look who's back

elyse used to be best friends with harry styles until he auditioned for x-factor.He all of a sudden became such a jerk so i moved from Holmes chapel to a place in east Sussex. I work as a photographer in a big business. My manager told me there are going to be some people who are very famous i will have to take pictures of for the year ..... what a year it will be!


3. its time!

I woke up to the sound of someone banging on my door saying "were your mystery guests please let us in" i was like "ill let you in but im not dressed so you can sit in the sitting room while i do" and one boy sounded so familiar as he said 'okay' so i let them in and to my surprise 5 boys are here and one of them i knew.......it was Harry, the same harry that was such a jerk to me and i thought we were best friends


'alright fatty' harry said to me in such a harsh tone, he was with all the popular kids and i thought we were good friends but i guess i was wrong. one of the people in his so now called 'gang' punched me in the stomach and then in the nose. I ran off crying to the nurse. The nurse sorted me all up and sent me home as i wasnt in a stable mood for working.....

*flashback ended*

I started crying right in front of them, i just couldnt hold back the tears that were flowing freely from my eyes. The boy named liam came up to me and comforted me saying 'there babe whats the matter?' i replied 'get harry away from me! he hurt me so much in school i cant bear to look at him the same way anymore!' liam replied in a comforting tone 'dont worry we will keep you apart so you dont have to worry about him only when taking pictures' i smiled and got dressed into this:


i then grabbed my suitcase and we were off......


hey guys its me again sorry its short its just i have homework to do and please post comments of what you think so far xxx-jadex

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