Can't Make a Decision


Can't make a decision......
Both Taylor Lautner ( hot) and Aston Merrygold( fit&hot) falls in Love with Lucy... All three of them were best mates..until Taylor finds out that Aston is in love with Lucy and Aston find out that Taylor is in love with Lucy.. Is Taylor's and Aston's friendship going to end.....


2. The truth is revealed




It was Tuesdsay, Aston and Lucy had Chemistry 1st period and Taylor had Biology. 

In Chemistry Aston and Lucy were partners and they had to do a project based on chemical reactions.

While they were working on it Aston called Lucy and said to her " I need to tell you something.....I...I..urm...I like you"

Lucy didn't understand what he was trying to say so she said,"what do you mean?"

Aston hesitated then said," I'm in love with you, me, you, taylor we've been best friends since we were little and I don't know when and how our friendship turned into love."

Lucy just stared at Aston not knowing what to say..

Aston asked " what do you feel?"

Lucy just said "got to go bye" without no reaction to what he just said.

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