As it comes towards me, I am in a state of shock. Thick matted hair, and glowing red eyes of a killer. It stalks forward, unaware that I can hear every sound it makes, every step of the way, even pick out all the features of its grotesque body; All in my head. The tree line between me and the monster begins to thin as I my mind rushes to a sudden stop. With one step closer, I know how to get rid of the killer once and for all. A smile spreads across my face as I take another step to my destiny. The one thing I am sure to do. Kill the killer.


3. Early Morning




 "Hello?" a faint voice asked. Silence filled the frigid air around her. I was perched in a tree as I looked down upon her. She was alone in the thick woods. She seemed not much older than me with dark brown hair just passing her shoulders.


  She began to walk forward again, for some reason she seemed quite lost. "sniff, sniff, grrr," were a few noises I heard. But she didn't. I could hear it stalking closer, but she had yet to turn around. "Hrmph." it sighed as it neared. Only a few feet away hidden by the trees. The girl didn't turn as she wasn't aware of the thing that was after her.


     I for one actually knew what was going to take place as I covered my face in my hands. "GrrRR!!" the thing roared from behind the trees. I could hear her high pitch scream as it rang in my ears. within a matter of seconds I reopened my eyes to find the girl lay dead on the leaves, eyes still open and distraught on her features. "Sniff, sniff, hrph." and I could hear it walk away.




       A large sound made me spring awake. It was followed shortly by Poppy shouting a word that I wouldn't normally use in my vocabulary. I rolled over and looked at the alarm clock on my bed side table. It was five thirty in the morning. Why the heck are they already awake this early?


   The smell of bacon hit my nose in a second. It woke me up a little more. I seemed to not walk, but float my way down the stairs to the kitchen. I sat down at the table and rested my head.


                     "Tired?" Poppy asked me. I jumped, I didn't even realize he was there.


            "yeah..." I sighed and laid my head back down. These people where already awake? Man, they're freaking nuts. Why the crap would you want to be up this early during the summer? That was unheard of in Florida.


                  "Well , what you want for breakfast?" Mimi asked me, she was in a long baby pink robe with small roses all over; her hair still in curlers. Her back was turned to me as she moved something around in the pan that was set over top the hot stove.


           "I don't know." I said slowly trying to pick my heavy head from the table."What do you have?" I sighed loudly, showing my frustration.


                     "We've got everything, you just name it." she smiled, turning the bacon in the pan. It made a loud sizzling noise that became very annoying. I just shrugged, lifting my head up. "Don't worry baby, I'll just give you one of everything." she smiled. I nodded and set my head back down. Half her words went through one ear and out the other. I didn't care. She probably only had those low calorie, non fat, good cholesterol foods that tasted like cardboard.


     Within a matter of minutes she set a hot, steamy plate in front of me. The sweet aroma of all of it told me to wake up. My eyes seemed to open a bit wider, and I was shocked. Mimi had piled two pancakes, scrambled eggs, still sizzling sausages and bacon, Half a waffle, some toast, an over easy egg, and on the side was a small bowl of Cherrios. She had already poured me a tall skinny glass of orange juice and was getting the different kinds of milk out of the small refrigerator in the corner. My stomach began to growl louder with every delicious smelling second that passed.


           "Skim or regular?" Mimi asked, putting the milks in front of me.


                      "Skim." I told her. I was reaching out to take it off the table when she picked it up before me and poured it into my bowl. "There you are." she smiled.


                          "Thanks." I said dryly and she handed me a spoon. I seemed to be hungrier than I thought. Twenty minutes later I had cleared most of the plate. She took it up from the table and set in the sink.


                 "Well tonight's the party, so best be getting to it." She said over her shoulder.


                                              "Huh?" I asked. I had no idea what she was talking about.


            "Did we not tell you? We're having a little home coming party to get you introduced to the kids and the neighbor hood. It's starts at about six so you best get to it." I was still confused.


                        "I know, you told me last night...get to what?" I asked again. She looked at me with an odd expression.


           "Ya know," Mimi waved her spatula in the air. "Go brush up." she shrugged. I still just looked at her. "Go, uh, get ready." She nodded to herself. Now I understood her. I got up quickly and went to my room. Inside, I  went to my bathroom and turned on the shower. Get to it? Why couldn't she just simply say get ready? That was strange. Did everyone here talk like that? If they did, it will get real annoying real fast. If they do, I'll pay for my own ticket back to Florida where they talk normal.


                       I thought all about the people that lived here while I was in the shower. Did they have accents? Where they really country like Mimi and Poppy? Where they going to like me? Or not like me because I'm not from here. Do they all wake up really early in the morning? I guess I'll find out tonight. When I was  finished with my shower, I climbed out and wrapped my towel around my small frame. I opened the door to walk out. A few steps into my room I realized that my four big windows didn't have blinds and they were all open. I quickly crouched to the ground and crawled to my closet.


        Thank God I had everything I needed in here.


              And it was so big, it was as if it was my own personal dressing room. When I was all dressed I went to my dresser and pulled out my large makeup bags, going to work. Once I was done carefully applying everything, I was ready to go down stairs. In the living room I slipped on my white sneakers that I had taken off last night. Poppy came in a moment later and shook his head.


