As it comes towards me, I am in a state of shock. Thick matted hair, and glowing red eyes of a killer. It stalks forward, unaware that I can hear every sound it makes, every step of the way, even pick out all the features of its grotesque body; All in my head. The tree line between me and the monster begins to thin as I my mind rushes to a sudden stop. With one step closer, I know how to get rid of the killer once and for all. A smile spreads across my face as I take another step to my destiny. The one thing I am sure to do. Kill the killer.


1. Oregon

        I was flipping through my pictures that I only took a couple hours ago. My friends and I hung around in the airport lobby waiting for my flight to be called. We took a million pictures to make sure I could never forget them no matter how hard I possibly tried. I was half laughing and half crying at the same time. My parents were so mean. A couple of weeks ago they casualy told me that I was moving from my sunny Florida home to an old beat down place in Oregon with my grandparents I hardly knew were still breathing.


          I couldn't believe my ears when they told me the dreaded news.


  "Hello , this is your captain speaking, we will be landing in Oregon in the next ten minutes. Will you please power down all electrical devices. Thank you." I sighed and took one last look at the picture of all of us together and shut my phone off. In ten minutes I would have a brand new life that I didn't want. I didn't want to be the only new girl at a school in three weeks, when school stared after summer break. Hopefully I will know someone by then. I've looked up my new school and it turns out I'm going to Hood River Middle in Willamette. The school was huge. Three stories, green house, gardens, solar panels, and so many rooms I had lost count. It was so unlike my old school; some people had tough. I had to face it, I was terrified. How was I not going to get lost was a mystery to me.


     I stared out my window, watching the ground come closer and closer to us. My mind drifted to other things like, teachers and coffee; somehow those two went together. It seemed like no time when we finally landed. I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my purple and white bedazzled phone. I slowly turned it back on and grabbed my small purple backpack. I walked down the short hallway and rounded the corner,  walking into the airport. I searched the big room for a somewhat familiar face.


     I haven't seen Mimi and Poppy since I was four. Who knows what they look like now.


"Brishelle!!" I heard someone call to my left, I turned to see.


There was an older, wrinkled women and man standing to the far left of the room by the luggage return, waving their arms over their heads. When I looked at them they only did it more. There were my Mimi and Poppy, the people I will be living with for the rest of my teenage life. I slowly crossed the air port and was instantly pulled into a hug with Mimi as if she couldn't stand the anticipation I had caused.


"Bishelle!!" she exclaimed again, rocking me back and forth. I half hugged her back and half didn't because it felt sort of weird being this close to her after all these years.


"Now, don't strangle the little one before she can give her old Poppy a big hug." he smiled and opened his arms to me. I walked into them lightly and he hugged me softly.


"How was your flight?" Mimi asked me putting a cautious hand on my shoulder.


"It was fine, peanuts are a little salty." I smiled. She laughed and laughed like it was the funniest joke ever told. We walked over to the luggage return just in time to see my four, matching, purple bags circle around. My Poppy took two and Mimi and I took one with us.


Walking out the door I immediately noticed the air was filled with pine and dirt. As I took in the view, everything was trees and more dirt. Nothing like Florida. At all. My mouth went dry and guessed it was salt air and sand withdraw. We loaded up all my things in the back of their car. It looked to be a banged up old guzzler with a paint job gone horribly wrong.


"You hungry baby?" Mimi asked, turning to look at me in the back seat.


"Yeah, starved." I nodded.


"Alright, we'll get that taken care of." she smiled and turned back around. They began to ask me questions about my mom and dad, and some I couldn't answer. Some questions seemed as though it was obvious that I should know the answer because they're my parents, but I just didn't. It made me feel a little down. Even sadder than I was on the plane. I realized that I knew nothing personal about my parents. What did that say about them? About me? Did they not love me enough to tell me the things that were supposedly commonly known about them. I tried to keep a happy expression on my face, and keep the conversation going.


 Thirty agonizing minutes later we were at the restaurant. Poppy hopped out and opened my door for me. I smiled up at him and we walked in. It had a cozy feel to it, like you were sitting in your grandma's living room. We seated ourselves and quickly, the girl stood up and came to take our drink orders. Poppy told me all about the area and my new school. I listened with content. Well, I wasn't exactly listening. I was just looking at him, studying him. I was trying to memorize all I could about him, to make me remember the last time I saw him. Honestly, I don't remember ever seeing him.


