Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


52. Explanations.

The whole day at school went by in a blur. I got into trouble for being almost two hours late but it's nothing to worry over really, my dad probably wont have the time to give me a lecture and Amy doesn't exactly care about my 'school life'. I dazed out a couple of times when my teachers were talking. Once I'd finished explaining everything, literally everything to James, he burst out into tears. And I'm not over exaggerating either. He pulled me into a massive hug and repeatedly said "I'm sorry" to me. I asked him what for and he told me it was his fault for not being in Carters life when he was young. So yeah, we basically had a massive crying session in his car, about his brother. I slouched around school all day, ignoring all the rude comments about how miserable I looked or how I was walking 'zombiefied' all of the time. Jackson wasn't in any of my classes all day and I avoided him the best I could. He caught my eye once or twice but I smiled and carried on walking. Liz and Holly hardly talk to me anymore, I have no idea why though. It upsets me a little because they were my first friends when I moved here to Ohio. Now they only talk to me when they need something or have no one else to hang out with.


When I got home, my dad was at work, as per usual and Amy, James, a girl around my age and two middle aged people, who I'm guessing are James' parents, were all sat on the living room couch. I walked in and sat down next to James. "Lucy, this is my mother, Leighanne and my father, Oliver. Mum, dad this is Lucy, Amy's sister." James introduces his parents and I give them a quick smile before turning to look at the girl sat next to Oliver. She looks familiar but totally different at the same time. "Oh and this is my younger sister, Annabel. I recon you could be good friends with her if you want to be." I look at James and I give him a look to tell him I wont say anything about knowing her from all those years ago. I'm guessing her parents have forgotten me too. I used to always go to their house to be with Carter and Annabel before Carter changed. "That would be great actually, I don't really have many people to talk to, only Carter so having a girl friend around could do me some good." Annabel smiled at me. All the memories from our pass come into mind and I excuss myself from the room before my emotions get the best of me. Amy follows me out.

"What's wrong kiddo?"

"I really need to talk to you, about something really important."

"Oh. What, now or later?"

"Now would be good, please?"

"Sure, I'll ask James to leave early, yeah?"

"No, no. Just his parents and Annabel, James already knows, that's why he wanted to take me to school this morning."

"Oh, alright Is it a bad thing? Will I need the hospital after?" She laughs. Maybe..

"I don't know, depends on how you look at it.." She just looks at me gone out then walks away from me into the living room. I grab a glass from the cupboard and fill it with water. I finish the whole glass within seconds and walked into the living room.

"Sorry for making you leave so early." Amy spoke as I walked into the room.

"That's quite alright dear. We understand." Oliver's wife smiled.



"Just let me explain before you out burst, yeah?"

"OK, I'm worried now.." I was sat on one couch and Amy and James were sat on the one across from me. 

"I don't know if you know this but James has a younger brother called Carter as well as his sister Annabel." Amy looks at him and then back to me. She nods, letting me know that she knows about Carter.

"Well I knew them when we lived in London. When I was six, I met Annabel in the school play area. She was always with this boy, who later I found out to be her brother, Carter. We got along really well and we soon became really good friends, all three of us. All this is before I met Eloise by the way. So I used to go around to their house nearly everyday when their mum came to pick them up from school so I'm actually really surprised they didn't recognise me. The reason Annabel didn't remember me was because something happened after we stopped talking and she lost her memory, only remembering family related things." I stopped to take a breath, then carried on.

"When I went around to their house James was never there because of reasons, but he can tell you them, it's not my place to say. So when we all turned seven, I noticed a change in Carter. He started being really violent for a young child and would always send me a scoul when ever I looked his way. One day I asked him why and he told me it was nothing but I knew he was lying to me. Then Sam came into the picture. Yes our Sam, our cousin Sam. He started to hang around with us at school because he wanted to become really close with me again like when mum was still alive. So that's what happened. I stopped going around to the Smith's house as much as I used to and I didn't talk to Annabel as much. Carter stopped talking to me altogether and everything changed from that point on." I stopped again and looked up to see James looking at the floor and Amy looking directly at me.

