The Girl From The Plane


8. Meeting Fans

~ Chapter 8 - Meeting Fans ~


~ Harry's P.O.V ~

Yesterday was fun. Once we got to our hotel, we fed Niall, unpacked and went to the beach. Lucky for us, there weren't many fans. We had fun. When we got back to the hotel, we all crashed Louis room to watch films. 

Today would be different. A day I was most looking for. We were going to meet our fans. 

I woke up this morning at 9am, I went downstairs to the hotel restaurant and met the others. As I expected, Niall had a plate full of food! I went to get myself some breakfast; bacon, eggs, beans and some hash browns and sat down next to Louis.

After breakfast, we all went back to our rooms to get ready; we were going to the beach before meeting our fans.


~ 5 Minutes Later ~

We all met downstairs in the lobby. A black taxi was waiting for us outside. We arrived at the beach a few minutes later, we paid the driver 20€. We walked over to see that the beach was almost full, apart from a little spot near the sand dunes. We put down our bags (our towels) and took off our tops leaving us with our swimming trunks. Mine were jet black, Liam's were purple, Zayn's were green, Niall's were blue and Louis' were red. We ran to the sea like crazy five year olds that had too much sugar. We splashed each other, played a game were you had to be on someone’s shoulders and push the opponent that was also on someone’s shoulders, and the one that was the last one standing won. Liam was on top of Zayn, I was on top of Louis and poor Niall was the ref, the one that fell of first, would have to swap with the ref.

We had a blast. Liam made me fall, Niall went on Louis' shoulders, but was not successful he got pushed off. Louis and I swapped places, he was on my shoulders. He was more successful than any of us as he was the first one to push Liam off. Liam swapped with Zayn so that Zayn was on his shoulders. This time however, it was a tie.

It was starting to get late so we got out of the water, dried ourselves and called the taxi to bring us back to our hotel.


~ Niall's P.O.V ~

Once back at the hotel, we went to our rooms. I had a nice warm shower. I got dressed; I was wearing a blue/green t-shirt, white trousers and green vans. 

I went back to the lobby to find Liam. He was wearing a white thin jumper, light green trousers with white vans. A couple of minutes later, Louis came down. He was wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt with red suspenders and red jeans and white trainers. Zayn came down after Louis and was wearing a green jumper with a white shirt underneath, white trousers and green and orange trainers. Finally Harry came down wearing a short sleeved checked shirt with white trousers and white trainers.

Well since we were all here, we headed outside, to find a white limo waiting for us. We got in and waited as the driver took us to the studio where we would be meeting our fans. I think we are as excited to meet our fans as they were to meet us.

Once we arrived at the studio, we saw a massive cue of fans. To avoid the mob, we went through to the back and entered via the backstage exit.

It was now 6pm, and the fans started walking in the studios where we were waiting in. I heard the bodyguard say to the fans to keep calm and no screaming.

We all got up and greeted them.

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