As it comes towards me, I am in a state of shock. Thick matted hair, and glowing red eyes of a killer. It stalks forward, unaware that I can hear every sound it makes, every step of the way, even pick out all the features of its grotesque body; All in my head. The tree line between me and the monster begins to thin as I my mind rushes to a sudden stop. With one step closer, I know how to get rid of the killer once and for all. A smile spreads across my face as I take another step to my destiny. The one thing I am sure to do. Kill the killer.


4. Party


  "Brishelle! The party's started. Come on downstairs." Mimi squealed as her long blue skirt flowed around her past her knees. Her white button up shirt was tucked in and she had a blue and white checker board apron on her lower half; looking like an old house wife that came with the small house.


                 "Alright." I told her. She closed the door and headed back down stairs. I walked out of my closet and checked myself in the dresser mirror. I had just put on my favorite light wash shorts and my strapless white blouse that flowed when I walked. I slowly slipped on my white sneakers and was ready. I began to descend the stair case and realized that there was a lot of noise coming from downstairs. I rounded the corner to see the almost the whole town just in the living room.


         The party had only started, like, ten minutes ago and they were already here? That was strange. I guess they didn't know how to party. I reached the last step of the stair case when Mimi and Poppy came up to me.


                     "Everyone, can I have your attention?" he asked and everyone quieted down quickly. Dang. "I would just like to introduce you to my lovely granddaughter, Brishelle. She will be living here for the next few years and I hope you guys grow to love her just like us." he smiled proudly. They all just stared at me for another moment and then slowly went back to what they were doing.


            "That was the first time I've heard him talk that much." a girl with long, curly brown hair walked up to me and said.


              "Really?" I asked. The closer she got the more of her blue eyes I could see.


           "Yeah, haven't seen him out much in the last few years." I just nodded, unsure what to say next. "Oh, I'm Colbi by the way." she smiled.


                                   "Hey, I'm Brishelle." I said back, giving her a light smile


             "So, I've heard." she chuckled.


                                        "So, your, like, really tan. Where are you from?" she asked me. A girl with dirty blonde hair walked up behind her.


            "Florida." I told her. I instantly saw her wide brown eyes with her hesitation torwards us in the conversation. She gave a very fragile and timmid persona.


"Your from Florida? That's really cool." she smiled, looking down at the floor.


           "And this is Ember."  Colbi said with a wave of her hand.


                                  "Yeah, lived there all my life." I nodded, smiling. Giving the girl, Ember, answer.


                            "Oh, I have always wanted to go there. What's it like?" Ember asked, her eyes getting bigger. I stepped off the bottom step and onto the floor. The feeling of people staring at me went down a little bit.


            "Uh, hot." I laughed. "Ya know, sandy and smells like salt and tanning lotion." I smiled. Ember's eyes sparkled with anticipation. I could tell she really wanted to know. I felt the need to go on. "It's really cramped actually. But everyone has that one spot that you always hang out at, so you know your place. Sometimes if you are in someone's spot too long then you have a problem, but other than that everyone is really cool and nice." I sighed. She nodded, I looked past her head and saw a glimpse of someone's perfect white teeth.


                It was that boy from the pond this morning. He was very cute up close. I could tell that he had light brown eyes and a freckle on the side of his neck. He was probably ten feet away, talking to his friends.


                          "Oh, someone's got their eyes one pretty boy." Colbi turned and said.


                                             "No." I scoffed.


             "Oh, yeah I saw how you were looking at him." I just smiled and felt my face get a little hot.


                              "Hey, Nate!" Ember yelled over her shoulder. He looked up and we met eyes. He smiled brightly. Ember motioned him to come over. He walked up right next to me.


            "Hey, what's up?" he asked. "Nothing much, just thought we'd introduce you to Brishelle." Colbi said. He looked at me with a small smile.


           "She's from Florida." Ember stated. I just chuckled. "Florida? Cool, what part?" he asked me. His voice was smooth and it had a small ring to it.


                              "Miami." I told him. I felt completely dumbfounded in his gaze.


             "That explains why you're so tan." I nodded and looked at my shoes. "Wait a minute, you're the girl from the pond, right?" he had a recalling look on his face.


                    "Yeah, I think so. You were with all your friends?" I asked him even though I knew the answer. "Yeah, that was me." he smiled wider.


                             "Nate, get over here!" A guy shouted from across the room.


          "Coming!" he yelled back. A mischievous grin appeared on his face.


            "Wait," Ember grabbed his arm before he could turn to walk away , "Your still coming over tonight, right?" Ember asked him.


         "Yeah, be there by ten." he old her and walked away.


                        "Fine, go be a guy for a few more hours." she said after him. He just waved her away with his hand. My face sank. Coming over, I guess they were dating, there goes my chances.


                    "Coming over?" I asked her out loud.


             "Yeah, he's sleeping over, like every other weekend." Colbi smiled.


                                "You guys have sleep overs when you date?" That was even weirder than Mimi saying, 'get to it.'


