Her Beating Heart

It slowly crawls closer every day, its scales glistening in the sun as it crinkles along, growing with each breath. At least, that is what the emptiness in my head feels like, though I know you cannot understand. Even today, in the nineteenth century, we have little knowledge of why one turns insane, why one scorns reality. And it is thus ignorance that has discarded me here on these grounds, just left waiting for a doctor who will not slaughter my spirit, yet raise me from the ashes of my mind.
Is this him?


2. Scene 2

A long table with chairs on one side facing the audience is CS. Lord and lady D are sitting either side and Eric is two seats down, all with set places. 

Lady D- How was your drive?

Eric- Pleasant, ma ’lady. I could not help notice the beauty of your grounds as I pulled into your drive.

(Lady D nods with a small smile and politely looks down)

Lord D- Yes. They are quite something. Maybe I could get you shown around them… if you liked.

Eric- Yes, yes I would like that.

Lady D- In the meantime, I shall show you to the library and your room.

Eric- Thank you.

Lord D- Let us discuss business and your education. I understand your intensions of studying medicine at Oxford University. Yes?

Eric- Yes sir. Medicine has always been my passion-

Lord D- Good. When does your year start? After the summer.

Eric- Yes, sir. In October. However we have to go early.

Lord D- And the job. You are still willing to go blindly into it?

Eric- It is my only option.

Lord D- We always have a choice. (Two heart beats)

Lady D- We can’t thank you enough young man for taking such a risk. But our situation is-

Lord D- You will find out what our… situation is after your course has finished. Or indeed, as soon as you are ready to tackle our needs.

Lady D- I am not letting-

Lord D- Loraine. We will speak later. For now, let us enjoy our meal. Sofia! (Sofia enters) Pour us some port. (she exits and comes back with a bottle of port and pours some into Lord D’s upheld glass) Eric?

Eric- No thank you, I – don’t drink.

Lord D- Don’t drink? You won’t be very popular with the young men at Oxford then! Cambridge would likely be more suited to you, full of weaklings. (He laughs, Lady D laughs humourlessly and Eric smiles weekly.) Are you interested in rowing boy? Great sport.

Eric- Yes actually, and cricket.

Lord D- Then maybe you can earn some respect back. Going to join the rowing teams then? Oxford has won the last two years.

Eric- I hope so. I saw last year’s boat race. I have got a lot of competition.

Lord D- Fine men Oxford produces. In fact, I myself studied there. Head boy in my third year studying mathematics, I’ll have you know.

Eric- That is smashing. I never knew sir.

Lady D- How is the food Eric? Is it to your liking?

Eric- Yes ma’am. It’s delicious. Thank you again for your hospitality.

Lady D- Do not mention it. I trust you will be a delightful guest and we hope you will make yourself at home.

Lord D- Take to the grounds after half two though. After lunch, we do not go out before.

Eric- Of course sir. But may I ask why?

Lady D- Tradition. Tradition.

Lord D- And we ask that you honour it.

Lady D- (looks at him desperately.) You will?

Eric- Certainly. I would never break your ways as a guest.

Lord D- Good boy. We have everything you need before you start Oxford. It is a good idea to be ahead of the game, start work early!

Eric- If you believe it will do me good, then I shall.

Lord D- And be worth every penny of our money.

Lady D- And if there is anything you need, simply ask and it will be yours.

Lord D- Within reason of course.

Eric- Thank you. I shall.

Lady D- I must retiree.

Lord D- Already?

Lady D- Please, you must excuse me. I will get Sofia to show you too your rooms Eric. (She stands and so does everyone else)

Eric- Thank you for everything, ma’am.

            (Smiling, she exits.)

Lord D- Your luggage will be in your room. (He looks at the clock. Doesn’t need to be a clock on stage) Three o’clock. Feel free to explore. Let Sofia show you to the library as my wife promised. Sofia!

(Sofia enters)

Good day Mr Parkensons.


Eric- Good day! 

Sofia- If you wouldn’t mind, sir, follow me and I’ll show you the way.

Eric- Certainly.

(They exit)

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