look who's back

elyse used to be best friends with harry styles until he auditioned for x-factor.He all of a sudden became such a jerk so i moved from Holmes chapel to a place in east Sussex. I work as a photographer in a big business. My manager told me there are going to be some people who are very famous i will have to take pictures of for the year ..... what a year it will be!


7. a suprising visit

Elyse's pov

i feel really bad. me and harry havnt talked at all to each other. I know he was such a jerk to me and said some really mean stuff which made me have a eating disorder and i started to cut (harry doesnt know about the eating disorder or cutting) i should try and talk to him and explain to him how much he hurt me but im too scared he will do something to me! i then heard someone at the door so i went and got the door thinking it was the post butto my suprise it was Arthur...... my boyfriend! I jumped on arthur and kissed him passionately, i then said 'i have missed you loads and loads!!' and his reply was  ' i missed you too babe! i kissed him this time with so much passion...... then i saw harry in the corner of my eye watching us,when he noticed i saw him he quickly moved away.

Harrys POV

Since elyse has come here i have been so self consious on what to say.i went downstairs to get a drink buy i saw elyse standing there with a boy,i kept an eye on her when i got a drink then when i turned back around i saw them kissing! i dont know why but i felt so gutted......


hey hope you like it so far! :) - jade xxx


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