Her Beating Heart

It slowly crawls closer every day, its scales glistening in the sun as it crinkles along, growing with each breath. At least, that is what the emptiness in my head feels like, though I know you cannot understand. Even today, in the nineteenth century, we have little knowledge of why one turns insane, why one scorns reality. And it is thus ignorance that has discarded me here on these grounds, just left waiting for a doctor who will not slaughter my spirit, yet raise me from the ashes of my mind.
Is this him?


3. scene 3

The table that was used for the dinner is messed up and has four people talking in the room around it. They are polishing and washing up the lunch.

Sofia- He doesn’t know about her.

Bill- No?

Lilly- They can’t keep her a secret. She ain’t a pet. (Two heart beats)

Sofia- Don’t tell me Lilly Brookes, that the first time that you saw her you didn’t run a mile up that hill.

Lilly- That ain’t fair!

Penny- Yeah. They just not let him see her now and then.

Sofia- Easier said than done, Penny.

Bill- You think he could do it Sofia?

Sofia- He don’t know what he’s talking about. Nice enough lad… But she’ll wreck him.

Bill- Shame.

Lilly- I feel sorry for that kid. I really hope she gets better.

Penny- Me to.

(Richard enters)

Richard- Ladies and Bill. Mr Parkensons has asked for toast and tea tomorrow morning. Bill, you will see to it.

Sofia- Very proper, ain’t he?

Richard- Seems like a smart lad.

Penny- He can!

Lilly- We’ll see Penny. What does he look like Richard? Handsome?

Richard- Dark hair, green eyes, tall. Right, these plates are not going to clean themselves.

Lilly- Men! Useless. Sofia?

Sofia- Very Handsome. I’m sure he’ll be married with no trouble.

Lilly- Sounds perfect!

Sofia- You can’t judge a man’s worth on his looks or brains Lilly. If he’s gonna get through to her, he needs something more than all that doctor stuff.

Penny- He could do it!

Sofia- He could.

Richard- He’s got the brains.

Penny- But as he got the feelin’?

Bill- The feelin’?

Penny- Ya know. The feelin’ of someone ya wanna talk ta?

(The others look at each other)

Lilly- I get it! Like, with men, they gotta ‘ave that certain feelin’, ya know, comfy to be around and kinda fuzzy.

Bill- We do?

Penny- Yeh, Bill, ya gotta quiet, hard thinker typa feelin’. The type ya wanna be quiet around.

Bill- I do?

Lilly- Don’t you get a feelin’ round us?

Bill- Um.

Lilly- Richard?

(He looks uncomfortable and glances at Lilly)

Sofia- Leave him be you two. Discarding work aren’t ya? The lord and lady ain’t paying you for chatting and teasing.

Penny- I will work harder. (Scrubs fast)

Richard- Slow down there! (takes plate and does it for her) You don’t want to break it. I’ll help you.

 Lilly- That’s sweet of you Richard.

Bill- Gotta’ go. (Grabs an apple) Doin’ the fires tonight… again.

Lilly- Make sure ya wash this time! Don’t want soot everywhere.

Bill- ok. See ya ‘morrow.

Girls- morrow

Richard- See you tomorrow.

Richard- I’m working late tonight in honour of our guest.

Lilly- Ya are? How comes?

Richard- I will be standing around the library in case he is in need of assistance.

Sofia- Serves yourself right for stuffing words in your head.

Lilly- Oh! I would love to read. Sometimes miss leaves book around with the words love or heart. I always wanna read those, see what they’re about… but can’t.

Richard- Why don’t you learn? You miss so much! Different people, places and worlds that take you from reality.

Lilly- I wouldn’t know where to begin!


Sofia- What?

Richard- How do you know the alphabet?

Penny- I know ABCDE-

Lilly- The what?

Richard- Letters. How you start learning.

Sofia- Well, we have no time for this, Penny stop singing and Lilly, stop gawping and finish off.

Richard- (looks at watch) Ladies, it is time to clear up. Penny and Lilly deal with the plates. Sofia, the new table should be here tomorrow morning so can you help me move this one?

Sofia- Where to?

Penny- My! My room!

Lilly- Your room? Your room ain’t big enough for a chair never mind a table.

Sofia- Move it to the laundry. We were in need of a table.

(Penny and Lilly clear the table and exit. Sofia and Richard take the table.)

Sofia- How late ya staying up tonight?

Richard- Not too bad. Eleven thirty.

Sofia- Even still, up at five. That can’t be good.

Richard- I will live.

(Exit with the table.)

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