Our Destiny (Sequel to Fallen)

It's been a year since Karla started to remember, and everything looks perfect. It feels perfect. But the burden from her being an orphan, and both of her parents dying because of her, keeps adding more weight on her shoulders. When Justin and Karla find themselves in a situation they can't get out of, will their love be enough?


9. Help me

The smell of the alcohol burned my nostrils as Rhett pinned my body against the wall of the house. My arms were still in his hands as he stared into my eyes. I couldn't move, so I just spat in his face. He smiled and let it run down his cheek. What was his problem? Normally people would get pissed if someone spat them in the face. His black eyes looked into mine, I felt disgusted so I closed them. Thinking it was all  just a dream. That I would wake up panting, like every other time. And Justin would hold me in his arms and sing to me until I fell asleep. But Justin was hundreds of miles away. And I wasn't sleeping. I felt his breath against my neck, he was so drunk he almost fell over. "You know you want me." I suddenly got an idea. It was probably the stupidest idea in history, but it might work. "You're right." I whispered. He smirked against the skin on my neck. I told myself not to flick him off my shoulder. "You're so sexy." He whispered and kissed my neck. "Mhhmm." I tried sounding like I enjoyed it as much as possible. He was too drunk to tell if I was faking it anyways. He took my hand and lead it to his junk. I had never been so disgusted in my life, I felt like throwing up. Like he completely trusted me his hand let go of mine and left it there. It searched it's way to the strap on my robe and slowly untied it and threw it of my body while violently kissing my neck. "Kiss my lips." I said. His head lifted up from my neck and looked at me. This was my chance. With all of my power I headbutted him. He shouted of pain and let go of me. Because he was so drunk he fell over, causing him to land in the thousand pieces of crushed glass. He yelled even louder as he looked at his bloody hand. Since he had pulled my robe of I stood there frozen in only a tank top and a pair of shorts. In the middle of the night. Thank god for summer. As I got to my senses I realized where I was and what was happening. I opened the glass door to get inside and locked it behind me. As quickly as I could I ran up the stairs, almost falling over in the progress. I grabbed my phone, quickly dialed in Justin's number, even though it was 5 in the morning there. I took my bag and grabbed my wallet, my charger, a few pieces of clothes and forced it all in there. I changed like a lightning bolt, putting on jeans and one of Justin's sweaters. I heard Justin's sleepy voice. "Karla? Is everything alright?" I turned the speaker of and put the phone against my ear. I was just about to answer him when I heard a crashing voice from downstairs. He must have broken the glass door. "What was that?" Justin asked while yawning. "Justin things are not okay." I locked the door to my room and turned to the window. "What? What's happening?" "It's Rhett." The other line went silent for a few seconds. "Where are you?" I opened the window. "I'm crawling out of the bedroom window right now. I think Rhett is trying to get up the stairs. Justin you have to help me I don't know what to do." I said with my voice breaking.


A/N I just realized I haven't written an author's note for a few chapters now. Just to thank you all, I am now. You're all amazing, thank you for supporting my writing x (btw sorry if this chapter was a little graphic, I tried to tone it down as much as possible) -Emma

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