The Girl From The Plane


7. Setting In

~ Chapter 7 - Setting In ~


~ Sam's P.O.V ~

When we arrived at the holiday house, I was speechless, the house was massive, two stories. The front was nice as well; green gates, and a red door. The walls were painted white and had the same red as the door for wooden blinds. In the front lawn, there was a big oak tree it was obviously old seeing how big it was. The grass was green with white daises and yellow butter cups. 

I got brought back to Earth, as Coralie dragged me inside the house; carrying mine and her suitcase. She pulled me up to a room. I knew straight away that this one was hers, as the walls were barely see-able under all of the One Direction posters. We sat on the king sized bed.

"Your room is next to mine, but if you want we can move your bed to my room." I heard ask as she put down the suitcases.
"Yea that would be great." I replied all excited.

We both went to the other room and brought my bed to her room. This was slightly hard, as my bed was also a king sized bed! Once that was done, we went downstairs to eat something, as it was now 12pm.

"Hey girls, do you want to go to the town or to the beach?" Coralie's mum asked.
"Town! Town!" I shouted eager to visit more.
"Okay, we will drop you off; we need to do some shopping anyways!" She said.

Awesome, we were going to town! Coralie and I changed and waited downstairs for her parents. I was wearing a Justin Bibber tank top, white shorts and white sandals. Coralie was wearing a One Direction tank top, pink shorts and the same sandals as me.


~ 5 Minutes Later ~

We were in the car that we rented for the weeks; we got out of the car and went our separate ways. Coralie and I were each given 10€ each.


~ Coralie's P.O.V ~

We walked around town; we went in souvenir shops, summer clothes stores, beach shops, and we also brought ice-creams. I made Sam try Italian type’s ice-creams; they are like 99p flakes, but with two flavours mixed together in a spiral. I chose lemon and raspberry, and Sam chose apple and strawberry. 

We continued walking down the small street, when I noticed a group of boys. They were quite hot I had to admit! I looked round to Sam, and straight away I knew what she was thinking as she saw them too. She was going to try and hook us up like Stacey tried! As we were talking to each other about the boys, they came up to us.

"Hey!" One of them said.
"Hey" Sam replied.
"Where are you from?" Another asked.
"London" I replied timidly. (Our conversation was in French, so I translated back to English for Sam.) 

That’s when, I realised who the boys were really, after taking a better look at them. They were the kind of boys that used their good looks to attract young girls and then once they had their confidence they would kidnap them and god knows what they would to the girls. I was desperate to get Sam's attention that she would see me, but no hope she was already lost in the guy’s green eyes. After a few minutes I realised I wasn't going to get her attention. I was scared; I didn’t know what to do what the guys would do to us. Thankfully I was saved by a ring. I realised that it was my phone that was ringing, my mum was the caller, and I was relieved. She was meeting us back at the car in 10 minutes.

"Erm... Sorry guys, but we have to go that was my mum." I said as I was pulling on Sam to hurry along. She looked confused and did not know why I did just that, but I just pulled her to the car and waited for my parents.

"What was that for?" Sam questioned me.

I looked at her not knowing how to say it to her that the guy that she was flirting was actually going to try and kidnap her. I decided that my best option was to keep quiet. We waited in silence long and painful minutes until my parents came back.


~ 10 Minutes Later ~

My parents came back hands full of groceries. I went up to help them load the car with Sam behind me. We went back home in silence.


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