                    "You better not wear those out today, it rained last night." he told me. I sighed and stomped away. Dang it, these were my favorite shoes and I can't even wear them. I walked back up to my room, changed into my dark blue and pink Vans, and walked back down stairs. "There you go." he smiled. "What are ya gunna do today?" he asked me, sticking his hands in his pockets.


          "I don't know. What is there to do?" I asked. Sitting on the couch, playing with the ends of my hair.


                                 "Well, Mimi thought it'd be a good idea for you to ride your bike, get a feel around the town. What cha' think about that?" he asked. I shrugged and dropped my hair.


                         "Sure," I sprang up, " I have my phone on me, Just call me around lunch." I told him.


            "Alrighty then." he nodded "Could ya right it down for me?" he asked. I nodded and followed him into the kitchen. He handed me some paper and a pen and I scribbled it down.


                                  "There." I said and headed to the door.


        "Lunch is always at twelve, and the party is at six." he told me. I nodded and walked out. I lifted the bike up off the porch and set it on the ground. I made sure I had my Ipod and head phones with me and I kicked off. I peddled down around the small streets and passed the houses that were widely spread apart. This place was so unlike home. Here, you see a house every five minutes. Home, You see about twenty houses in five minutes.


                 A while passed and my legs began to ache. I wasn't used to this steep terrain at all. I had gone a far way but I knew I could get back, I never turned a corner. Eventually I came to a small pond and decided to take a break. It wasn't big and kind of smelled like dead fish. I didn't care though, I was tired of ridding.


         I parked my bike next to a bench and sat down. I pulled out my phone. Great, no bars. I took out my Ipod and of course no wifi. I put my in head phones in and blared my music. I laid down along the bench and let my head and hair hang over the end. I closed my eyes, letting my head go blank. It was nice to not think of anything for a while. Not to worry about anything either, The bright sun felt nice on my skin, it made me feel warm inside and out.


Suddenly, my dream came rushing back from last night. Everything seemed so real. The way I heard that... thing. I didn't even know what it was, but I had enough common sense to know it was dangerous. "hrump...grrr...snap..."  I heard something ring in my head. It must have been a recall from my imagined scene. My music became distant from my mind as I heard something rustle in bushes. It didn't seem close though, like far away. Like I was recalling it from a memory I didn't know I had. Never from around the woods would I recall a memory that early.


                      Who knows how long I sat there, having my head fill with countless beats and melodies , when I heard some voices coming my way. Forgetting my confrontation in my head, I opened my eyes and looked over at the other side of the pond. A group of guys came up on their bikes and got off. They didn't even notice I was there. They began to get really loud with their laughter. I just shook my head and sat up. I didn't want be around here with random guys I didn't know, so I decided to head back to Mimi and Poppy's. I shook my hair out, letting my loose curls fall behind my ears. I stood up and wrapped my head phones around my Ipod, sticking it deep into my pocket.


I climbed up onto my bike and heard another burst of obnoxious laughter. I turned to glare at them. I examined all their faces they all had darkened hair except one. He had a head of blonde locks that flipped the left across his forehead. His hair seemed to gleam in the sunlight and just barely catch the slight breeze from the water. Just before I road away he looked up and we locked gazes. Even from far away I could tell his eyes were a electric blue.

He smiled and his white teeth shone. Was I dreaming because there is no way he could be that perfect.  I quickly broke my stare and road away. I could feel his eyes stay burning on me as my hair flew behind me, riding away from the little smelly pond.


       Luckily, I made it back just in time for lunch. I ate a sandwich quickly, without a word, then headed up to my room. Up there, I sat on my laptop for hours. I went on Face book, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. I had almost forgotten I was here and not home. I looked at all my friends profiles and wanted to get caught up to all the up to date drama going on. Trust me there was always something new to talk about. Word spreads fast over there.


                    "Brishelle!" Mimi shouted, bringing me back to reality. "What?" I yelled back. I heard her walk up the stairs and turn the knob on my door. "It's almost five and the party's at six. You better hop to it- I mean if you wanna change or do anything ya better do it now." she nodded and closed the door back. I sighed and put my laptop back to my night stand. I walked to my bathroom and got my fat, purple straightener out from under the sink.


      I plugged it in and clicked it on. While it heated up I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My kind of  wavy, curly, light brunet hair came past down past elbows. I checked my makeup and looked into my own green eyes. I wasn't too thrilled by them because they were just like my mom's. I would have been fine with my dad's blue eyes but no, I had to get my mom's.  I then thought about how my mom and I looked so similar yet so different in our personalities; same with my dad too.


All they ever talked about was work. Some times I even forgot what my parents did, just that was the only thing they could talk about. If we were at the dinner table they'd ignore me and carry on. I was a some what bother to them I'd say. If I ever asked to go some where, My parents would roll their eyes and let out a huge, obvious sigh, and ask me why. I never really had an answer. My only thought was- why not?


I sort of wondered, when they would actually drive me some place, why they didn't see it was part of their benefit too. Not having to look at papers or talk about papers or sign things or talk business; just keep concentration on the open road. They didn't share my view point. My Mom or Dad would only babble the whole time about what they could be doing other wise and how much they could have gotten done only if I hadn't interrupted them.


I let out a sigh and realized how good I actually had it here. How I knew there where people right down stairs that would actually talk to me and tell me they loved me. My flat iron beeped, pulling me out of my day dream.

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