Her Beating Heart

It slowly crawls closer every day, its scales glistening in the sun as it crinkles along, growing with each breath. At least, that is what the emptiness in my head feels like, though I know you cannot understand. Even today, in the nineteenth century, we have little knowledge of why one turns insane, why one scorns reality. And it is thus ignorance that has discarded me here on these grounds, just left waiting for a doctor who will not slaughter my spirit, yet raise me from the ashes of my mind.
Is this him?


12. scene 12

(Georgina is walking across the stage when Lord D stumbles in drunk.)

Lord D- Georgina.

(Georgina freezes and tenses.)

Georgina- Yes, my Lord?

Lord D- How does your conscience fair?

Georgina- Please, no.

Lord D- Have you seen my son?

Georgina- No, my Lord

(Lord D goes towards her.)

Lord D- (Shouting) You lie. You saw him before he died. You are the murderer, you killed him.

Georgina- No, no I did not.

Lord D- You could have stopped him.

(Lord D Slaps Georgina and she falls.)

He would not have gone if you had said something. He would be alive. It is your fault, you murderous pig.

Georgina- No. He wanted to go. I did not, no, no.

(Lord D pulls her to her feet and holds onto her shoulders.)

Lord D- Murderer!

(Lord D flings her down again.)

Georgina- Murderer.

Lord D- You are not my child, but the devils own monster. You are a disgrace, not fit to walk this blessed earth. Kneel before me. Kneel.

(Georgina kneels at his feet.)

Pray to the God who so spares your worthless bones.

Georgina- Our Father, Who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread.

Lord D- Louder.

Georgina- (Louder) And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Lord D- Amen. That will not save you from the fires of hell, Girl. But let that be a message to you.

Georgina- Yes, my lord.

Lord D- I do not want to see your ugly face again, you know. But, of course I have no choice. What would be said of a man who could not even control his own daughter? Answer the question.

Georgina- I do not know.

Lord D- I will be ridiculed. And imagine your mother. She would leave and be left with nothing. Then imagine what people would say.

Georgina- (Mutters) That he was a drunk who was guilty of his thoughts.

Lord D- Guilty? Drunk? I am none of those things, unlike you who murdered her brother. (Points at Georgina) No, he was not your brother, to think he would waste his time with vermin like you. Look at you there, so small, so unimportant. No one even knows you exist. I bet you would love to go outside from here, tear children from their mothers, and take the holy word of god from our ears. (Raise hands to the sky) Do not worry, oh holly father, I will keep her from destroying your perfect creation. That fickle, little thing.

(He exits repeating That fickle little thing. Georgina stays and cries, then when Eric enters she wipes her tears away and regains her posture.)

Eric- Georgina.

Georgina- (smile) Hello.

Eric- I was looking for you.

Georgina- I know.

Eric- Where were you?

Georgina- Around. Observing.

Eric- What were you observing here?

Georgina- Things I knew that had to be brought to the surface before we all drowned in our own lies.

Eric- Right. (Pause) You knew?

Georgina- And now it is time for you to leave.

Eric- Leave? What are you talking about?

Georgina- You have to find someone else for your fees now - do you not? You cannot get a job here.

Eric- I do not understand.

Georgina- Do you not want to be a doctor?

Eric- Yes. But I want other things too.

Georgina- What? How many things do you want? You have to choose one Eric.

Eric- What are you talking about Georgina?

Georgina- Life is not fair. Remember that.

Eric- You mean, you or being a doctor?

Georgina- No. I mean being a doctor and what ever else it is that you want. And I will not let you choose what ever else.

Eric- You do not know?

Georgina- Know what?

(Eric goes towards her.)

Eric- You are the what ever else I want.

Georgina- Eric?

 Eric- I know, but, Georgina, it is not impossible to love you and I do, and I do not care that people will not understand, but you are what I want. You are what I want more than anything. (Clutches her head in his hands.) Do not think that it is not going to happen, because, if you love me too, then I give you my heart, and everything I own, in exchange for your heart and love. I promise to protect you and never leave you.

Georgina- (Quietly) no.

(Eric doesn’t hear.)

Eric- Georgina. You will never have to worry. We can go somewhere safe and free, somewhere that there is no one to look upon you wrong.  We can be happy. Just let me love you and let yourself love me.

(Georgina pushes him violently away.)

Georgina- (screaming) No! No, no, no. You cannot! You bloody well cannot! You cannot trap yourself with me, let one of us stay hidden, but not waste two lives. You idiot! You stupid boy. You have to be a doctor and dream and help people and save the future for people like me. (Falls to the ground so she is kneeling FCS.) If you love me Eric, do that for me.

(Eric kneels beside her.)

Eric- Do not push yourself.

(Georgina nods glumly and looks down. Eric puts his forehead on hers.)

Ignoring everything, I have to know, do you love me?

(Georgina looks into his eyes.)

Georgina- Yes, I-I think so.

(Eric kisses her, then holds her to him.)

Eric- Then just let me hold you.

Georgina- You never told me about where you came from.

Eric- From a small village in Norridge. There is not many people there, and even less children. I mainly grew up with my cousins. They used to get me in all sorts of trouble with my mother and this grumpy neighbour we had.

Georgina- (Laughing) So you were a naughty child?

Eric- I guess I was. And you?

Georgina- As good as little angels apparently. I think the naughtiest thing I ever did was not come back when my parents called.  They used to have to search everywhere and end up finding me hanging from a tree or stuck in a hole somewhere.

Eric- I can believe that! But as good as angels?

Georgina- Always reading and doing my work.

Eric- Yes, that does sound like you.

Georgina- Meaning?

Eric- Nothing. (Laugh). My fondest memories are from when I was a child. Do you want children?

(Georgina pushes away.)

Georgina- What?

Eric- Forget it, it is not important.

Georgina- What are we doing?

Eric- Georgina!

Georgina- This is, this is stupid.

Eric- What? We were talking.

Georgina- Of the future. What future?

Eric- Our future, Georgina.

Georgina- I have no future.

Eric- Of course you do.

Georgina- Growing old?

Eric- With me.

Georgina- Doing what?

Eric- I will cure you.

Georgina- You cannot. (Falls again) I am sorry, so, so sorry. I tried. I really did.

Eric- Georgina?

Georgina- It is all too much. They’re getting closer each day, getting longer, not shorter. I really do not want them to. I do not.

Eric- What are you talking about?

Georgina- I feel them. I feel them. I tried to push them away, for you. But I could not. I could not. I have no will. It is not my will, it is not my bloody will, you hear?

Eric- Please, it is alright.

Georgina- Goodbye. Goodbye, Eric. Remember what I have said? (Three heart beats)

Eric- Georgina?

Georgina- Eric. (Smiles.)  Goodbye.

(Runs off. Eric stays on stage, dumbstruck. He looks at the audience.)

Lord D- (From offstage.) Georgina?

 (Georgina then stumbles on stage and falls, Eric catches her and lays her down.)

Eric- Georgina! Georgina, open your eyes. Oh lord.

Please, please, wake up. Georgina. Do not be stupid and open your eyes. You cannot be dead.  Remember that you had so much to write? So much to do? You cannot do this to me! I will fight them with you, you know that you are not alone? Georgina? Please.

(Puts his head on her and cries.)

Please do not be just a memory. (Lights fade out.)

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