Cold Hearted

She was born into a family of war and death, taught never to show affection to anyone out of her fathers trusted circle. Then one day she is arranged to be married. this boy, is he someone from her past? confusion consumes her, and she is left with no answers.

from gente and kind, to a killer, to no care,
to cold hearted.


1. My past

My father, Sir John Thomson, was well known for killing and murdering innocent people. He did it not only for power, but for happiness. It seemed that he got some form of joy out of the feeling of seeing someone take their last breath. My mother, Rosette Usui Thomson, she kept her maiden name as her middle name, was quater japanese, so i suppose that makes me one eighth.

On the night of my mothers wedding, she fell pregnant. My father hoped desperately that he would be blessed with a son, a warrior, someone who could take his place in the family business after he passed away. But instead he was burdened with a daughter. Even with that he loved and cared for me. He gave me all i wanted and wished for, though that was not much.

I had always wished for one thing in secret though. I wished to be of more importance to my father, to not be a burden. I could always tell that i burdened him you see. Because he made me call him, father. Everyone else would call him master, even my mother. Yet, he demanded that i be the only one to call him by another title. I hated that.

I was home tutored until i was eight. My mother wished for me to have friends. So i was sent to a public school. Everyone hated me, because of  my father, and his profession. After all he did kill all of their families. My father picked a school full of children whom had become orphans at the mercy of his hands. He hated to kill childeren, and so he spared them.

They took it all out on me, because i ws a girl and couldn't fight back. 

I was raised to ignore them, the people who were nothing. Existing for no purpose. My father taught me that my feelings could never be hurt by their childish remarks, because i was never to show them. Not to anyone, without my fathers approval. Without his consent.

Then one day, a boy walked up to me and gave me a note. It read

'Roses are red

Violets are blue

 Your dad killed my family

 But i still like you'

How immature. How stupid. How cruel. Did he think that because violence didn't work, this would? How... Wrong. I turned to him and simply said, "I'm sorry but i dont quite understand. Do you hate my father for what he did to your family? I'm sorry if you do, but it wont work, using me. It wont work. My father would never approve. You wouldn't even be able to get close to him. If you wish to use me against him, then i'm afraid that wont work either. You see, dead or alive, i'm worthless to my father. Simply just a burden. If you were to kill me i'm afraid it would only be doing him a favour. I am  a burden. So i'm afraid you have no business with me."

"You are afraid of alot of things arnt you?"

What did he just say? Who is this boy? Who does he think he is talking to? I stood up violently. Rage coursing through me. I couldn't hold it back. I swung my arm at him. Suddenly smashing it into his face. He fell to the floor. I had no control of my actions. I stomped on his knee. Everytime he yelled out in pain, i did it harder. I heared a sort of snapping sound. I realized what i had just done. A ll of the children were staring at me. Quivering in fear. The boy looked me straight in the eyes. He didn't even shed a single tear. That angered me. Then i wasn't myself again. 

I went up to a girl and sliced her throat with a pair of sissors. She fell to the floor. Blood, pouring out of the sudden wound. After killing everyone else in the room. Even the teacher. I grabbed the boy by the hair, and took him to the next room. I killed everyone in the school. Though i spared that boy. As a sighn of mercy. To show i still had a heart. It was just no longer in use.

My name is Gaara Tenshi Thomson, meaning 'Death Angel'. I was named by my grandparents, thats why it's japanese.

That day, i earned the right to call my father



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