Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


55. Familiar faces.

"What time are we heading over to Louis' place?" My sister appeared, fully dressed and smiling down at me as I still laid in bed. I rolled over onto my stomach and mumbled into the white, feather pillow.

"I don't know, I'll text him." I heard her footsteps get further away and a clatter sound coming from the kitchen, followed by a harsh whispered 'shit' from Amy. I don't even want to know..




"Lucy!" The three of us were greeted by a smiling Louis.

"Louis!" I laughed. 

"Come on then, don't just stand there." He smirked and stepped out of the way. I let Eloise and my sister walk in before me so I could give him a hug. I wrapped my arm around his neck as tight as I could and squeezed my eyes shut. 

"I missed you, Lucy Lu." I laughed and pulled away from the hug. 

"I missed you too." He lead us into his living room and the rest of the guys were there. 

"Lucy!" They all shouted. 

"I do remember my name you know guys." I smiled brightly. Liam was the first to get up and walk over to me, crushing me into a hug. 

"Wow, you've been working out, Liam." I pressed my fingers into his arm as he started to do different poses. I swatted him on his shoulder and laughed. "You're so weird." I tell the brown haired boy. 

"But you love me." He winked and plopped down onto the sofa. Zayn walked over to me and smiled brightly before hugging me quickly. 

"Hows America treating you?" He asks. 

"Good actually." He nodded.

"Hi, Niall." I said to the blonde boy stood beside the sofa. I walked around Zayn and stepped up onto my tip toes to sling my arm around Niall's neck. He hugged me back briefly then pulled away.

"I have something for you upstairs. I'll get it you later." Next was Harry. He was smiling at me, his dimples popping out. I tried my best to push the feeling I got in the pit of my stomach out of the way as the curly haired boy walked over to me and stood directly in front of me. 

"Hi, love." He finally said and wrapped his arms around me tightly. My belly turned and my head spun as I took in his familiar scent. 

"Hi, Harry." I smiled as he pulled away. I turned around to see Liam and Eloise in a conversation. Eloise would laugh from time to time at something Liam had said. My sister was stood talking to Louis as they both watched me, obviously talking about me. 

"Who are you having round then?" I asked no one in particular.

"Just some familiar faces." Louis stopped talking to my sister and smirked at me. I rolled my eyes and walked away from them, into the kitchen. A knocking sounded at the door as I opened the fridge. I grabbed a bottle of water and hopped onto one of the stools in Louis' kitchen, placing the bottle between my legs and twisting the cap off. 




"So you're Lucy. Am I right?" A young woman with brown hair walked up to me, smiling. I had only move a couple of times from my spot in the kitchen. Eloise came to sit with me for a while but got dragged away by Liam. My sister, I haven't seen since we got here. Most of the time, the people here would look at me, sitting all alone in the kitchen, smile at me, then walk away.

"The one and only." I laughed.

"Gemma, Harry's sister. I've heard a lot about you." I thought she looked like someone I knew.

"Should I be scared?" I ask, Gemma laughs.

"No, not at all. Good things, I've only heard good things." She smiled brightly at me, I smiled back. Just as she was about to open her mouth and say something to me, Louis walked into the kitchen with a brunette clung to his arm. She was pretty, gorgeous in fact. I'm guessing by the way they smile at each other and held each other close, they must be a couple.

"Lucy, meet Eleanor, my girlfriend." A warm, inviting smile formed on the girls lips, making me smile back instantly.

"Nice to meet you, love. I've heard a lot about you."

"So has everyone heard a lot about me or.." I laughed unsure of how I feel about strangers knowing me when I only know their name.

"Pretty much, yeah. So come on, Lucy Pucy. I want you to meet some of my good friends." Louis smirked and pulled me away from the two beautiful women.

"Lucy Pucy?" I ask, holding back my smile trying to break through.

"Yep, that's what I said." We laughed as he pulled me towards a group of people. I caught sight of Niall and slipped my hand from Louis to go over to him.

"Hey!" I laughed as I reached Niall.

"Dragging you around, I see?" Niall chuckled as he took a sip from the bottle in his hand.

"That he is. I've just met his girlfriend and Harry's sister. Nice girls, pretty." I commented.

"Yeah, great girls. I have a feeling you'd be good friends with them." What?

"Me? I don't think so, Niall." He smiled at me and put his beer bottle down, grabbing my hand in place and walking towards the stairs.

"I want to give you your gift." He explained. I didn't reply, I just followed him up the wooden stairs.




"It was nice meeting you but I must be off now. Got a show in 3 hours." I smiled and waved to Ed Sheeran as he walked out of the front door.

"Holy shit I just met Ed freaking Sheeran!" I plopped down onto the sofa next to Eloise.

"Isn't he just amazing?" My best friend beamed from beside me.

"I think I'm in love!" I exclaimed, laughing.

"Oh really now? And who's the lucky guy?" Zayn sat down on my lap. He was surprisingly light for a growing man.

"Zac Efron, dur." I smiled up at the childish man sat on me.

"Sorry, Zac Efron is already taken." He smiled backed.

"Yeah, by me!" Liam cheered as he sat on the chair, opposite the sofa.

"Nah ah. He told me last week that he was finishing you for me. Tough luck Mr. Payne." Niall joined us.

"I already got my lady." Louis added, pulling Eleanor to sit on his lap. She smiled down at him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

"You all need to realise that the Efron is all mine." Harry walked into the room with a beer bottle in his hand, his sister trailing behind him.

"So what I'm hearing is, you're all gay?" Eloise raised her eye brows towards the four boys.

"Shame you see because I was really starting to fall for you all." I kept a serious look on my face, dying of laughter inside.

"Really?" Zayn looked down at me, shock written clearly on his features.

"No! You should have seen the look on your faces!" Myself, Eloise, Gemma, Eleanor and Louis burst into laughter.

"Not cool Luce." Zayn laughed, pushed me back and stood up to walk off into the kitchen.

"Who ever said I was cool?" I called after him.

"Where'd everyone go?" My sister asks as she stumbled into the living room. "Fucking door frame." She muttered, not thinking anyone heard her when clearly we all did as we turned into fits of laughter.

"They all went home, it is 7pm you know?" Liam responded.

"So? That's early!" Amy huffed and sat on my lap in place of Zayn. OK so is my lap now a chair or something? As we all started our separate conversation, I held the present Niall gave me, tight in my hand, between my index finger and thumb. I held it up to my view, examining the necklace closely.

'As soon as I saw it, I though of you and I knew you'd love it.' Niall's words replayed in my head as I looked at the small silver piece again before dropping it back onto my chest, in a rightful place. I have a feeling I wont be taking this off for a while. I smiled as I noticed my sister looking down at me as if she knew something.



It feels weird to be writing again but here's my new chapter for the first time in ages. I don't know if anyone still reads this but I carry on writing anyway, reasons unknown. So yeah, if anyone is reading this then sorry I haven't updated in ages. It would be much appreciated if you could comment and like so I know what you think? I'm going to try and update more if anyone is even bothering to read. Or whatever

Blah blah, sorry for any mistakes.. I'm in a really lazy mood to edit.. So

Cya xoxo

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