Her Beating Heart

It slowly crawls closer every day, its scales glistening in the sun as it crinkles along, growing with each breath. At least, that is what the emptiness in my head feels like, though I know you cannot understand. Even today, in the nineteenth century, we have little knowledge of why one turns insane, why one scorns reality. And it is thus ignorance that has discarded me here on these grounds, just left waiting for a doctor who will not slaughter my spirit, yet raise me from the ashes of my mind.
Is this him?


10. scene 10

Georgina and Penny are lying down looking at a book.

Georgina- Starting to make sense?

Penny- Yes. I don’t like maths though.

Georgina- I used to hate it, but my brother always insisted I sat down for a second so I could learn.

Penny- Can we do History instead?

Georgina- We can do that next. Six times 12?

Penny- Um, I know this, sixty six, seventy two. Seventy two.

Georgina- Well done. I despise the six times table. And every other one for that matter.

Penny- fifteen times fifteen?

Georgina- Are you challenging me?

Penny- Yes.

Georgina- Accepted. Two hundred and twenty five.

Penny- Is that right?

Georgina- I think I win.

Penny- I think you’re right.

(Eric enters.)

Eric- What are you two up to?

(He sits on the floor next to them.)

Maths? I hate maths.

(Georgina and Penny giggle)

Georgina- thirty eight times six?

Eric- That would be two hundred and twenty eight.

Georgina- A fellow sufferer.

Eric- What?

Penny- We all hate maths but have to do it. I like History, Gee likes Literature. You like?

Eric- Science.

(Georgina groans.)

Penny- But we all hate maths.

Georgina- And science. Especially Physics.

Eric- I haven’t seen your father for a while.

Georgina- Do you need something from him?

Eric- Just some books.

Georgina- Talk to Richard, he deals with those things anyway. You are getting your way, Penny, I am too bored to go on, find a History book on the Tudors.

Penny- Yes. Thank you.

(Penny takes the maths book and exits. Georgina sits up.)

Eric- She is doing really well.

Georgina- Better than even I originally thought.

Eric- When was the last time you got out of the house? You are starting to look a bit pale.

Georgina- This morning. Do not worry about me yet, I have a few years of freedom left before I am under your supervision.

Eric- Do not tease me. I can be a friend to, you know?

Georgina- Oh, yes, the gallant sir Eric.

Eric- Why did you take up Penny’s education on yourself?

Georgina- Why not? What else should I do?

Eric- I do not, under any circumstances, believe it is to do with your boredom.

Georgina- Why lecture me?

Eric- I never lecture you.

Georgina- Oh, do not worry, I do not blame you. I think it comes naturally with your chosen line of profession.

(Penny enters)

Penny- I found one.

Eric- I do not lecture.

Georgina- Oh, you do.

Penny- Henry the eighth and his six wives.

Eric- On what grounds do you accuse me of that?

Georgina- (Laughing) Trust me?

Eric- Fine.

Georgina- Good.

Penny- I think this will do.

Georgina- That means you lecture.

Eric- no-

Penny- Shall I read this Gee?

Georgina- Yes, I think this would be a good place to start, Tudors would not be the Tudors without Henry. I hope you are not light hearted.

Penny- I do not think so.

Eric- Your speaking has come very far.

Penny- Thank you Doctor.

Eric- I am not a Doctor yet.

Penny- Sir.

Georgina- Or a sir. But anyway, we might as well make use of my doctor while he is here.

Penny- Are we going to do science? What about history?

Georgina- We have a long time, we will do that later.

Eric- Right. Making use of me?

Georgina- Who knows more about science than you around here?

Eric- Erm, right this moment? Not me.

Georgina- What if I suddenly fall this moment? What if I need a doctor? You would not be much use if you were only one for certain moments.

Eric- Only you. Fine, you have what you want.

Penny- I want to know everything. Tell me.

Eric- I am afraid I am not that helpful.

Georgina- Do not worry. He is being mean.

Eric- How?

Georgina- Refusing to teach Penny what she wants to know.

Eric- Why do I get the feeling that you are enjoying this?

(Georgina grins, and so does Eric)

Penny- She probably is.

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