        "Eww, gross." Ember chuckled. "Yeah, nooo." Colbi shook her head. "We've known Nate forever. We're best friends, like brother and sisters. Never in a million years would I think of him like that." she laughed. I breathed a sigh of relief.


                        "Yeah, you may think he's cute, but you didn't see him in the fourth grade, yikes." Ember chuckled. I laughed along with them when I suddenly felt a pair of eyes burning into the side of my head. I looked to my right and saw the eyes that belong to the stare. She was tall and skinny. She was wearing a short blue sun dress and silver sandals with a high pony tail full of thick blonde hair. Her blue eyes looked like they would just burn a hole right through me. Her eyes met mine for a moment and she made a face like she smelled something terrible and turned away.


           Her pony tail flipped with her. "Who's she?" I asked them, looking over at her.


                                        "Oh," Ember said disgustedly, "That's Shelby." Colbi rolled her eyes.


                        "What's wrong with her?" I asked.


                                    "She's Shelby, everything is wrong with her." Ember spat. Her tone surprised me. "She and Nate dated last year and she completely broke his heart." they shook their heads. "He found her making out with Zac White, captain of the wrestling team, behind the bleachers after a match. He didn't speak for weeks. Poor boy fell hard for her and she snapped him." Colbi looked at the floor and shook her head.


                             "You should see the look on his face when he sees her or just hears her name. It's pitiful." She went on.  


                        "Common guys!" Nate yelled from the door way, beckoning us over.


                   Colbi looked at me, "You wanna come?" Ember asked.


                                                  "Of course." I giggled. "I'll be there in a minute, I need a drink." I told them and walked in the other direction. I wasn't five steps away from where I was sanding when I heard "Hi, there."


            I turned and looked her straight in her big blue eyes, a fake smile plastered all over her face.


                                "Hi." I said and walked forward. Shelby placed a hand on my shoulder.


                                                  "Hold on." she said all perky, "I didn't get the chance to introduce myself. I'm Shelby, you must be Brishelle." and again, another fake smile.


                                 "Yeah." I said shortly. "Well , I just saw you talking to Nate and-"


                     "Yeah, he's cool." I nodded. That made her mad. "Look, Nate and I are together. I'm sorry to ruin your little fantasy but he's taken. I saw the way you looked at him, just disgusting. I love him and he loves me so you better back off." I just looked at her. Man, this chick was psycho. Here I was about a half a foot shorter than her and she was telling me off like I was some threat to her castle, were Nate was her fake Prince Charming. I could easily see the fakeness in her face. Thank God, Ember and Colbi told me the back story or I'd be clueless.


                "Yeah because kissing another guy behind some bleachers is a real good way to show your love, don't you think?" I asked her. Her eyes widened  and she took a step back, she was speechless. "Have a nice night." I smiled and walked to the door.


Outside, it was starting to get a little cool. "There she is." Ember smiled.


                          "Yeah, where have you been?" Colbi asked me.


                                                       "Shelby just thought she'd tell me how madly in love her and Nate were." I shrugged. They leaned in closer to me. I walked down the front porch stairs and stood by them.


                 "What did you say?" They asked me. Ember had wide, shocked eyes stunned her face


    "I told her that kissing Zac sounded like a good way to show her appreciation." I chuckled to myself. Colbi let out a roar while Ember had a shocked expression.


                                   "What's so funny?" Nate asked coming down the steps.


          "Nothing." I brushed it off. Iooked down at the gravel under my feet; kicking at it slightly.


                       "Yeah, just girl talk." Colbi smiled.


                 "Alright then." Nate stuck his hands in his shorts pockets. I had just noticed that his light blue Polo shirt matched his plaid shorts. The color really made his brown eyes stand out.


                            "Hey, Brishelle how about you come riding with us?" Ember asked me as she tried to change the subject.


                                             "Riding?" I asked her.


 Nate came down the stairs and stood by me. He flashed me a warn smile as our arms brushed.


                            "We ride our bikes almost every morning during the summer." Nate told me.


                                  "Sure, what time?"




                   "Six. In the morning?" I just looked at all of them like they were nuts.


                                "Yup. Are you up to it?"  Colbi asked me. I pondered this in my head for a moment. Did I really want to get up before the sunrises just to ride a dumb bike with a cute boy and some friends that could help me around a new school? Heck yes!


                    "I'll try." I nodded, smiling to myself. I giggled at the pointless argument in my head


                  "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow, and you guys at ten." he said walking to the bike parked next to the house.


        "Kay, tell your mom I said hi." Ember said to him.


                          "Alright." he told her as he mounted the bike. His blue shoes resting on the black pedals. "And my mom said yes about coming over tomorrow afternoon." Colbi said after him as he rode away.


         "Bye!" I yelled, thinking he would just keep ridding. He slowed his bike and turned to look at me, "Bye." he said kindly with a white smile. Then, sped up again. Before I knew it he was gone.


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