look who's back

elyse used to be best friends with harry styles until he auditioned for x-factor.He all of a sudden became such a jerk so i moved from Holmes chapel to a place in east Sussex. I work as a photographer in a big business. My manager told me there are going to be some people who are very famous i will have to take pictures of for the year ..... what a year it will be!


4. off we go

Arthur called me and i answered

A- hey babe who are the mystery guests?

e-you know who!

A-OMG! not harry is it?

E-im afraid the answer is yes!

A-next time i see him in gonna beat the sh!t out of him! actually no im gonna do worse,much worse

E-no need to bother  arthur your too over protective and your not even my boyfriend!

and then i hung out.

Louis then came over to me as i packed my bag 'do you want any help?' i said okay and he started helping me.Then out of the blue he asked me what happened with me and harry and i replied 'im not sure if im ready to tell you yet as ive only just met you....' he understood and nodded his head  'do you want to go out to dinner with me so we can get to know you better?' louis asked me to change the subject so i said 'why not that will be great but just leave me to get dressed into something nice!' he nodded his head and just laughed and left the room. I got dressed into this: http://www.polyvore.com/dinner_with_louis_tomlinson/set?id=82528364 

louis was waiting in the car and off we went!......


how are you liking it at the moment? is there any advice you want to give me? then just comment below xxx _jade xx

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