Our Destiny (Sequel to Fallen)

It's been a year since Karla started to remember, and everything looks perfect. It feels perfect. But the burden from her being an orphan, and both of her parents dying because of her, keeps adding more weight on her shoulders. When Justin and Karla find themselves in a situation they can't get out of, will their love be enough?


10. Room 37

I heard a loud bang, as I turned around I saw a furious Rhett in the door frame. He ran towards the window to grab me. As he reached his hand out my brain clicked and I realized what was happening. I grabbed the window frame and dropped it down with all of my force. He quickly pulled his hand back, but three of his fingers got stuck between the frame and the window. He yelled of pain and dragged his hand out, causing the window to close fully. It had an automatic lock on it, and I had the key in my right pocket. I watched him trying to pull the window up for about a millisecond. I ran to the tree at the end of the roof and somehow I made it down without a scratch. The last thing I heard before I ran down the street was Rhett's violent banging on my bedroom window.

I ran until I was certain that there was no sight of him. I stared at the big sign that informed me that the building in front of me was a motel. Rosenberg Motel, to be precise. Where was I? Hopefully somewhere where Rhett can't find me. As the sky started to light up I walked into the motel. As I opened the door there was a bell, causing the man at the desk to almost jump from his chair, I guess he had been sleeping. I walked to the little desk where the tall, thin man was sitting, behind him was a wall of keys. Only three or four were gone. The man looked at me strangely, not to blame him, I probably looked like crap. "I need a room." I kept it simple. He looked at me for a few seconds, then exhaled. "How many?" "Just me." He turned around in his chair and stood up to face the keys. "Ah!" He grabbed a key as I leaned against the counter. He turned around and gasped for his breath when he looked at me. "What?" I asked him. "Get off the counter, please." He whispered. I lifted my arms off the counter and held them up in the air. "No harm done." I mumbled. "Here, you can pay when you leave." He threw me the pair of keys, then dived under the desk to bring out a bottle and a rag. He sprayed the area of which my arm had been resting and started to wipe the counter. I decided to leave it alone and looked down at the key in my hand. Number 37. I sighed as I walked out of the lobby and up the stairs. Room 37 of the Rosenberg Motel wasn't at all a charming place. The walls were plain gray, and the floor, covered by a light brown rug. There was a small bed, that looked like it was going to fall apart at any minute and a little blue lamp on the bedside table. The whole place smelled rotten. But at least I was safe, at least for the moment. I threw my bag on the bed and sat down next to it, while pulling out my phone out of my pocket. I dialed Justin's number with shaky fingers, he replied only seconds after. "Karla, thank god, please tell me your okay. I've been worried to death, I'm this close to getting on a plane." "I'm fine Justin." "But-" "I'm fine, stay where you are." "Where are you?" he asked. I covered my eyes with my other hand. "Rosenberg Motel." "What? Where is that?" I shrugged. "I don't know." I felt my voice breaking. "I abandoned my own home Justin, just imagine how it will be when I get back, if I even get back!" I felt the tears in my throat. "Don't talk like that Karla, you'll make it through this, we'll make it through this." "I wish you were here with me." Now I was actually crying. "Oh baby, there is nowhere I'd rather be then with you right now." It wasn't many times I had heard Justin cry, but this was one of those times. I sniffled. "Karla I don't care, I'm getting on a plane right now." I shook my head as I felt a tear hit my thigh. "No, Justin your family needs you." "Karla you're my family now, if anything happens to you and I'm still here... I'll never be able to forgive myself. I don't care what you think, I can't leave you alone. I'm coming."

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