Our Destiny (Sequel to Fallen)

It's been a year since Karla started to remember, and everything looks perfect. It feels perfect. But the burden from her being an orphan, and both of her parents dying because of her, keeps adding more weight on her shoulders. When Justin and Karla find themselves in a situation they can't get out of, will their love be enough?


13. Rocking chair

A/N That's it, I'm officially the worst at updating, again, for the 100th time, very sorry. And school starts this wednesday so it might be even worse. I just seem to find it difficult lately on what to write next, how to keep the story going. Hopefully I'll be pretty much back on track soon, thank you for being patient with me :) -Emma x


I carefully stepped over the broken glass on the porch into the house. It was so silent. The dull light from the sun setting didn't lit up the room very much, yet it brought out details of the room I'd never noticed before. I heard silent creaking from the other room. And with a drum of a heartbeat, I took a deep breath and I followed the sound. As a shadow I saw him in the rocking chair by the window. With another bottle in his hand he rocked back and forward. I took the last step over the doorstep and stood firmly on the wooden floor. "I knew you'd be back." He said loudly while raising the bottle to his head. I guess he emptied it because he dropped it down on the floor. I watched it as it slowly rolled to the wall. "Have you come to face the inevitable?" My heart suddenly jumped as I heard the front door open. Oh no, this wasn't good. I told Justin to stay away. Obviously, Rhett had heard that, since he quickly stood up, which caused him to almost fall over. "Did you call the cops on me?" He looked at me and tilted his head. I shook my head quickly. "Good, because it wouldn't have made a difference." He stumbled up against the wall to hear more clearly. "Mommy look!" I heard Jaxon call. Oh no, this was even worse. "Who are they?" Rhett asked me. "Please Rhett, don't hurt them, they're just kids." "Mommy why is there glass all over the floor?" I heard him call. "What?" I heard Pattie call back. I listened with panic. "Call on them." Rhett said. I shook my head. "Leave them out of this please." "Call on them! Before I do." "Fine, just please don't hurt them." He shrugged. I was terrified, but he wouldn't hurt children would he? "I.. I'm in here!" I called with a shaky voice. I heard the door open behind me andI closed my eyes. "Oh Karla thank god you're ok-" Pattie's voice stopped in the middle of a sentence. She stepped up next to me and stared at Rhett. He smiled. "My Karla you didn't tell me she was so beautiful, why don't you introduce us?" I heard small footsteps coming closer I turned around to see jaxon and jazmyn running into the room. Pattie stopped jazmyn by grabbing her hand and picked jaxon up with the other arm. "Mommy who's this?" Jazmyn asked. I looked back at Rhett with tears in my eyes. "I'm Rhett." He said, smiling at her.

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