Circles (Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

I'm a broken girl. My parents are gone and I live with my brother in a small apartment in town. I never go to parties, but one day I'm invited to one and I take the initiative to go. I meet a handsome, mysterious, strong- wait. Why am I complimenting him? Obviously he's the epitome of bad news! Whatever, the point is: The name Louis Tomlinson will be memorised forever. But I didn't mention in which way.


3. Cause of Rainy Weather

Waking up the next morning was such a relief. Thank god nothing bad happened; like if I had gotten drunk or drugged or something, because this is really the worst time for that kind of stuff. But that was definitely not the first thing that popped up in my head this morning. I remember that scary guy gripping my waist. Andy had no idea about this, though. And obviously he doesn't even bother asking since it was so "safe" there, quoted by me. Heck, was I wrong.


I got up from my bed, so called the couch, after laying there for a while and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I walked across the apartment to the kitchen. Andy was sitting by the table crunching on a sandwhich and I awkwardly pace to the fridge, taking out the butter and ham. 

"'Morning" he simply said, not bothering to look up at me when speaking.


"How was yesterday?" he asked with a tired voice.

"Uhm" I stuttered, not knowing what to say or how to react.

"It was fun" I replied shortly, getting a reaction from my big brother.


"Yeah, nothing special"



Wow, really? "Cool". I'm thinking he might just not want to talk considering it was 8 o'clock in the morning and all. Not that I think I'm the center of attention or anything, just supposing an answer from him. Heck, that's the last thing I'd be thinking, but he just seemed awfully quiet and absent. That's definitely not the protective, worrying big brother I know.

The whole day I just sat on the couch and watched TV and drank tea. A lazy sunday is all I needed after last night. Near about 8pm I went up to get some more tea, but I realised there was none left. I travel out the door to get some more. The shop closes at 8:30 so I figured I had to hurry there and Andy was asleep.


The building tops morphed me and there was no noise in the city. Especially not where Andy and I lived. I can't say I'm not a little scared of the dark. Well, not the dark, but the things that are hidden in it. I'm on my phone, scrolling through whatever text messages me and Alice have sent each other. Not that we're actually messaging each other, but what am I supposed to do? I really miss her and we haven't spoken in quite a while. She's the closest thing to a best friend I ever had.


Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder. It's a familiar hand, very familiar. I didn't even want to think about that guy at the party. This is exactly what I'm afraid of happening in the darkness. My eyes go wide and I force myself to look away. The one strong hand became two strong hands, two familiar hands. before I knew it, I realized I couldn't run away anymore.

"Hey baby" the male voice spoke. It was him. The guy. 


I refused to reply. He just held me there. I just stood there.

"Don't be so difficult" he said, walking in front of me, still holding his right hand on my shoulder. 

"I don't speak to strangers" I say stubbornly and try not looking into his eyes.

"Good one" he chuckles. 

Suddenly I feel tiny raindrops pouring down. But they just became bigger and bigger and after a few seconds the rain practically splashed down the asfalt and bounced off the pavement, making me, just like the pavement, soaking wet. I don't have time for this.

"Would you look at that" the rather known stranger said.

"You can't walk home in this weather" he said, almost as if he actually cared.

"How about if we go home to my place?" he asked as if this had all been in a script. I had to say something, I can't have this douchebag dragging me home to his house.

"Get away from me" I said, struggling once again to loosen his grip.

"You really think you can excape me, don't you?" he said, pulling me closer.

"I'm not going to hurt you, darling" he chuckled, trying to make me look into his eyes.

Forget about the tea now, I have this guy to worry about. I have no idea who he is, I just assume he's a creep. Well, he kind of is.

"Hey, I have no idea who you are but I want nothing to do with you so just get away from me, would you?" I say, now looking into his eyes.

"C'mon I live right here" he says, pointing at the door with the number 17 on.

I was freezing now. I couldn't walk home in these clothes. But I didn't want to go to this kid's house. What if he's like a rapist or a kidnapper or a murderer? He didn't seem like any of those things though. My only worry was Andy.

"I'll get you anything you need"

"Only if you tell me your name" I asked demandingly, trying to find out as much information about him as possible.



I followed him inside the building and up to the apartment. Nothing told me he wasn't dangerous, but it was better than walking home for 15 minutes is splashing rain. He opened the door and it didn't seem more different than Andy's apartment. It wasn't strange or scary at all.

"I'll get you a sweater, some blankets, some tea, whatever you like."

"Uhm... thanks" I replied, hoping to god nothing would happen; Or that Andy finds out I'm gone.

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