Lost (ON HOLD)

lacy`s Life is big pile of shit in her point Of view. Her parents were murdered. She lost her house. She Lost Her life. But a month later she finds out that her mom was married before and had a kid named Zayn Malik.


1. Chapter 1

Lacy`s P O V


"Mom does Dad love me?"I asked

"yes Of course. Why would you think that?", My Mom said confused

"I don`t know the way he treats me...I guess.", I said

"Well he still loves you he talks about you everyday.", My Mom said

"Ok tell him I love him too", I said

"Well I`m gonna go to sleep now. I`m getting tired.", I said in between yawns

"Ok, Goodnight sweetie. Love you.", My Mom said before turning on the TV

"Love you too.",I said while going up the stairs

 Those were the last words my mom said Before she and my Dad were Murdered. It`s still a mystery on how they were murdered. Even though it was like a month ago. I still have the image of my Mom and Dad lying on the floor dead super gluded in my brain. All my thoughts stoped when my Dads Lawyer came in the room.

"Well it looks Like Your Mom did leave a will.", My Dads Lawyer said

"Really! Is is enough to get my house back?", I said Excited 

"Well It looks Like....It`s not for you.", Dennis said (My Dads Lawyers name)

"What!? Then Who Is it for?", I said Disipointed  and confused at the same time

"It belongs to...Well you see It dosen`t have a Name. But...I Can tell you one thing.", Dennis said

"What?", I said 

"your Mother was Married before.", Dennis said

"Wait What!?", I said in shock

"Well thats not even the worst part. She also had a son and thats the person she put on the will.", Dennis said

"What!?", I said so shock I was breathing hevaly

"O wait Here`s the name.", Dennis said

"I don`t want to hear the name right now.", I said getting off of the chair

"well Ok just call me If you have second thoughts.", Dennis said

"Ya Ok. I will.", i said leaving his office


well tomarow i will try to update. so please comment and i hope you liked it. Byeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


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