of the door and step to the side, sliding down the wall until my bottom hit the floor. Tears escape my eyes as I bury my head in my hands. He's back. Carter Smith is back.

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