one way or another

what if your whole life was a lie? what if everything you thought you knew was taken away from you? what if your mum was never your mum? what if liam payne was your brother?


2. chapter 2

(hey guys i've decided to change liam and destinys ages to 19)

liams p.o.v


i slowly opened my eyes. the light was blinding so i quickly closed them again. i waited a minute and then tried again. this time the light was bearable. i slowly sat up and by the time i reached the sitting position i could properly see. my mum was there along with ruth, nicola. all the boys were there. then i saw that she was there aswell. she looked exactly like me. well i know she should seeing as shes my twin sister and all but we really did look so alike. she was in my class at school and i cant believe that i never noticed the similarities

"liam you're alright!" my mum yelled

"yeah of course, why wouldnt i be?" i asked

"you've been out cold for 2 days baby" she said "this is destiny. your twin sister" i smiled at her and she smiled weakly back

"hey guys um i know your worried about me and all but can you go outside so i can speak to destiny alone" they all nodded and left the room. destiny sat there looking uncomfortable. she didnt really say anything

"you know, you can speak" i said

"i dont really know what to say. i mean for 19 years i've known you, but i just cant believe the actual truth." i couldnt help but smile

"me neither but im quite happy about it. has louis made a move on you yet?"


"louis, i've seen the way he was looking at you earlier. i've not seen at him look at any girl since he broke up with el last year."

"oh, wel no, he hasnt. anyway you might wanna let your family back in i mean the boys have said that your going back on tour tomorrow. its quite a shame though because it would be nice to get to know my twin brother."

"you know. you could always come with us." i said

" i couldnt liam. the tours about you and the boys. i wouldnt want to ruin that!"

"you wouldnt ruin it. please destiny"

"fine" she said "but only if the boys are okay with it". we called everyone back in

"guys theres something i want to say. destinys coming on tour with us, if thats okay with you boys" they all nodded.

"we want to get to know liams twin because if shes anything like you we have a mummy direction." louis said. i smiled at destiny and she smiled back

"so are you coming?" i asked and she nodded.

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