Our Destiny (Sequel to Fallen)

It's been a year since Karla started to remember, and everything looks perfect. It feels perfect. But the burden from her being an orphan, and both of her parents dying because of her, keeps adding more weight on her shoulders. When Justin and Karla find themselves in a situation they can't get out of, will their love be enough?


8. Just keep moving

As the dark crept in on me, I could do nothing but run. Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. If I run fast enough, I'll lose the one that is chasing me. That's what I told myself whist running through the deep, dark forest that only existed in my head. Just keep moving. I could almost feel his breath in my neck. I wanted to scream, to call for help. But it was like my tongue had been sowed into the top of my mouth. Like my throat was burning. Like my lungs were filled with water and I just kept gasping for my breath. I felt me legs getting weaker and weaker, my paste getting slower and slower. Then hands were slowly wrapped around my throat. I turned around and stared into Rhett's pitch black eyes.

With my breath gasping I quickly sat up in the bed. It was so hot, my whole body was sweating. I threw the covers of me and walked out on the balcony. I looked up the cloud free sky. The moonlight was shining down at me brightly. The stars seemed to be bigger than ever. I suddenly heard a creaking noise in the garden, my head shot down. I saw two legs sticking out from under the tree. There was someone on the swing. I quickly walked inside, put a robe on, then went down the stairs. I looked out the glass door and saw a dark figure on the swing. I opened the door and stepped outside. It was too dark to tell who it was. "Whoever you are, leave my garden." I called. A few seconds of thick silence passed. "Force me." I knew that voice too well. "Rhett get out of here or else I'm calling the cops." I heard him laugh. "Honey, the police can't help you. If you call the police you'll be gone before they even get here." I heard the sound of a gun loading. Don't ask me why I know what that sounds like, too much TV. My heart stopped with my breath. I needed to get out of there, and that fast. A wind blew against me, with a strong smell of smoke and alcohol. This wasn't good, this wasn't good at all. "You know your father was the only family I had left." My eyes started to adjust to the darkness, I could see him drinking from a bottle. "I haven't had a girlfriend in three years." Couldn't say I was really surprised about that. He suddenly stood up from the swing and then all of a sudden he was inches from me. He stroked my hair from my face. "But now I've got you." I took a deep breath and flicked his hand off my face. "Don't you even touch me." He dropped the bottle, causing it to crash into a thousand pieces all over the floor. He then grabbed both of my arms. "Don't tell me what to do." He said in a voice filled with darkness. I was scared, no, terrified. If only Justin was here.

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