one way or another

what if your whole life was a lie? what if everything you thought you knew was taken away from you? what if your mum was never your mum? what if liam payne was your brother?


1. chapter 1

my dearest darling hope,

i am sorry. i know you are going to be upset but im not somebody you should waste your tears on. for 17 years you have called me mum and for 17 years i have called you hope. but for 17 years the wrong titles have been used. im not your mum. i never was. not really. im ashamed to say that i did not adopt you either. the horrid reality is  stole you. i was distraught after i found my newborn baby hope dead in the hospital nursery. so i swapped her for the nearest girl baby. you. your real name is destiny payne. your family live here in wolverhampton. you went to school with your brother. he is the same age as you. in fact you are twins. you then looked up to him when he joined the famous band one direction. your brother is liam payne and your sisters are ruth and nicola. im sorry for any pain i have caused you but you are now able to return to your real family. when you find them show them this note and also a note i have hidden in the hiding place. give that to your real mum. she will have to believe you. i love you hope but this is for the best.

love milly (i dont deserve to be called your mum)


i stared at the note in shock. i was devestated 2 weeks ago when i came home from college to find my mum dead on the floor with a bottle of pills beside her. immediatly classed as suicide. now as i cleared out our small flat in wolverhampton i found this. a note. a note telling me my whole life was a lie. i wanted to cry. but i couldnt. i should still feel sad that my mum had died but all i could feel was bitter hate. she stole me because of her misfortune. my real mum thought she had lost her baby girl. she hadnt though. i needed to go prove it. i went to the hiding place. its a small box at the back of a cuboard. it was where me and "mum" used to hide all of our secret things. in there i found a letter adressed to karen payne. i walked out of the door and down the street towards the paynes house. they lived down the street from us. i knocked on the door and karen opened it

"hi hope" she said.

"im not hope" i replied. she looked confused "im destiny. im, im your daughter." i said and i handed her the letter. she read it over and over again before she looked at me. i didnt know what she was going to say. but she didnt say anything. she pulled me in and hugged me.

"i found you, i finally found you." she said and she pulled me inside. whilst we were inside she got her phone out. i suppose she was texting everyone. 2 hours later liam appeared at the front door. he looked at me and then fainted


liams p.o.v


i was sitting watching the telly with the boys when my phone went off. louis picked it up.

"its from your mum lee" he said

"read it out" i replied. he opened the text and then stared at me.

"um i think you need to read this lee" he said and passed the phone to m. i read it

from mum: come home quick liam. its about destiny. shes alive

"ive gotta go boys" i said. they looked at me confused but louis nodded. "louis tell" i said before walking out the door and getting into my car. i knew who destiny was. she was my twin sister. but she died. now apparently she was alive. i got to wolverhampton as quick as i could. i ran up the drive and opened the door. i saw her sitting on the sofa. i recognised her. hope paxel. i stared at her then felt my legs buckle underneath me. soon i lost conciousness.

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