look who's back

elyse used to be best friends with harry styles until he auditioned for x-factor.He all of a sudden became such a jerk so i moved from Holmes chapel to a place in east Sussex. I work as a photographer in a big business. My manager told me there are going to be some people who are very famous i will have to take pictures of for the year ..... what a year it will be!


2. know me better

 Hey my name is Elyse miles,im 19 years old and i have a full time job as a photographer. My boss nicole said i will be going on tour with some boys that are high in the pop charts for a year. i cant wait to find out who they are!


i wake up as my alarm clock goes off, im so tired but i had to get ready for work so i had a shower and put on this: 


then i was out the door. When i was in the car i got a text from arthur. A- Hey elyse how you doing? xx. I replies 'not to bad just got to go to work speak soon xxx. and that was it . i got to work and my boss said i should get more used to taking photos as the people im going to workfor are very famous and dont want me to muck up. knowing me i would muck up! but i did as i was told and got to work

. *skip to end of work* 

"dont forget to pack tonight as they are picking you up tomorrow!" exlaimed my boss i replied "how can i forget to, anyways see you in a year!" and then i took off in my car. All the way home i couldnt stop thinking of who i will be working for as it was a mystery. I got all packed and hopped into my bed and turned out the light then realised that this will be the last time i'll be sleeping in this bed for a year......


hey guys what do you think so far? leave your answers in the comments! xx -jade x

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