"One day I saw Carter sitting on his own outside of the school gates so I went to sit by him. He noticed my presence but didn't say anything. He just looked down at his hands, picking at his nails. I said hello to him and he just looked at me. I tried to smile but he got up and started to walk away from me. I followed him. "Stop" I said but he ignored me. "Carter!" I shouted, he ignored me. I didn't know what I did wrong and it upset me at the time. I was about to say something again but he turned around and silenced me with a push on the shoulder. For a seven year old, he was strong and quite tall. "Leave me alone, Lucy" He said and carried on walking. I didn't follow him this time, instead, I just walked home. I know it's weird for a seven year old girl to walk home on her own but mum died, you took advantage of me and dad was always working. So I couldn't do anything but walk, plus school was literally around the corner from our house. Weeks went by and Carter didn't come to school. Annabel went to a shy girl who spend the entire school days with teachers so I couldn't talk to her. The only person I had was Sammy. That's when Eloise started at my school. We became friends instantly and she made me forget about Carter. He was my first best friend after all, along with Annabel. A couple of weeks passed and Carter started to do mischievous things in class, to the teachers and other class mates. Me, Eloise and Sam were all walking home one day when a load of teenage boys came running past us, followed by Carter. I shouted him to stop and he did. We talked for about two minutes, well I talked and he listened. But his friends came back and pulled him away. Being the stubborn little girl I was, I shouted at them to leave him alone which resulted in me been pushed in front of an on coming school bus. Sam pulled me out of the way before anything happened though." I heard Amy gasp and whisper something to herself. 

"Days.. weeks passed and Sam wouldn't walk to school or walk home from school with me and Eloise anymore. I found out that Sam was getting bullied, really badly, by the boys that pushed me and Carter. He would come to school petrified that something would happen, he wouldn't talk when he was around us and he tried his best to ignore me. I tried to help but he wouldn't tell me anything, he looked like death." My eyes became glossy with tears as the memories flooded my mind once again.

"I wasn't feeling so good one day while me and Eloise were walking home, I felt like something had happened. We passed the really small alley way down the road from our house in London and heard some moaning. Eloise followed me down and we saw Sam laying on the ground with his eyes closed. I shouted to him, shook him and cried out his name but he wouldn't move. We got some random stranger to call an ambulance and that's when I saw a needle next to his arm, a blooded needle with nothing in it. After Sam had been in the hospital and I told his mum not to say anything to you or dad, we all found out what had happened. Because Sam was been bullied by those boys and Carter he had enough of it. The reason he got bullied in the first place was because he would spend every second of the day with us. They told him he was somehow gay because he didn't have any boy friends in school. Those boys told him that they had something to stop the pain so he took it because he was scared, young and alone. At that time, he didn't know it was an illegal drug that would kill him. It's a good job me and Eloise found him when we did or else he wouldn't be here." I finished with a sigh as multiple tears ran down my face. Amy was crying too and James was staring at the floor. She was lost for words, I could tell. So now she knows my story, well, mine and Sam's story really. I never thought I would actually tell her about this. I never thought I would have to tell anyone really. 

"Amy, you can't tell dad. Please don't tell dad."

"He has the right to know, Lucy!"

"He wouldn't care even if you told him anyway so what's the point?" I screamed at her. 

"There are a lot of points as to why he should know!" James sits and watches me and my sister. He is at loss for words, too. 

"I wasn't even going to tell you! You have no right to tell anyone I don't want knowing!" 

"I have a lot of rights actually. He is our father, Lucy. He may be a pretty shit one at times but he deserves to know!" 

"If you agree he's a shit father, why are you so set on telling him? You know he wouldn't care!"

"There's no need to tell me. I heard everything. I'm so glad you both agree that I am a rubbish father." A third voice sounds from the door way. Everyone's eyes stay fixed on my father's body. 

"Dad I-" He silences me with a wave of the hand. 

"No, no. I'm OK. I know I am a shitty father but I am really trying with you two. You're all I have left. I understand that you didn't want to tell me but I heard everything so you don't have to." 

"Dad, I'm sorry. Why didn't you tell me you were listening?" I whisper. 

"I wanted to hear what you were saying because I knew you wouldn't tell me. I got here just as James' parents had left and they told me you were talking to Amy about something important so I came in silently and listened to everything you said. I know it was wrong of me so I'm sorry I did that." I ran towards him and slung my arm around his waist. He was shocked at first but soon put his hands on the small of my back. 

"I love you princess. You know that, right. I love you both so much!" 

"We know dad. We're sorry." Amy spoke as she also joined our hug. 

"I would also like to apologise to you James. I've been so hard on you when I shouldn't be. I know now that you're the right guy for my little girl." 

"Thank you sir." James stands to shake my fathers hand. 


This was an... emotional day. 



Sorry this chapter was quite long.. and shitty but yeah.. 


I hope you all have a great Christmas and new year! :) 

~Lucy oxox

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