The Girl From The Plane


2. Going To The Park

~ Chapter 2 – Going To The Park ~

~ Still Coralie’s P.O.V ~

These last few days have been crazy! This is mainly because my parents have told me that I could bring a friend to come with me, so that I would not get bored as I am a single child, well I have a sister, but she is 23 and lives with her husband in Florida. Anyways going back to my friend, I decided to pick my bestie Sam (short for Samantha) she is older than me but we are really close, we are like sisters.
The last few days I have been spending my time with her and our other friends Diana, Shannon, Stacey and Georgia. Today we are meeting up at 2pm at Eltham Park for the last time until we meet after the holidays.

As I have finished the wonderful salad that my mum made with tomatoes, cucumbers, sweets and pickles, I checked the time. It was 1pm. Great I had an hour to get ready.

“Well I’m going to get ready to meet the girls!”
“Would you like a lift?” My mum called out after me.
“No its fine thank you. I’m meeting Sam at hers and then we will get a bus to Eltham Park.” I kindly shouted back.
“Okay, but don’t forget your phone, you never know,”
“Yes mum don’t worry.”

~Mini flashback~
My mum was always over protective, after what happened to my sister; she got shot by some drunk guy and she was on the edge of dying, thankfully, she made it through. That was the worst day of my life.
~End of mini flashback~

I ran up the stairs and shut the door. I took off my beige tank top and replaced it by a thin light pink jumper, as it was a bit chilly outside I also wore some skinny jeans and my blue converse. I grabbed my make-up bag and went to my private bathroom. Before applying make-up, I brushed my teeth. I applied some foundation (not a lot, just enough to cover the spots on my forehead) and some black mascara. I tied up my dirty blond hair in a high messy bun.


At 1:50pm I made my way downstairs to grab my jacket. I put it on as I did so, I grabbed the front door handle, but before I could do so, my mum stopped me.

“Before you leave, here’s some money to buy yourself a snack and an extra £10 for emergencies. Also do you have your-”
“Yes mum I have my phone! You need to stop worrying do much, I will be fine. Thanks for the money.”
“You’re right sweetie, okay fine leave, I am overreacting. Have fun, be home by 6 or earlier if you want” She replied with a sad look on her face.

I kissed her goodbye and walked out the door. As I did so, I took my IPhone 4s out and plugged my ear pods in, and played my favourite music ‘One Direction’

My friend Sam did not leave far from me, only 5 minute walk. I texted her to say that I was on my way to hers.

‘Hey Sammy, on my way 2urs!’

A minute after my phone vibrated but it was not Sam but Stacey.

‘Hey darling, with Shannon and Georgia on our way 2 park love ya xx’
‘On my way 2Sams then 2 D’s and 2 the park love ya 2 xx’
I replied

(By the way ‘D’ is a nickname for Diana) My phone vibrated again; it was Sam

‘K im ready waiting 4u xx’
‘Love ya xx LOL’
I replied.

Stacey sent me another text ‘K 2day is going to be a blast (Shannon says that there are a lot of HOT guys at the park!!!)’

As I read the text, I knew that she had an idea behind. I was the only one with Sam that did not have a boyfriend. I knew she was going to try and hook us up.

I arrived at Sam’s house, when ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ had just finished. I knocked on the green door that had the number ‘314’ in gold numberings. As my knuckles barely touched the door, it swung open and I saw Sam standing behind it with a wide grin.

“Hey dude” She said (that’s what we call each other)
“Hey dude” I repeated “ready to get Diana?”
“Yup today is going to be a blast!”

Hmm… this feels like a déjà vu! Diana lived 15 minutes from Sam and 20 from mine (well it depends where you start and what road you take.) As we were walking down the to Diana’s, I texted her

‘Hey D, were on our way 2urs see ya soon xx’
‘Can’t wait’
She replied.

Suddenly, I remembered the text Stacey sent me, and showed it to Sam. She laughed at it

“You know what that means?!”
“Yup she’s going to try and hook us up!”

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