look who's back

elyse used to be best friends with harry styles until he auditioned for x-factor.He all of a sudden became such a jerk so i moved from Holmes chapel to a place in east Sussex. I work as a photographer in a big business. My manager told me there are going to be some people who are very famous i will have to take pictures of for the year ..... what a year it will be!


8. Meeting Maddie

Niall told me that he was going to show us his girlfriend, finally i wont be just the only girl with them at the moment!! Harry has been trying to talk to me but i just ignore him and just hang with my boyfriend.to be honest i think Harry is a bit jealous of me because ive got a boyfriend but i really dont think its working out with arthur for some reason but you have just got to wait and see what happens.

Harrys pov

I keep on trying to talk to elyse but she keeps ignoring me! all i want to do is say sorry to her for what i did to her in school, i was such a bully and i regret it so much! also i hate it how shes so lovey-dovey with her boyfriend because you can tell she doesn't really think the relationship is going well.

elyses pov

finally! maddie is here, nialls girlfriend. she has such a nice personality its unbelievable! she has such a lovely hair colour, it was a reddish brown and her eyes were a light blue. i think me and her are going to get on very well so im glad i made a new friend on the way.

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