The Girl From The Plane


4. The Big Day

~ Chapter 4 - The Big Day ~


~ Coralie's P.O.V ~

I woke up to the sweet voices of One Direction, singing 'What Makes You Beautiful' It was now 4am and I had barely any sleep, was too excited about today to sleep. I got up, had a shower and got dressed. I am wearing a similar jumper to the one I had yesterday, but it had One Direction on it, I was also wearing skinny jeans and my favourite blue converse. I heard my phone vibrate on the bed, it was a text from Sam.

"Hey dude, can't wait 4 france xx"
"Yh same see ya later xx" I put my phone back where it belongs in my pocket.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in" I said.

The door opened and I saw my mum standing on the other side of the door.

"Hey sweetie, I wanted to check if you were up. Breakfast is downstairs."
"Thanks mum love you."

My mum was so caring. I loved her. I applied a little make-up and tied my hair in a pony-tail, and went downstairs for some breakfast, my favourite PANCAKES! Yum.




We were in the car all loaded after putting Sam's suitcase in the booth. We were on our way to Heathrow airport. Our plane was at 7am. This meant that we would have to wait.




~ Niall's P.O.V ~

It was 6am. I woke up as I could smell eggs and bacon. I got up straight away. Yum. I loved food as much as Harry liked cats! I went to the kitchen of the tour bus. Speaking of the devil, I saw Harry cooking. Honestly, there was no better cook than him.

"Yum Harry that smells wonderfully good"
" Thanks Niall, I made some for you."

My face lit up. Awww Harry was so nice cooking for me!

"I knew that when you would smell food you would wake up!" Harry continued.

I could hear sniggering behind me; I turned around to see Liam, Louis and Zayn laughing at me.

"Did you forget that we had to go to France and we were taking the plane there?" Louis laughed.
"No." I lied.

I completely forgot that yesterday we played Belgium and over the next two weeks we were going to play in the country I was looking most forward to. I took a plate of bacon and eggs; I sat between Louis and Harry. Yup you heard right, I was interfering with their bromance! I looked around to see the boys all already dressed.

"Man I need to hurry up!" I said with a mouthful. I was shoving down my eggs and bacon.
"Yea you do. We're all ready!" Harry answered back.




After I got dressed, we arrived at the airport, luckily for us there were no fans. It's not that we don't like them it's just too early for screaming fans, tacking pictures and giving autographs. It's 6:30am.

"Wow. First time that there are no fans!" Liam said.
"Hey Li, are you a mind reader?! ‘Cause that's what I just said to myself."
"No but its true, look around no one."
"True, anyways at what time is our plane?"
"7am" Zayn answered.
"Thanks" I replied.

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