As it comes towards me, I am in a state of shock. Thick matted hair, and glowing red eyes of a killer. It stalks forward, unaware that I can hear every sound it makes, every step of the way, even pick out all the features of its grotesque body; All in my head. The tree line between me and the monster begins to thin as I my mind rushes to a sudden stop. With one step closer, I know how to get rid of the killer once and for all. A smile spreads across my face as I take another step to my destiny. The one thing I am sure to do. Kill the killer.


5. New Beginnig


   I've been riding with Nate, Colbi, and Ember all week. Even though it meant waking up at the crack of dawn just to ride a peice of metal; it was actually fun. They showed me all around town and some cool places with the best mountain views. Yesterday we thought that we would take a day off just to have some time to ourselves.


  There was a loud ringing from the right side of bed. I swung my arm and hit the snooze button on my alarm clock, hoping it would shut up forever. I was beat and dead tired. I rolled over to the other side of the bed. My face hit a hard and smooth surface. Half asleep I sprang up, looking around in the dim lighting. At first I was confused; then it dawned on me. That book. The one that I found in the dresser.


I picked it up and sat crisscross on the bed. I looked at it carefully. Slowly, I opened up the book and flipped to the first page. In the top right hand corner was dated January 19th 1913. Wow, this thing was really old. Then it hit me. It wasn't a book, but a journal. I read the first paragraph, I was shocked. It wasn't just a normal journal about every day things they did, but this Molly Distin girl seemed sort of scared to write this.


'Hello, my name is Molly Distin. Today is my fourteenth birthday. Mom thought it would be good for me to write down my thoughts and feelings about my gift. Honestly, I am not quite sure what it is. All I know is that I can hear things and see things other people can't. It scares me. Sometimes I will be sewing or knitting or talking to mom when something just pops in my head. I feel like all of the world goes away and I am pulled into this other world. When I return to myself, I often forget what I was doing. Another thing I have discovered, Tallick is bad. I am not quite sure what that means but every time I hear that name in my head, I fell deep panic. Like I am in horrible danger.


     I have figured out that every time I hear this thing move and a scream, a face follows. The next day in the paper, the person is dead. It is scary to always hear people dying. I feel the need to make a stop to it but I do not know how. But I must try. Mom says to not tell a living soul, for they will think I am crazy. God forbid someone telling another and next thing I know I am in an asylum. Mom says she has never met some one with my gift, she belives it is from god. Grandma does not. That is why she moved away. Far away. It made me very sad but Mom and Grandma thought it was best.


    Dad left a long time ago so no worries about him, says Mom, but I wonder, Did I get this gift from him? Or did he give to me a curse? Mom says not to think of it that way but how else? I don't know, I just hope it's all me and not my father. Mom has just turned out the kitchen light so that means bed time. Good night.'


I was really caught off guard by that. Gift? What gift? Tallick? That is really confusing and a little weird. I was flipping the pages, they were full of the same small cursive writing in the same thin black ink. I was sitting in  my bed reading the second page.

  "Hey Brishelle." Colbi said walking in through the door. I jumped up and shoved the journal under my pillow just as Ember closed the door behind her. "What was that?" Colbi asked coming closer, slowly.

"What was what?" I asked her.

"Ember, pin her. It's under her pillow." Ember nodded and took the order. Ember jumped onto my bed and reached from my arms. I wiggled and squirmed trying to stay out of her grasp while keeping Colbi away from my pillow. But to no use, Ember had me pinned in less then five seconds and Colbi had retrieved the small fragile journal from my super secret hiding spot.

"You have a diary?" she asked, flipping through it.

"No." I shook my head and reached for it.

"Don't be embarrassed, I have a diary." Ember patted my shoulder. I just looked at her.

"It's not mine." I told them.

Ember's eyes widened, "Haha, neither do I" she laughed sarcastically.

"Sure you don't." I nodded and took it back in my hands. "It's Molly Distin's." I told them with a hint of confusion.

"Who is Molly Distin?" Ember asked, scooting closer to me.

"I'm not quite sure. I found this in my dresser when I was unpacking last week. It's been under my pillow and I had forgotten about it until my face came in contact with it this morning. The weird thing about it is it's not a normal diary, it is really in depth about this gift that she has. It is kind of shocking to read about it, she makes it sound so real." my brow furrowed down at the small little thing. I ran my hand over it's cover, feeling how smooth it was.

"Maybe she was crazy." Colbi  shrugged.

"Maybe, I dunno it sounds to me that she's pretty smart."

"Have you asked your grandma?"

"No, I just have this odd vibe that she wouldn't like to see it." I squinted down at it and shook my head. How can this tiny thing spread this much thought and confusion to my head?

"What do you wanna do today?" Ember asked changing the subject.

"I don't know. Where's Nate?" I asked. "He's at home with his mom." she told me, stroking the top of her hair.

"What time is he coming around?"

"Well, it's six thirty, so I'd say about eight." she nodded.

