The Girl From The Plane


3. The Park

~ Chapter 3 – The Park ~


As we got to the park, Diana, Sam and I were looking for the girls.

"Maybe we should call them?" Diana suggested.
"Yea okay, hold on" Sam replied whilst taking out her phone.


~ Shannon's P.O.V ~

I heard my phone ring, it was 'Try' by 'P!nk'. I took it out and saw that the caller was Sam. I answered it.

"Hey where are you?" She asked.
"Hey we are at the play area; we are sitting on the swings."

On the other side of the receiver Diana and Coralie laughing.

"Okay, we will be there shortly. Love ya"
"Love ya" I hung up and slipped the phone back in my pocket.

"They're on their way" I told the others excitedly.


~ 5 minutes later ~

As I was swinging myself, I could see three shadows slowly approaching us, I instantly knew that it was Sam, Coralie and Diana.

"I can see them over there."

I shouted at the others, as I jumped off the swing and nearly stacking it and falling face down. Yea I’m quite clumsy sometimes!


~ Sam's P.O.V ~

As we approached the play area, I could see someone jumping off the swing and nearly face palming the floor. I laughed at that, as I knew that that was Shannon. Gosh she was so clumsy sometimes!

We joined the girls, and to our surprise, there were three boys as well. One with blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans with white trainers. The other one had light brown hair and green eyes and tanned skin. He was wearing a red jumper and some red jeans with red converse. The last one had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a white long sleeved shirt and jeans with black converse. 

"Hey" I heard Coralie say as she went to hug the girls. "Who are they?" She whispered to Shannon as she was hugging.

"Oh yea! The blond one is James, the one with the green eyes is Jordan and the one with the brown eyes, is Eden."

"Hey I'm Sam this is Coralie and that's Diana." I said as Diana and Coralie waved as I mentioned their names.

"Hey, I'm James, this is Eden and Jordan." 

The boys waved as well as their names were mentioned. As we got to know each other better, we had a fun time. We played tag, piggy in the middle (the boys had brought a football!) and a bit of football. It started to get dark, so we each went home in our separate ways Diana and Coralie with me.


~ Back At Home ~

We arrived at my house we went straight to my room, and it was now 6pm so Coralie texted her mum.

"Hey mum, I'm at Sam's, I'll be home in 10 minutes, just telling her about tomorrow xx Love you <3"

As she finished she put her phone back in her pocket.

"See I told you Stacey was going to try to hook us up!" I said half laughing.
"Yea. They were alright I guess but not my type."
"But admit it the blond one was cute, and have you seen his abs?! What was his name again?" I said whilst biting my lip at the memory of his abs.
"Fine he was, and his name was James! Have you seen his blue eyes as well?”
"Thanks, and I can clearly see that you have a crush!"
"No and it’s not like I'm going to see them again." She added.


After she told me what was going to happen tomorrow, she gave me a hug and left. I went back to my room and got changed into my pyjamas. It was a white t-shirt that had 'Believer 4 Eva' on it (Yes I am a Believer (a Justin Bieber fan)) and matching shorts.

That night I was too excited to sleep but at one point I was getting too tired and fell asleep.


Sorry One Direction was not in this chapter but they will be in the next PROMISE xx <3 Thank you to all of you that have liked my book it means a lot xx LOVE YOU xx <3

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