Our Destiny (Sequel to Fallen)

It's been a year since Karla started to remember, and everything looks perfect. It feels perfect. But the burden from her being an orphan, and both of her parents dying because of her, keeps adding more weight on her shoulders. When Justin and Karla find themselves in a situation they can't get out of, will their love be enough?


18. Glass

I stared at him, I wasn't afraid, no, I was terrified. I knew that Rhett's only goal was to kill me. How was he not dead? He flew out a car window for gods sake. I stared at him. He tilted his head. With panic I tried pulling the car door open. Locked. I braced myself for the pain. As I watched Rhett starting moving towards me, I, with all of my power, hit my elbow to the car door window. I felt the glass drill into my skin, and the warm blood go down my arm. I wanted to scream, but my throat seemed unable to make any kind of sound. I crawled out of the small window. Once again I felt the glass tear my skin open. Now the blood was dripping down from my waist as well. I held a hand over the wounds. I looked around me with the flashlight in the other hand. Rhett was nowhere to be seen. I suddenly heard a sound behind me. Before I could even fully turned around I was on the ground with Rhett on top of me, pinning me down the cold ground. He had his legs spread across my waist and his hands were pressing my wrists down. Making it impossible for me to move. His head leaned down to my head. I could feel his breath against my face. He was inches away from me. He leaned his head down to my throat. My breathing became more and more rapid as he started kissing my neck. I tried to pull out of his grip, but it was too hard. One of his hands moved away from my wrist, but he wasn't so stupid to let it go, instead he pinned it down under his leg. His hand now moved up to my face. He stroked my cheek as his kissing became more and more violent. His hand slowly moved down to my chest, he started unbuttoning my shirt. I tried screaming, but it was like my throat was thickened up. I closed my eyes. It was impossible to fight it. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks. Then, out of nothing, I heard a cracking noise. And the weight was lifted from my body. I opened my eyes. What happened? I saw Rhett laying beside me, stroking his jaw. My head moved the my right. Justin. He had saved me. I stood up and ran into his arms. He embraced me into his warm chest for a second. Then he pulled me from him. I looked into his panicked eyes. "Karla, we don't have much time, okay? Listen to me, you have to run, run now!" I heard Rhett mumbling some threatening words behind me, but he hadn't gotten up yet. "No Justin I'm not leaving you here with him, he-he'll kill you!" I yelled. Somehow my voice had now returned. Justin grabbed my cheeks with teary eyes. "I'll be fine, I promise. All that matters now is that you're safe. I love you so much Karla, but you have to get out of here, now." For a split second I looked at his face, realizing that it might be the last time I saw him. Then I nodded. I quickly pulled him to me and pecked his lips. I heard Rhett standing up behind me. "I love you, Justin." I whispered. Then I let go of him and ran into the giant cornfield.

A/N Opinions? :) I would say that I will try to update more often, but it never really happens, so just... stay tuned I guess. Keep on reading! :D

-Emma x

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