Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


43. Christmas day.

"LUCY, GET UP, IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY!" I was woken by some rude girly voice shouting at me. I opened my eyes and saw Amy and Louis stood in the door way of my room. "Really? Couldn't you have woken me up by something a little less deafening?" I snapped. "No, now get ready! Liz and Holly will be here in an hour!" I looked at my alarm clock groaned. It was only half past seven. "Fine!" I rolled out of bed and walked over to my closet. I pulled out a pair of red skinny jeans and a green Christmas sweater. Why not get into the Christmas spirit. I laid my clothes on my bed and went to take a shower.


I looked in my mirror to see what I looked like. It looks like Christmas has just thrown up on me. I laughed at how ridiculous I look and began to curl my hair. Once I'd finished curling my hair I put some light make-up on. I sighed while looking at myself in the mirror. I need to do something about the way I look, maybe my hair or.. I don't even know. "You coming down anytime soon or are you just going to stay up here all say?" I turned around to see Harry smirking at me. "Considering I look like Christmas threw up on me, I might just hide away up here." He laughed at me and sat down on my bed. "Did you sleep alright? I know the guest room isn't the best." I smiled sweetly at him and grabbed my phone. "Yeah, it was OK but that doesn't matter! Come on it's Christmas!" I laughed at his childish 'Oh my god it's Christmas' behavior and sent Eloise a text.

To: 'Eli smelly'

Merry Christmas from Ohio Eli smelly ;)  Love ya x


I put my phone in my pocket and walked out, Harry shortly following. As soon as I walked into the room, Louis ran over to me and crushed me into a bone crushing hug. "Happy Christmas!" He shouted, I laughed. "Happy Christmas, Lou." 

Everyone said theirs 'Happy Christmas' to me and we began opening presents. The door bell rang so I shot up off the floor to go open it. It's the first time I've seen Liz and Holly since the crash. They'll probably be suprised that One Direction are in my house too but I'll have to deal with that in a minute. I put on my biggest smile as I opened the door. "Liz, Holly!" I crushed them both into a hug. "I miss you loads! How have you been?" They smiled at me as I let them and their families in. "We've missed you too! I've been alright but my mum is still getting used to it." Liz frowned. I patted her back and walked them into the room. "How 'bout you Holly?"  "Yeah, I've been fine thanks, have you?" She smiled at me sympathetically. "Just peachy! I mean, having one arm sucks but I'm doing great!" 

"Hey, Lucy you still have one present to open!" Zayn shouted. Liz and Holly looked at the guys, then to me, then back to the guys. "Lucy? Why are One Direction in your living room?" Holly was calm but I could tell she was freaking out inside. "They're here to say happy Christmas to their biggest fans." I winked at them and opened my last present. It was from Amy. While I opened that, the guys started talking to Liz and Holly. My eyes went wide in shock as I finally got the wrapping paper from around my present. "No. Flipping. Way!" I jumped up and down with the tickets in my hand. "What? What'd she get you?" My dad asked. "You didn't know?" He shook his head. "She got me tickets for a Justin Bieber concert!" I shouted. Holly came running over to me. "No way, let me see!" I handed them her and she began jumping with me. She loves One Direction but if there's anyone she loves more, it's Justin Bieber. I felt bad for her because I got them and she didn't. I mean of course I'm happy about it. I'm gonna see Justin freaking Bieber! "Amy, thank you so much! I love you!" I ran to her and gave her a hug. "No problem kiddo, I told you you'd like them." I smiled at her and looked at the tickets again. There were three tickets. But wait, I thought they were only two. This means I can take Holly with me but wait again, Eloise is the biggest Justin Bieber fan I know and I wouldn't be a good friend if I took Holly instead of her but what about Holly. Oh my god this is so bad! I should take Eloise though, right? It would be the best thing for her seeing as she always talked about wanting to see him in concert. I looked closely at the ticket to see where it was. 

London- O2 Arena on the 23rd of February. 

So I'm going back to London which means I'm definitely taking Eloise. It would be the right thing to do. She is my best friend. "The flight is already booked and paid for, I'll be coming with you and I've ran Debby already. She said Eloise could go but she isn't going to tell her so you can't either, OK?" Amy has done all this, for me? "Wow, you're the best!" I hugged her again and looked at Holly. She didn't look sad about it or angry. If anything she looked like the happiest person one earth. "You're so lucky! You do know you'll have to give him something from me, don't you?" Holly spoke. "Of course but how? I don't have VIP." She frowned at me. "Where are you sitting?" I checked the tickets to look for the seat number and row. Are you fucking kidding me right now. No mother of holy flipping god and everyone else. Front freaking row. She got me three tickets for a Justin Bieber concert and they're front row! I screamed really loud and started to cry tears of joy. "I got front row. Amy got me front row. Oh my god!" I sat on the floor in a mass of tears. Holly screamed as well and bent down to give me a hug. "Throw it on stage." She told me, referring to my question a couple of minutes ago. "Alright!" I stopped crying and stood up. I apologized to everyone and they all laughed at me. This is going to be amazing! 



We were all sat around the dining table eating the Christmas dinner my dad had made. "This food is great!" Andrea, Liz's mum, commented. My dad smiled in return and continued eating. "Yeah, I forgot you were such a great cook." I laughed. Everyone chuckled at my statement and I smiled. It's feels so good to see the people I care about happy. I tried to cut my turkey so it was easier to eat but it wasn't really working. Niall must have noticed 'coz he grabbed my knife from my hand and began cutting the meat on my plate. I smiled at him and watched as he cut every piece so it could fit in my mouth.

"Thank, Niall." He smiled at me as he carried on eating his food. My dad started to make conversation with Richard and Andy, Liz and Holly's dad's. He seemed so happy to have the male company and not having to work. It made me smile thinking of all the times me, Amy, my mum and dad would eat around the table, as a proper family. 



Once we'd all finished eating, we walked back into the room with some desserts. Ice cream and jelly for the kids and Christmas pudding for the adults. Well, that's what my dad intended but Holly ended up having some Christmas pudding along with our parents and Amy which left all the ice cream and jelly for the rest of us. We sat and watched 'The Grinch' while eating our desserts. I looked around the room at everyone. I'm so lucky to have these people in my life and I wouldn't change any of them for the world. I smiled and looked back to the TV. I guess my life in Ohio isn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

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