The Girl From The Plane


5. Plane Ride

~ Chapter 5 – The Plane Ride ~


~ Coralie's P.O.V ~

"OMG this is soo exciting!" I heard Sam say.

This made me laugh, as I remembered that she has never been to France before.

"What? What is so funny?" She replied offended.
"Oh nothing. It's just that you always get excited when we go somewhere." I laughed.
"Oh... But come on, I've never been to France before, so let me be excited!" She smiled.
"Okay, okay!"

I said as my parents gave our suitcases to the lady behind the luggage drop off desk. She had beautiful sparkling blue eyes, brown curls they were a bit like mine, but more curly. She was wearing a white shirt with a denim blue blazer and the same colour skirt with black tights and shoes. There was a white name tag with black lettering that read Carly. She took our suitcases and weighed them, then she placed a tag that had the letters 'CPH SK 2536' after that she pressed a black round button that made the suitcase leave and join the others.


~ Niall's P.O.V ~

After loading our suitcases, we went to the waiting area 'L'. We waited for us to board.


~ 10 Minutes Later ~


There was an announcement for the plane Heathrow to Lyon.

"Come on boys that’s our plane." I heard Louis call out to us.

We did as he said, because he was the oldest. So we got up and followed him to the desk. There was a lady wearing the same uniform as the others; a white shirt, denim blue blazer and skirt with black tights and shoes. She was wearing the same white name tag, but with Olivia on it. She had sparkling green eyes, like Harry's, and had long blond hair tied up in a pony-tail. She took our passports and plane tickets. When everything was in order with my ticket, she gave it back to me, but now it had a cut in it. As she did so, she smiled. I joined the boys and we walked to the plane. When we got on the plane, we saw that it was almost full. There were two seats available in one row and another two in another row. Harry and Louis sat together (awww bromance) and Zayn and Louis sat together. This left me to find a spare seat. My eyes scanned the rows for an empty space, when they landed on a spot next to two girls. The one closest to the window, had medium straight brown hair; she was wearing blue jeans and a pink long sleeve top. The one next to her had dirty blond hair it was long and curly, it was tied back in a high pony-tail. She was wearing a 'One Direction' jumper (this made me smile) she also had skinny jeans. I took my bag and made my way towards them.


~~ AUTHORS NOTE I promise it will change from being only 'Niall and Coralie's P.O.V!! ~~


~ Coralie's P.O.V ~

Sam and I were chatting away about how much fun we are going to have in France, when a handsome boy walked up to us. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a blue jumper and a jacket that was the same as mine (pinkish more red with white strings) he was also wearing red jeans and white trainers. Straight away, I recognized that kind face. It was Nialler James Horan from One Direction. As he came closer, I smiled and blushed slightly.

"Erm..." He started "is this seat taken?"

I shook my head and smiled more, and as I did this, I could feel my cheeks heat up. He laughed and sat down. He pushed his blue backpack under the seat in front of him. He looked at me and said 'Thanks' with his usual kind smile.

OMG! I could not believe that Niall Horan was sitting next to me on a plane. I was trying hard not to fangirl and scream my head out. Instead, I nudge Sam in the ribs, as she was still looking out of the window, watching the people getting smaller and smaller as the plane took off.

"Ouch" She complained "What was for?"
"You're not going to believe it" I whispered
"What" She asked me more annoyed.
"Niall Horan is sitting next to me" I almost shouted, but kept it to a loud whisper. I was too excited to keep my voice down.
"Stop making things up! I know you are a massive fan of One Direction..."

Well at least she knew that he was from One Direction. Yea, she's not a huge fan of them, but she is obsessed with Justin Bibber.

" never know, it could be someone that looks like him." She carried on.
"No, no I'm positive, it's him. Look for yourself dear." I protested.


~ Sam's P.O.V ~

I didn't want to believe her, because what were the odds that Niall Horan was sitting next to her, I mean he is an international pop star. But to make her happy, I looked at the boy, and then at her jumper just to make sure, I lifted my eyes off her jumper and back at the blond hair boy and then to Coralie. Wow! She was actually right. Next to Coralie, I could hear Niall laugh, so I looked back at him.

"Hey, yes I am Niall from One Direction." He laughed.

I started blushing a bit and noticed Coralie giving me the 'I told you so' look. I quickly went back to looking outside the window.


~ 5 Minutes Later ~


"Hey Niall, if it's not too much trouble, could I have an autograph and a picture?" Coralie asked.


~ Niall's P.O.V ~

"Hey Niall, if it's not too much trouble, could I have an autograph and a picture?"

I heard a voice on my left ask. I looked around, to see the girl with the dirty blond hair asking me.

"Sure" I smiled

I saw her blush. She grabbed her bag, and as she did so she took out her One Direction book with a pen and a camera.

"Thanks Niall, you’re the best." She smiled still blushing a little.


~ Coralie's P.O.V ~
After we had taken the pictures. Niall gave me and Sam a Horan Hug! I was so happy that I did not notice that I was still blushing. I got brought back to Earth from my day dream, as there was an announcement.

"Please fasten your seatbelts, pull the blinds and the desks up, and also please lower the arm rest down. Thank you for flying with us. We hopped you had an enjoyable flight. We will now land in France Lyon, were the time is now 9:30am French times. It is warm and sunny around 20oC." It was a man’s voice that spoke.

As I felt the plane lower, I looked round to see Sam still glued to the window. I put my book that was now autographed back in my bag along with the pen and camera.



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