one way or another

what if your whole life was a lie? what if everything you thought you knew was taken away from you? what if your mum was never your mum? what if liam payne was your brother?


3. chapter 3

destinys p.o.v


later that day liam was discharged from hospital. we went back to liams and i grabbed all the clothes i had there. i said goodbye to my mum and sisters. we'd grown quite close in the two days liam had been unconsious. me and the boys then got picked up by the tour bus. the tour was starting in manchester anyway so it wasnt that far away. we got in the tour bus

"this is your bunk" liam said pointing to a bed. i put my bags down and looked around the tour bus. they had loads of room. once we were all settled louis spoke out

"so destiny wanna go out tonight, lets see how much like your twin brother you really are?" i nodded

"how soon can we leave?" i asked and they all laughed. soon we were on our way to a club in manchester.

we arrived there and louis asked who was going to be the responsible one tonight. liam put his hand up. everyone stared at me but i said nothing. harry orered the first round of drinks

"what ya want?" he asked me

"whatever you fancy" i replied and he handed me a drink. i drained it in one gulp. harry just stared at me with his eyebrows raised but ordered me another one. i drained it again so he ordered me another one. we carried on this routine till i had about a dozen glasses infront of me

"jesus girl, you can really drink." he said

"yeah i know" i replied. my voice wasnt at all slurred and i could still see pretty clear. i walkedover to where eveyrone was sitting

"where have you two been?" liam asked

"just drinking my beautiful brother. and alot at that i had um, um, um 12 glasses and now im like probably drunk and i have no clue what im saying so peanut butter jelly time" i said and started laughing. i couldnt stop and everyone was staring at me

"well we now know that destiny is the total opposite of liam when it comes to drinking" i heard louis say. i nodded my head whilst laughing. i ran onto the dance floor and started dancing. someone started dancing with me. i just danced alioing eith them whilst smiling. we went to the bar and had about a dozen more drinks each.


i woke up in my bed. i turned my head and saw harry lying there. we were both naked and it was clear what had happened last night

"shit" i cried before putting some clothes on and ran into the living area. harry appeared 5 minutes later.

"hey destiny" he said.

"ou have no clue do you" i said he loojked confused so that was clearly a no

"harry we slept toghether last night" i said. the look on his face was priceless.

"liam is going to kill me!"

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