Finding My Soul Mate. A 1DFanfic.

13 year old Lucy hates her life. Her older sister, Amy doesn't have a care in the world about her and her dad is a work-aholic. Without a mum in her life she has nothing better to do than run away from home, making a soul mate along her travels, Niall Horan from One Direction.


5. Breakfast with One Direction.

"Well, I'm guessing that's her"

"Shall we wake them up?"

"They look cute together"

"Wait. I think she's waking up"

I heard voices around me, whispering. Knowing that I fell asleep in Niall's arms last night, I started to smile. "Oh, she's smiling. Is she dreaming?" My smile turned to a frown. I had an idea who it was because I remembered that Maura said the rest of the lads were coming by for breakfast. "Will you lot shut up! Some people are still sleeping.. well, at least trying to." I most definitely wasn't a morning person and I hated it when someone woke me up for no reason at all.

Since they weren't letting me sleep, I had no other option than to wake up. I slowly opened my right eye because my left was stuck in Niall's chest. Four, very handsome boys sat in front of me, smiling. "Morning..." The one with brown, curly hair and green eyes looked at me with a smile. As he spoke he put his hand in front of him awaiting my name. "Bob." I answered with a cocky smile. They woke me up at... OMG, THEY WOKE ME UP AT 8:30AM. I WAS NOT HAPPY! I sighed, took the blanket off and, wait? Since when did I have a blanket over me? Ingoring that, I sat up on the sofa edge and yawned, pushing my chest out. As soon as I realised that there were four good-looking, older boys in front of me, I stopped and crossed my arms over my chest. A few chuckles escaped their lips and filled the room. I sighed, rolling my eyes. "So... Bob" The one with short, brown hair started. I laughed. "My names Lucy" I looked at each one of them, taking in a few of their features. "So.. Lucy. I'm Liam" the one with short, brown hair and brown eyes looked at me. "That's Harry" He pointed to the one with the curls. "That's Louis" He continued, pointing to the one with lovely brown hair, swept to the side. "This is Zayn" He geasured to the boy at the side of him with black hair and the most gorgeous brown eyes! "And you've already met Niall" I looked behind me to see Niall smiling. "Hi" I spoke shyly. I shook Niall and he sprung to life. "Huh? What, when, who, why.... Oh, hey guys!" He seemed happy to see them! I laughed at his messy hair and, may I say, sexy morning voice and got off the sofa.

Dragging my sleepy body into the kitchen, I sat at the dining table. "Morning sweety. Would you like some breakfast? I'm making pancakes and bacon" Maura smiled with glee. How can she be so awake at this time? I smiled. "Yes please. I'd love some! Would you like any help making them?" I wanted to be helpful as much as possible since I'd be staying in her house for just under six weeks. She shook her head. "No dear, that's alright thank you" She smiled again and carried on cooking. Not knowing what to do, I got up and walked back into the room.

"Hey Niall.. could I have some help getting upstairs?" I still had a hard time getting up stairs because of my ankle. Niall told me that I could just ask and he'd help me up. "Sure thing!" He beamed. I smiled. All the lads looked at me in confusion. My leg was hidden behind the sofa so they couldn't see my cast althought they should have seen it earlier when I walked out, weird. I moved so they could see my leg. "What happened?" Louis asked. I looked to the floor not knowing if I should tell them yet or not. "Louis!" Niall hissed. "No Niall, it's fine! I'll tell them later" I said looking into his Zayn's eyes. Everyone nodded so I walked out of the room with Niall closely behind.

I checked my self in the mirror once I got into Niall's room, which I guess I can now call my room? I tied my hair up in a messy bun and took my top off. After looking at the few clothes I had brought with me, I decided on my denim shorts, so it was easier to get ready and my light blue 'DORK' top. Once I was ready, I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and clean up.


"Okay Lucy. You can do this, just a step at a time!" I told myself I could do it! Right now, I was standing at the top of the stairs, on my own. While I was getting ready, I decided to try my best to get down the stairs on my own, without Niall there to help me. Here I go. I put my right ankle (bad ankle) out in front of me and slowly put it down on the step below.

Half way down the stairs I started to wobble but straight away gained my balance. "I don't think you should be walking down the stairs on your own now, do you?" A very cocky voice entered my ears. I looked up to find Harry standing there with his hands in his pockets, smirking at me. "Ahaha. No but I can try. I kinda need to, can't just rely on Niall all the time" I gave a sarcastic smile and carried on walking. "You don't need to watch me! Go have breakfast or something" Knowing he was there, burning holes in the top of my head. "You don't really like me do you?" He asked sounding a little upset about it, I didn't not like him but he wasn't my favourite person ever. "Now what makes you say that?" I tried to be funny but it wasn't working out to plan. He was about to answer me when I fell flat on my arse. "OUCH!" I screamed. "That chuffing hurt!" Harry still watched me. "I told you so" He mocked, chuckling slightly. "Well.. are you just going to stand there or are you going to help me?" I put my hand out for his help but he didn't take it. "Do you like me or not?" He was very persistant! "Yes, of course I like you, you haven't done anything for me not to like you" I smiled at him to let him know I was telling the truth and I was. He grabbed my hand and helped me onto my feet. "Thank you!" He smiled at me as I walked passed into the kitchen. Everyone apart from Maura was sat around the table eating breakfast. Harry coughed behind me and all the lads looked up. "Did you save any for us?" I asked walking to the stove. "Of course we did. S'over there" Niall answer with a mouth full of bacon. "Lovely" I refered to his mouth. He laughed as I took my plate out of the microwave. Harry got his and we sat at the table with the rest of the boys.

"I hope you don't mide Lucy. I've already told the lads what happened and why you're here" I suppose it wasn't a bad thing. At least I didn't have to tell them. "It's fine. Thank you" I smiled widely and ate my breakfast. It didn't take me long because I love pancakes and bacon. I always used to make it at home but they weren't as good as Maura's.

Once I'd finished, all the lads looked at me in suprise. "What? Do I have something on my face?" I felt my face, around my mouth but nothing was there. "No, you're all good. I've just never seen a girl eat like that in front of us. They normally just don't eat at all or well.. don't eat like that" Zayn answered. I laughed. "Well, I love food and I don't care what I eat like in front of boys. If they have a problem then they can shove it where the sun don't shine" I smiled, pleased with my reply and stood from the table. "Well.. alrighty then. I just have one very serious question" Louis started. I nodded for him to continue. "Do you like carrots?" Was he been serious? "Are you been serious?" I raised my eye brows. "When it comes to carrots, Louis gets very serious" Zayn answered. Louis looked at me. "Okay then.. well, of course I like carrots, who doesn't?!" I really did like carrots I just never thought I'd be asked that question in my whole life. "YEYEYEYE! We're going to be good friends!" Louis crushed me into a hug. I laughed and hugged back even thought I couldn't breathe.


For the rest of the morning, the lads and I talked about eachother like me and Niall did the day I met him. We got to know each other really well and even played a few games, on the x-box of course and I won everyone apart from Niall. The lads left around 12:30 so I just chilled for the rest of the day in the house. Not been messy though, I didn't want to make Maura remember me for all the wrong reasons.

So, today I've gained four new friends. The boys from One Direction! I couldn't believe this was actually happening but I had to believe it because it was ture!!!

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