Her Beating Heart

It slowly crawls closer every day, its scales glistening in the sun as it crinkles along, growing with each breath. At least, that is what the emptiness in my head feels like, though I know you cannot understand. Even today, in the nineteenth century, we have little knowledge of why one turns insane, why one scorns reality. And it is thus ignorance that has discarded me here on these grounds, just left waiting for a doctor who will not slaughter my spirit, yet raise me from the ashes of my mind.
Is this him?


15. scene 15

The lights are dim and are just bright enough to see Eric who is in the same place that he was at the beginning of the play with a suitcase again. He walks to this spot and stops, listening. He quickly snaps round.


Eric- Georgina?


(Everything stays silent and he stands there.)


Eric- If you are still here, how are you? I see you have let your home crumble. What happened to the garden? It has only been seven years. Yet, it reminds me of you, stuck here yet free and wild and untamed. As if it is like this in your memory, you did love this place, did you not? I have done as you asked, I am a Doctor, though one that looks after the insane, I think it helps me. You see this way, I will always have a piece of you with me. I heard that Lilly and Richard are doing well. She is a teacher not far from here and has three of her own. And Richard has turned to journalism in their small town and is doing very well. Penny too. She is living with Marisa in Scotland and is soon to be married. She still thinks you are alive though, and no one has the heart to tell her otherwise. She wants to see you, she misses you. We all do.


(Georgina appears at the top of the audiences stares.)


I wish that was really you. I remember you standing right there the first day we met, that smug smile on your face that you wore so well. I brought you something, I know, I know that you cannot read it, but it felt right that you had a copy in your library.


(He opens his suitcase and brings out Hamlet. Then he stops and stares at his suitcase. The same flower that Eric gave Georgina earlier in the play is there and he brings it out.)


I never-


(He looks at Georgina.)


Your favourite flower, yes, I still remember. It is in the book. The one you were meant to write about yourself but I ended up having to take over. You see, you were never alone, no, you never will be again.  It is nearly finished. I hope it does you justice and be everything you wanted it to be.




I have a wife and a child, now. He is called William and is three. He loves reading already and is doing well at the nursery. They say he is going to be a very intelligent individual. He reminds me of you that way. Intelligent, keen. Also very wild and loves climbing trees. Even at three.


(He closes his eyes.)


There is one thing left to do. I never said goodbye. I want you to know that there is not a day that goes past that I do not think of you and you will always be in my heart, Georgina. Goodbye, my love.


(He looks around one last time and leaves. Georgina comes on to the stage. As she comes down, heart beats are ringing out.)


Georgina- Goodbye. Remember what I have said.


(Curtains close.)

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