The Girl From The Plane


1. The News

~ Chapter 1 – The News ~


~ Coralie’s P.O.V ~


I slowly woke up in my small bed with elephant pattern covers, as the sun peered through the curtains that were half shut. I got out of bed and walked towards the closet. I took out a pink tank top and some plain white shorts. I dragged my feet to the shower. Well it was only 6am.


As I walked downstairs, I could smell the lovely scent of pancakes. I walked through to the kitchen to see my mum AND dad making breakfast. ‘Well this is a first I thought to myself; well at least they are not fighting.’ They usually always fight.

“Hey mum, dad” I said to my parents.
“Morning” They replied in harmony.
“We’ve made breakfast for you, your favourite PANCAKES!” Mum said in an unusual happy mood.
“Ermm… Thanks mum” I answered “Why so happy?”
“Oh you’ve noticed! Well since your mum is soo good at keeping secrets, we might as well tell you!” My dad and laughed.

It was true when my mu tried to hide something from us; she was always extremely happy and makes it obvious. Wait, my dad said something. What news?”

“Whoa, whoa back up what news?”
“Well you know we own a holiday house in France Lyo-” I cut her off before she could finish saying ‘Lyon’
“Yessss….” I pleaded.
“Calm down and let me finish! You never know it could be bad news. Well as I was saying, we are leaving on Tuesday morning to go to Lyon and stay there for the remaining two weeks of the holidays.”
“OMG! Thank you, I will go pack straight away. I LOOOVE YOUUU…” I fired at them.
“No you won’t” Dad answered back.

My smile slowly faded away as I heard those words.

“Because you need to eat your breakfast, and calm down a bit, we still have three days to go till Tuesday” Mum laughed.

Mum was right, I was getting too excited, but how could I not One Direction will be in Lyon for two weeks. Fingers crossed that I will be able to meet them. Yay! I heard my stomach grumble, man I haven’t realised how hungry I was until now!

“Yum, I haven’t realised how hungry I was until now!”
“How about some pancakes?!” My dad answered,

I took a plate full, and covered them with maple syrup. Too excited about the trip and too eager to go pack, I shoved them all down (not caring about how messy I looked) and hurried up back to my room to pack, of course after brushing my teeth!


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