"How about we go fishing?" Colbi suggested.

"Fishing?" I asked.

"Yeah, I haven't gone in a couple weeks. How about it?" she asked.

"I'm in." Ember said hopping up excitedly.

"I don't know how to fish." I told them.

"You've never been fishing?" Ember's eyes widened.

"No, not really." I shrugged. I haven't really thought about it. I mean, if you ever came to Florida the first thing you wouldn't think of is, 'Oh! I can't wait to fish!'

"Then we absolutely have to." Ember jumped to my door. "Lets go!" she said excitedly. Colbi sighed and stood up. I followed them down the stairs.

"Where ya going to?" Mimi asked.

        "Fishing." I said sliding on my shoes by the door. "Alright. You gunna be over for lunch?" she asked cleaning up the kitchen. "Maybe, I'll call you." I nodded, grabbing my phone off the kitchen table.

"Okay, baby you be careful with those hooks now." she nodded and turned to the sink.

"Okay, bye." I smiled and we were off. We rode the ten minutes to Colbi's house to gather up some bread and fishing rods. Nate was the one with the extra fishing rod and the tackle box so we had to head by there. Of course I was the one who had to go knock on his door and ask. I rang his door bell and took a step back. Not two seconds later the door opened and there he stood. Shirtless. Dear God I could have died and gone to heaven right there. I breathed heavily , trying to control myself.

"Hey." I smiled shyly.

"Hi." his white smile shined like pearls. "What's up?" he asked, stepping out onto the porch with me.

"Well, we wanted to go fishing and I heard you had the extra rod and the tackle box." I shrugged. He caught a glimpse of Ember and Colbi a far way down the long drive way as they waved their arms high above their heads. He smiled and waved back.

"So, am I invited?" he asked looking back at me.

"Yeah, I think so, or at least you are now." I smiled. He smiled and shoved his hands in his pockets.

     "Yeah, come on in and let me grab a few things." he turned and walked in, leaving the door open for me. I stepped in and closed it behind me. He walked down a small hallway and stopped at a door, slowly he opened it. "Hey, mom?" he asked.

 "Yes...?" some one breathed heavily. When the door was open big enough I could hear a faint beeping noise.

  "There's some one I want you to meet." He smiled widely. Quickly he motioned me to follow behind him, into the room. "Mom." he said as I stepped in. "This is Brishelle." I was dumb founded.

  "Hi." I smiled politely. That's all I could say, I tried not to stare, not to notice. His mom looked so little behind the big tube and gas mask around her face. It was hooked up to a small monitor that beeped every few seconds and showed you her heart rate. She asked me how I was and I said fine. I asked her if she was okay, "Hanging in there." she answered with a nod.

  "A pretty one she is, Nate." she smiled brightly.  Her pale lips and face were a big contrast with her dark brown hair and eyes. Though, her eyes looked weak and her hair was brittle.

  "Thank you." I smiled.

"Did Nate tell you what he told me?" she asked, her eyes twinkling.

"No, about what?" I asked her.


"Oh, about you. He said-"

"Okay! Mom! How about you get some sleep now." he said tugging on my arm and pulling me out of the room.

"It was nice to meet you." she said after us.

"You too." I said just before he shut the door and walked down the hallway like we didn't even go in there.

     Eventually we gathered up all of the things we needed and he put on a green shirt, and we were good. It took us about another ten minutes to get to the pond. Ember was sitting next to me, trying to explain everything to me. I just looked at her like she was speaking another language. After a few minutes of try and fail, she gave up on me. Colbi was on the other side of the pond, reeling in a fish, the first fish, and Nate was a little ways away from her. He looked up at me just sitting there in the grass and shouted,          

     "What happened?"


 I just shrugged. "She gave up." I didn't mind, it wasn't that big of a deal. I was impressed when Nate stood up from his spot and walked all the way down the pond to me.

  "So, you just gave up on her?" he put his hands on his hips.

  "It was useless I couldn't take it." she sighed. He chuckled and walked closer to me. sitting down.

  "Pick up your rod." he told me. I did as I was told. He took the hook and slid on some bread. "Okay, Have you seen how the coy boys swing their ropes above their heads?" he asked I gave him an odd look,

"Sure?" I said

   "Okay so, pretend to be a cowboy. Swing the line once over your head and fling it into the pond." It seemed easy enough. I rounded the thing around my head and-


     "Hrruph." crunch, crunch, snap.   I could see trees all around and grass right below me.  Sniff, sniff "Mmhh," and I came back.


"Brishelle! You did it!" Ember smiled and gave me a small hug. I was confused, why was she hugging me? When did she get right there? I thought she was farther away like, down there. I looked out the way and saw the pond in front of me, seeing a line connected to my rod. I was fishing! Oh yeah, I must have forgot.


"You okay?" Nate asked, I was shocked that he was just inches away from me. I leaned back.


     "Yeah I'm," I took in a breath, "I'm fine." I smiled and went back to my line.

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