Her Beating Heart

It slowly crawls closer every day, its scales glistening in the sun as it crinkles along, growing with each breath. At least, that is what the emptiness in my head feels like, though I know you cannot understand. Even today, in the nineteenth century, we have little knowledge of why one turns insane, why one scorns reality. And it is thus ignorance that has discarded me here on these grounds, just left waiting for a doctor who will not slaughter my spirit, yet raise me from the ashes of my mind.
Is this him?


5. scene 5

Lilly-Richard! Sofia!

(Richard enters)

Richard- Lilly? What’s wrong?

Lilly-Georgina is in the kitchen. (Two heart beats)

Richard-And you left her there?

Lilly-She’s with Penny.

Richard- (Laugh) She counts for much.

Lilly-That ain’t nice

Richard-You’re right, sorry. Sofia! Where is she?

Lilly-Ain’t got a clue. So, what ya gonna do? What if she does something?

Richard-She won’t.

Lilly-She might! Remember she ain’t all there. (Two heart beats)

Richard-She’s the wrong type. She isn’t dangerous physically.

Lilly-What if she messes Penny up?

Richard-How much more messed up can Penny be?

Lilly-That ain’t fair.

Richard-Neither is what you said.

Lilly-It’s realistic.

Richard-HA!  (Sofia enters)  There you are. Georgina is in the kitchen.

Sofia- So?

Lilly- So? So? What if she does something?

Richard + Sofia- She won’t.

Lilly- She ain’t sane.

Sofia- Honestly Lilly. Do you really know nothing? I’ll go down there if ya want. But ya just being stupid.

Lilly-I ain’t.

Richard-Trust Georgina, she would never do anything. She’s a brilliant girl.

Lilly-(Looks down) Is she now?

Richard-(mutters) At least she has sense.

(Lilly Looks up at Richard sharply)

Sofia-I’m going.

(Sofia exits)

Lilly-What’s that supposed ta mean?

Richard- Forget it.

Lilly- No. Go on. Am I too stupid ‘cause I never got a chance? ‘Cause I can’t read? ‘Cause I’m scared that I’m gonna be like those girls on the street?

Richard- Lilly… (Two heart beats)

Lilly-Who ain’t got nothing, who will never have, or never even had, anything?

Richard-You are not stupid Lilly.

Lilly-I am. Compared to you, I am.

Richard-I went to school.

Lilly-Yeah, cause you parents were rich enough. You get the better job. The better money. Better life. Just ‘cause your parents were rich enough. (Two heart beats)

Richard-What do you want me to do about it?

Lilly- Gosh. You don’t get it.

Richard-You want things to change Lilly, I understand that. If I could change things I would…Lilly.

Lilly-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean ta…I’m just so fed up.

Richard-It’s OK.

Lilly-We should check on them.

Richard-Lilly, I found something in the library for you. It’s not much but, it’s a start. You know, for learning to read.

(Holds out baby book)

Lilly-(smiles and takes book) Oh, thank you.

Both exit together.                            


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