           After we got our drinks, our waitress took our food orders and quickly walked away again. Mimi stared to talk about some things like, clothes, school supplies, and other necessities. I studied the way she talked, with her hands mostly. The thing was, she talked frantically with one and the other she waved softly. When it was still for a moment I caught a quick glimpse of a round, ridged, dark scare on her arm near he wrist. Something must have happened and she tore a tendon in her arm causing her to loose some motion in it. Poor thing; she seemed so breakable. I wondered what had happened for a bit. I didn't feel like it was a topic to bring up the first night moving in. Our conversation veered off to other topics.


"Alright," Poppy said clapping his hands together over his empty plate. "We are going to get you your new essential to forest living." he smiled, and looked at me with excited eyes.


"What?" I asked him.


"A new bike." he smiled,


 " You know how to ride one, right?" Mimi asked


"Yeah, I do." I nodded, taking one last sip of my drink.


"Good, after dinner we'll head on over to the bike store." Poppy smiled. I smiled back. The waitress took away our plates and gave us the check. Poppy paid and with cash and we left the restaurant.


We were all silent on the way to the shop, witch was only ten minutes; ten boring minutes. Sid's Bikes, it said on the small beaten down sigh out front.  Walking in, you don't expect to see everything, you seem a little over whelmed actually. There were hundreds of bikes all around in all different shapes and sizes. There were even bikes hanging off the walls three rows above you head and huge skate boards and long boards along the back wall. I  looked around the place in awe.


"Any one you'd like." Poppy whispered in my ear. I looked and him and smiled, he nodded and beckoned me to go ahead. I walked up and down the long rows and rows of bikes, till one on the second row caught my eye. It was purple, of course because it's my favorite color, and had silver writing all over it.


"That one." I smiled pointing up at it.


"Chip!" Poppy yelled when I said this. I looked around confused until I saw a guy walk through the back door and come over to us.


"Hey, Gunther, what can I get for ya?" he asked Poppy. He had a little southern accent going on.


 "That purple one please." he smiled up at it.


"Alright." Chip nodded and removed a set of keys from his belt, unlocking the lock that held it to the rack on the wall. Carefully, he eased it to the ground.


"Sit on it, see how ya like it." Chip smiled. I looked up at him and could define some darker spots in his blue eyes. He had to be at least eighteen. His hair was a light brown that he had pushed to one side. I took the handle bars and swung my leg round.


"Take it for a spin, try it out." he smiled, taking his hand from the handle bars, letting me stand alone. HIs slightly yellow teeth were perfectly straight.


"Thanks." I said to him, kicking off the ground. I already loved this thing. I haven't had a bike since I was seven. It felt great to get back on. I rode it once around the shop, then stopped at Poppy's side.


"I love it." I smiled widely.


"Alright," he smiled back


"How is it on terrain?" he asked Chip. Chip looked at me and the bike. I looked down and fumbled with the handle bars; he was so cute.


"Honestly, I couldn't have picked a better bike." He said to Poppy, jingling the keys in his hand. "Your girl is smart." he smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back.


"Alright then, we'll take it." Poppy clapped his hands together.


"Cool, I'll get you ringed up and get the tires all pumped up and that'll be all." Chip said walking around the counter. He began to punch numbers into the computer as Poppy pulled out his wallet. Chip checked the pressure in my tires and fix the seat for me. I just stood there and watch him concentrate, it was funny when he just barely stuck his tongue out over his lips when he worked. After that was all done we thanked him and Chip sent us our marry way.


When we walked out the store, it hit me. I was finally going to my new home. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was also saddened, that meant I was finally saying goodbye to my old life. Once I start to unpack that first box, there is no going back. Suddenly, the faces of all my friends popped into my head. I would never be able to find people like them, no way. I can barley stand to be away from them when I'm on vacation, let alone practically forever. God, how I already wanted to go home and be comforted by my friends, but I know I can't do that. I started to wonder what Mimi and Poppy's house was like.


My mom and dad never told me much about the house but from what I've over heard, it's a little place.  

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