Circles (Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

I'm a broken girl. My parents are gone and I live with my brother in a small apartment in town. I never go to parties, but one day I'm invited to one and I take the initiative to go. I meet a handsome, mysterious, strong- wait. Why am I complimenting him? Obviously he's the epitome of bad news! Whatever, the point is: The name Louis Tomlinson will be memorised forever. But I didn't mention in which way.


4. The Opposite Image

Louis' P.O.V.


Sunshine peeked through the window, waking me up without almost any sleep at all in the king sized bed. A beautiful girl layed next to me, sound asleep. Olivia, she told me her name was. There wasn't much talking last night, mostly just wanting to go to sleep. I was afraid she wouldnt trust me when I asked her to come to my flat. I didn't want to scare her away or anything, I just thought she seemed like a girl with personality... and looks. There is no doubt in her being one of the hottest girls I've seen, but I've met lots of hot girls. Most of them fall for my flirting, but not her. She's... different. Most girls come home with me by the first chat, but Olivia, she said no for some reason. 


Seeing her sleeping in peace was so different. She borrowed one of my t-shirts instead of having to sleep in her wet clothes. Poor girl, she couldn't go home in those things, for sure. Sure, first I was just trying to get a girl home to play with, but waking up in the same bed as her, it made me think: she seemed so real, so pure, so human. She wasn't one of my toys that I'd just chat up and bring home to have fun with. She was a person, not an object. She was... special.


Olivia's P.O.V.


"Morning" I hear a husky morning voice awake me as I open my eyes and stretch a little. I see the handsome boy who lend me his bed for the night... and his clothes. What was his name? Ah, Louis, it was. I felt much safer seeing his face in the light now. I stood up from the bed and looked down at my body. I only wore his grey t-shirt and my panties. Shit, he can't see me in my panties! I grab my jeans and try putting them on, which turned into a failure. My jeans were still soaking wet from yesterday's incident and in no possible way could I wear these home. 


Louis scanned my body up and down, giving away a pleased look on his face. Not rude though, more like he was searching for words to say. I pulled down the t-shirt as far down as possible and looked up at him, obviously embarrassed. Nobody has ever seen me in less clothes than this. The bronze haired boy chuckled, walking off to his closet.

"You're so innocent" he commented, searching in the closet and then laying a pair of dark red sweats on the messy bed.

"Thought you might want to borrow these. Can't go walking home in soaked jeans, can we?" he offered. I grabbed the sweats and put them in front of me, instead of having to hold down the t-shirt. He continued looking at me, grinning, and waiting for me to put them on. I made a hand gesture, telling him to turn around while I change.

"Again, so innocent" he said once again when I finished putting on the sweats. I picked my wet jeans and wet shirt and jogged towards the door, not caring about hair or makeup, which made me realize... Shit! What time is it? Is Andy awake? I need to get home!

"Hey, why leave so soon?" Louis asked, confusion displaying on his face.

"I'm sorry, Louis, I need to get home now" I rambled stressfully, opening the door to exit.

"Thank you for letting me stay here" were my final words before I shut the door, leaving the boy with an expression far from the expression he had when we first met. It was a worried expression this time.


Maybe this Louis kid wasn't such a bad guy after all. He seemed so sensible and caring this time. Apparently, image really doesn't describe it all. 




I'm really going to try to write more often. I think I have a good plot in mind so I'm looking forward to writing it! xx Love you all! Please give me feedback (:

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